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  1. Go ahead & tell them the whole story. That you wanted Kamara & Brown for Gurley & Hunter Henry.
  2. Disappointing. I have one starting in the morning.
  3. Will @Jene Bramel be releasing the combined board again this year?
  4. I thought the deal with holding the infinity stones was limited to the Power Stone. That was the deal with Quill being able to hold it because he was half celestial.
  5. If I saw this correctly, the sign on her office door said Margaret, not Peggy. A daughter? I don't the connection, but remember that Peggy had a niece in Civil War that Cap was involved with.
  6. It all intersects at Jameis. He should have a big year.
  7. Getting Abdullah swiped by Detroit in the 2nd worked out great for the Cards. I loved that whole draft scene too.
  8. A lot of good ones in this thread, so won't repeat them. Been thinking about showing Lost Boys to my 16 year old, & maybe a few other Haim & Feldman movies.
  9. Saw it today. Better than I expected, with just the right amount of hokey. I do wonder how long they can keep up filling these roles with big names & still work them in to the ensemble. But Rudd & RDJ will be fun!
  10. Just finished this season, thought it was excellent. Any idea when season 2 will come out?
  11. What I liked about Mariota is he looks to pick up the easy yards running but if he senses someone around him he instantly slides. It will be difficult for Griffin to change his mentality running the ball - hope it doesn't take another serious injury for him to get it. Hmmmm. Why would it be difficult to change the mentality running the ball? Learning to slide and actively deciding to do so don't strike me as particularly difficult tasks. Certainly, there is / was certainly a crazy reluctance by RGIII to do so, but I doubt it would be too difficult to pull off, should he ever mature enough to see the value. Watch R.Wilson slide. He is very comfortable giving up on a play early because he has the confidence and trust of the rest of the guys. He knows he'll get it done the next play or the next series or whatever. RG3 doesn't have that confidence so he feels like he has to hit the big homerun every time he scrambles. So he ends up with awkward slides at the last second or none at all. Well, he plays for the Redskins, doesn't he - he has to hit the homerun, or else I think you are more or less making the same point. If he decides he wants to slide, doing it won't be a problem. What's there to teach? The challenge is changing his mindset, and Gruden surely doesn't seem to be going about it very well. Maybe the difference comes from Wilson's background as a baseball player. Sliding just comes naturally to some players. I don't know what RG3s history is in regards to baseball, but that could have something to do with it.
  12. But, Jimmy STEWART! Probably my favorite actor ever.
  13. Cumberbatch should be awesome in this role. Not Marvel related, but Dr. Strange reminded me- it would be awesome to see Fate done right for DC. I have little hope that they can pull off the Justice League though, so I doubt it.
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