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  1. I tried to kill my account right there and they wouldn't let me, have to wait till full billing cycle ends. DUMB!
  2. So I called back and I have to wait till my billing cycle is done and things shut down, then I can call back and get the deal. So I will miss week2 of the nfl season for the ticket. What a pain in the A## Att is now. I might let it ride and say good bye!
  3. Just called, they offered $53 off a month for 12 months and like $16 off NFL MAX a month for 6 months. Uhmm no thanks, cancel date set, waiting for a call or I will just call in a few days. The game is on again, every damn year. sigh..............
  4. Anyone have the winback number for Directv? I like to have it before I play the game, I usually will call a day later and don't wait for them or the email. Seems to work. Thanks team
  5. Got the call back quick this year, few hrs really. -- NFL Max Ticket Free -- $60 off a month for a year -- Movie Channels free for 3 months. -- 1yr contract Whatever... Good enough for me, until next year.
  6. Called today and didn't get anywhere with them, I figured as much, been with them for 10 years. So we put the cancel date in for 3 weeks and waiting a day or so for the call and if I don't get the call I will call one of the magic numbers, 870-345-3640 and 855-291-0398. Stay tuned....
  7. #playthegame, They called 3 times, lol. Got the ticket MAX, $80 off for 12 months, 6 months of HBO and MAX and 6 months of the sports pack. FLY THE W
  8. Made the call, didn't get anywhere, put in the cancel date and now I wait for a call tomorrow. #playthegame
  9. Anyone making the yearly call yet? I'm forming my plan and going to call next week I think, drop the old cancel my account and wait for the phone call plan I think.
  10. Call next week and see what happens, worst thing is cancel on Sept 2nd, but set that date up with them and then they will call u with a sweet deal so you don't leave. Or call that number a day after u call and u will be good.
  11. Cancel service trick worked great, 37 off a month for a yr and free ticket, boom.
  12. I canceled my service yesterday, set a cancel service date of 4 weeks. They called today or u can call this number after u set a cancel date 1 855 407 3115 and I have $37 off per month for 1yr and NFL ticket max for free in 2016 with auto renewal. So there you go. Another yr done.
  13. That is what I was thinking too, sucks ###. I just want REDZONE
  14. Anyone call about getting the ticket for free this year yet? Called about two weeks ago and they couldn't do anything for me yet (Talked to Retention) and he noted it and said to call the last week of July or the first week of Aug. Then I might be able to swing a deal. We will see.
  15. Just called tonight.... Key, just get to The Retention Dept...... 12 months $10 off 12 months $10 off 6 months $60 off Another $54 or so off Free Starz for 4 months with auto cancel Max Ticket is costing me about $5, I will take it...
  16. $100 for the max package, I'm good with that this year....
  17. Per Twitter.... ClaytonESPN John Clayton No surprise here. Kolb goes to Ariz for DRC and a No. 2, according to sources.
  18. Ok, called for the 4th time today and finally got a good deal.... Half off the ticket this year.... Just like last year.... 3rd call tonight the guy would only do -$10 for 6 months, NO THANKS... Still to much.... Called right back and told the guy what deal I got last year and seen what new people get and said I want what I had last year and got it.... HERE WE GO!! Not sure why every year I have to play this game... Crazy...
  19. What did you say to get that? Seems strange for them to give it away knowing that is likely going to cost them sunday ticket purchases. Didn't even know it was possible. (When I asked last year they told me it wasn't).I asked about that last year and they said no can do....
  20. Just called and they don't have any offers on the Ticket yet.... Man they are slow.... So if you looking for a deal give it a few days....
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