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  1. John Ross' medical history and slight frame is the only downside, but in my opinion it's a big concern.
  2. 12 team PPR league with 60 man rosters (IDP). Start 2-4 WR's and 2-4 RB's. League has developmental college players on rosters. I traded John Ross III for Joe Mixon.
  3. 12 team PPR/IDP with college players rostered as developmental (50 man rosters). Rawls 2016 FA 3.2 Ajayi 2017 1st
  4. In the Calvin thread I had just asked the question of what would you pay the Calvin owner. Thanks for some type of concrete data. Also I'd take the Calvin side. Back in October in a 12 team PPR Dynasty league I traded Sanders and a Dev. 1.11 and 2.11 for Johnson. I felt I was in title contention and was hoping Calvin would turn things around. I ended up losing the SB and with CJ possibly retiring i'm having buyers remorse.
  5. 12 team PPR/IDP Dynasty with 50 man rosters and five player taxi squad of draft eligible college players. Both owners just took over their respective teams. Team A sends: Todd Gurley Jameis Winston Jerick McKinnon Team B sends: Amari Cooper Duke Johnson Eli Manning 2016 College Developmental 2.10 pick
  6. I took him at 5.7 in my MFL 10, 12 team ppr draft that took place about a month ago. He was my WR3 and at the time I felt like I reached for him at that position. From what I can recall, that was around his ADP per MFL during that time. His ADP post Aug 15 is 7.05 so either I over drafted or his ADP has dropped some in the past month.
  7. Thanks alot for making me a killer banner for our fantasy football league.

    You are the man.

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