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  1. I have mixed feelings on that approach. I do think a high floor is important in the first couple of rounds and Barnett is a good example. His floor is probably what he is, and never developed above that but he's still a respectable starter. Daniel Jeremiah has said on his pod a few times, Ozzie Newsome's mantra for the first 2 rounds was "hit doubles". A high ceiling is great, but I don't want boom or bust guys early.
  2. A guy who used to be my neighbour was in my state’s police unit who caught these guys. There was the odd funny story about him frantically texting his wife (a teacher) to find out if she knew anything about some cartoon that 10 year olds watch, but he said it was mostly just a combination of heartbreaking and horrifying, having to collect and review evidence. He said they discouraged anyone from staying in that squad longer than 2 years and nobody could stomach it longer than that anyway.
  3. I’d only move down again if the top 3 WR and top 2 CBs are gone. If any of them are still there, just make the pick. Value lines up with need at those spots, but moving down again that’s probably not going to be the case.
  4. Unless he makes impact plays in the pass game, just don't think it moves the needle much compared to the alternatives.
  5. When they were both on the field early in the season, Waddle was the #1 Smith would be my 3rd choice, but I’d still take him there in a second
  6. My worst case scenario for staying at #12 is that 4QBs go, the 3 WRs, Pitts, Sewell and the 2 CBs are gone. I’d take Farley in a second if the medical is OK, but I don’t trust this team to make that call, so 🤷‍♂️ I can absolutely see us taking an underwhelming DL or a G and hear Howie’s press conference: “We’re building from the long term, so it’s not critical he starts from day 1 and as you know, it’s all about winning the line of scrimmage.”
  7. Exactly. I would have been all over this trade when Watson was a disgruntled young star with a desire to leave a badly run organisation. Now that he’s a creepy AF serial predator, not so much.
  8. But that *is* where this comes from. "Current and former Eagles staffers from a cross section of departments", it says right there in the article. And this is the kind of stuff we've been hearing about the workings of the org over the last couple of years.
  9. What does the person doing that have to gain though? The most likely outcome is that they are marginalised or fired outright at a high personal cost and things continue as they are. It kind of puts the "GM factory" stuff in a different light though. Maybe everybody good in the front office wants to leave, rather than rock the boat and pay the price.
  10. If you listen to the Birds with Friends podcast, Zach Berman is such a rule following, honest to a fault dork, if he put his name to it, then I believe it's true. I trust the other two as well, but Berman in particular just seems like someone with a heap of personal integrity.
  11. Why would a source who still wants to work in the league go on the record though? The stuff about Roseman keeping his own draft board and freelancing totally fits.
  12. 🤣 3 weeks to go, still time to get your draft night signs ready! ”Welcome to Philadelphia, Greg Rousseau!”
  13. They were, but the trouble is they are stuck at least for this year and maybe 2 at some of those spots because of money. Lane Johnson has missed 13 games over the last 2 years but is too expensive to even consider moving on from. He's still good when he plays but the outlook for a 30yo with his injury history isn't promising. Brooks also has to be retained at least for this year. Kelce is still around for 2021 but fading a bit and Seumalo is fine. I think Mailata showed enough to go into this year as the LT (unless they draft one in the 1st) Herbig looks like a competent reserv
  14. There isn't a single DB on the team I *expect* to still be around in 2022, so I could see them loading up there if the draft falls the right way. LB is obviously a need and DL is a sneaky need too. BG is getting on and probably needs to transition to a Michael Bennett type role if he keeps playing and Cox is getting paid elite money but hasn't played that way consistently since 2018. That can't continue long. I could easily see them loading up on young defenders and maybe only making 2 or 3 picks on Offense this year.
  15. There's some validity to that, but if that's the takeaway from the Superbowl, I'd say the lack of pass protection for KC had a bigger impact than LB coverage on Kelce.
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