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  1. Given how Sanders is still struggling in the passing game we might have to accept that his 1st season was the anomaly there, rather than last year. Scott is legit good as a receiver so that may be where he gets a lot of time. Running wise, Scott is decent on the outside plays, but I think he has poor vision on the interior runs and misses the hole a lot. Gainwell is still an unproven rookie but I thought he had a couple of decent runs in the game and it sounds like they plan to keep Jordan Howard as well. I think Sanders will be on a short leash as far as his role in the passing game goes
  2. Childish, but 🤣 The PR person or whoever is coordinating on the Eagles side clearly knows what’s up, too.
  3. I have a tough time wishing for or cheering the success of someone who seems like an awful human being. What Vick did was horrible and so is this. I've been a fan for 30 years and I'm not going to quit, but I would definitely be less engaged with the team and any success they had with with Watson at QB would be tainted to me. That said, I do think it's highly unlikely this happens
  4. If there are genuinely no takers, they should cut him and let Goedert play. I hope this isn't Howie misjudging the market and being stubborn. Ertz money can be used for extensions or rolled forwards. He's been a great Eagle but it's time to move on, even if it means cutting him. This situation should have been resolved months ago, the team has botched it. Also, please no 12 personnel.
  5. me too. He makes too much money to be just above average. The really special plays are getting further and further apart.
  6. It’s not really about what he was last year though. I’m sceptical on Hurts, but hope he takes the opportunity. I looked up McNabb’s rookie numbers recently, and they were bad. McNabb improved, but he didn’t change if you get what I mean. He became a legit Top 10 QB but never was the most accurate guy. I hope Hurts improves enough this season that it’s not an easy choice on what to do in the offseason.
  7. If he won't sign long term, then trading is better than nothing. That's what happens when you're a bad team. A lot with him and Goedert and maybe Mailata will depend on how this year goes.
  8. Off base most likely, but my first thought with the Kerrigan signing is that Barnett was being traded.
  9. 4 wins, early draft pick, Howie fired is my dream scenario. Has to happen before (if) the team gets good again, or Howie is like "No, I am awesome and every idea I have is great." Note: By dream scenario, I'm assuming there is a 7 win ceiling given this roster.
  10. Also not sure there's a role for 2 "big" RBs and Howard doesn't catch all that well, and from reports at least, Johnson is a good receiver. 2019 Jordan Howard would have a shot, but not sure that guy is around anymore.
  11. They have typically carried 4 RBs the last few years. Jordan Howard is the guy who most needs to worry, but Scott isn't a lock. He's a good receiver and decent outside runner but he doesn't have great vision running inside. He misses the hole a lot. Sanders (starter) Gainwell (solid contributor role) Scott Johnson is how I see it playing out, but a surprise is possible. The competition thing seems to be playing out here at least.
  12. What I want to see from Hurts for that experiment to extend beyond this year is significant progress in accuracy, and in being an on time thrower. He's obviously a plus runner, his arm is just OK, not weak, but not a cannon by any stretch. For him to be an above average QB, he has to be getting the ball on time, accurately to the right target. If they're looking at the passing game having a foundation of quick game, RAC plays, those things are key. He wasn't great in either of those areas last year, but he has the right attitude and work ethic to get better, it just comes down now to whether he's capable, or will always be too limited to be more than a backup QB.
  13. I think it’s time to move on, they do get cap relief by cutting him, and more for this year if it’s post June 1. They need to let Goedert play and Ertz makes too much $$ to be a guy who plays 30% of snaps. At this point I think they’ll release or trade him post June 1. Has to be resolved before the mandatory minicamp on June 8.
  14. I’ve been thinking about what level of play I’d want to see from Hurts next year to leave him at QB and use those 3 picks (probably) to fill out the rest of the team. I might be on my own, but I think if he’s a middle tier, competent but not spectacular player, I’d be OK moving forwards with him. Goff and Jimmy G both made Superbowls and that’s where they sit.
  15. I think Greg Ward’s days on the team are numbered. Based on some things Sirianni has said, that he expects all WRs to know all the positions and guys are not locked into particular roles. He said that in the context of the X position but I wonder if the same applies to slot? Also, many times he has talked about the priority of getting the ball into playmaker’s hands. Ward has such a limited ceiling in that sense. Smith and Reagor are locks, Fulgham hopefully shows enough to earn a spot and some time. From there I would rather take a chance on Hightower and Watkins than Ward.
  16. Agree, he seems like exactly the kind of kid who is willing and capable of absorbing whatever Kelce can teach him during this year.
  17. They’re assuming Gannon will run what the Colts ran, but he wasn’t calling those plays. Zimmer runs a lot of Quarters coverage as well. It was hard to get a feel for what kind of defensive players they would go after because we don’t know what the scheme will look like yet.
  18. I remember liking Zordich during the Ray Rhodes era. I was playing S then, so payed a lot of attention to Eagles at that position.
  19. I really like the player and don’t have a problem with taking a swing. They need to prepare to move on from Brooks (1-2 more years) and Kelce probably after this season. Worst case is a “what if” type career where he’s really good, but plays 8 games a year. Every prospect carries a different kind of risk
  20. FWIW the day after, I like this group a lot. Dickerson’s health will play a big part in grading this draft in 3 years, I like Gainwell in the 5th, they didn’t burn a pick on future Nate Sudfield and spent the late rounders on players who look like good depth with some upside to contribute. Quite a few have great character reports and there aren’t any wtf picks, unlike recent years. 👍 from me. Still, Fire Howie.
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