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  1. The fans will make up for it when he returns for his 1st game back,I'm positive of that.
  2. Maybe we need to ask coach next time when it's okay to celebrate a goal and let's see if the NHL is really worried about player safety by allowing this crap to go on(from another repeat offender). I did really enjoy the comment on that's that and we move on.He will have to answer the bell next time they play,I have zero doubt in that and I really hope it's Wilson that comes calling for little Marchy.
  3. Oh come on now.It took some huge coconuts to go after a player who has never fought and didn't even drop his gloves to fight.Marchand is nothing short of a ####show on the ice,I'm surprised he didn't start licking him when they went down on the ice,
  4. Rask really has to demand to never play against the Caps again.They own him.
  5. Habs paying Karl Alzner $5 million per to be a healthy scratch.
  6. Word going around is Machine Head has broken up. ETA:Doing a little more digging it seems two members have quit the band and as of now they still plan to move forward as a band without them,
  7. Really is no defending Wilson on that hit.I'm fine with 10 games at this point in hopes he finally gets a clue and knocks off the stupidity.
  8. The female version of Judas Priest-Burning Witches-Executed Lead singer is kinda hot
  9. Pierre LeBrun@PierreVLeBrun Dallas, San Jose and Vegas among the teams I believe who continued to have talks with Ottawa this week on Erik Karlsson... feels like something could go down today potentially. But we've said that before. Karlsson and Burns on the same team in San Jose would certainly be a sight
  10. Columbus Blue Jackets‏@BlueJacketsNHL CBJ have signed Head Coach John Tortorella to a 2-year extension.
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