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  1. Yep, same here. I was eight (many moons ago) when I traded in my dad's blue star on a silver helmet for the much more awesome lightning bolt!
  2. I'm not that surprised that Herbert's jersey is selling as well as it. He is one of the new young guns. Plus, there's the fact that Chargers have the best unis in the league - hands down. I know quite a few people that aren't Chargers fans that still really like the uniforms.
  3. I'm sure that there are more of us here (Chargers fans) that don't post very often. I'll post every once in awhile, but I do check in to read pretty much every day - usually more than once.
  4. That's one of the four that I ordered, so that's good news.
  5. I'm more of a mild to medium heat guy. I like hot sauce for the flavor, not for the heat. So it sounds like I made some good choices then. I considered the "Life's a Peach" because it sounds interesting to me, but I think it would probably be too hot for my taste.
  6. 4 pack ordered. I went with the Brown Label, the Green Label, Day of the Dog, and Year of the Dog. First time ordering, so I'm looking forward to trying them all out.
  7. Well, to be fair, it does roll off of the tongue a little better than the Washington Prolate Spheroid Gatherers.
  8. I believe that DeeJay Dallas was selected by Seattle, not Miami. He is from the U, though.
  9. I read that one of the things that they are considering is to do it by conference. AFC has the extra home game one year and NFC has it the next year. Makes sense to me.
  10. Senior year of HS (Fall '87) at a small school in NW Okla (39 in graduating class and 250 students in 7-12th grades). I was the starting strong side DT in a 4-4-3 defense, so you know what that means - I was double-teamed on almost every play. At 6'1" and 235#, I was one of the 2 or 3 biggest and strongest players on the team. I was one of only two guys on the team that could leg press the entire stack (750#), so the coaches liked my chances at handling myself while being outnumbered. Most games, I would generally hold my own, making a few tackles here and there, but I had two "claim to fame"
  11. I wouldn't be surprised to see them go to 17 games, add a second bye week, and cut to two preseason games now. Start the preseason games two weeks later and keep week one of the regular season on the same starting weekend that it is now (right after Labor Day). Then, have the Super Bowl two weeks later that it is now, so on the third weekend in February (President's Day weekend) when most people are already off on Monday to help with the Super Bowl "hangovers". After all, the whole month of February is "sweeps" month, so to the networks, it wouldn't matter when the Super Bowl is as long
  12. I agree. You took the low end of my ranges for both Ekeler and Jackson, which won't happen. I was trying to offer ranges that would add up to 100%. You're probably right about not counting on much from Cox. I don't think we're too far apart, but I think 60% might be a little high for Ekeler. If I had to pick a specific number, barring any injuries, I would predict Ekeler - 50% Jackson - 35% Newsome - 15% I think that Newsome will get some decent work in the 4th quarter of any blowouts as well as taking a series from Jackson every once in a while. Any carries that
  13. Fair point. I do think that you could still arrive at something close to these percentages if one or two of them ever gets dinged up during the year. I think it also would depend on just how high they are on Jeremy Cox. I could just as easily see him on the practice squad as on the final 53. The main point I'm trying to make is that there is more to the Chargers RB corp than just Ekeler and Jackson and that I could easily see the RB work being split more evenly than some people are expecting.
  14. I really expect to see Detrez Newsome worked into the rotation as well. He's got some lead-back type of qualities. Also, Jeremy Cox will probably see some short yardage and goal line work. I'd expect to see a split along these lines. Ekeler 25 - 40% Jackson 25 - 40% Newsome 15 - 25% Cox 5 - 10% I think that this would work well IRL as it would keep everyone relatively fresh, but it wouldn't be that great for fantasy football though.
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