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  1. I've always wanted to see the Senior Bowl in person and the wife has given me the green light. Flying in from Seattle and will be there all week for practices and the game on Saturday. Looking for advice on places to eat (love bbq and seafood), drink (love microbrews) and any other fun things to do (I enjoy the outdoors, historical museums, etc). I will be staying off Church St. in the business district and will have a rental car. Any recommendations from the locals are much appreciated.
  2. Murray had a guest spot yesterday on ESPN's NFL Live. I thought he handled himself quite well and wondered if he was auditioning for his post retirement career. Came sooner then I thought...
  3. Smartest thing anyone has said in several pages....
  4. I noticed the same thing when watching live.
  5. Exactly my thoughts. When will people learn that the combine is like snake oil. The truth is in the tape, not the scripted, t-shirt olympics.
  6. Your contradicting yourself. You originally said: So your looking for Jones to prove something to you in the combine that you have not seen on tape which I took issue with. Then in your response to me you say: So what is the combine used for?? To show you things the tape didn't show you (your first assertion) or to confirm (your second assertion) what the tape did tell you?. My point is this: Every combine we enter with opinions on a player only to question them after a poor combine or SPARQ score (remember Dalvin Cook?). The combine is scripted, practiced for, and in shirts and shorts. The combine is the great deceiver and not the great revealer. Ronald Jones' tape speaks for itself and there is no need to over complicate things. He's really good....
  7. Have you watched either player? Based on the above statement I'm going to assume no. And what will the combine tell you that the tape doesn't? If anything, the combine is the great deceiver and rarely tells us something that the tape didn't.
  8. You may already know of this site but if not, it's a gold mine of all the video you would need on almost every prospect. Draft Breakdown
  9. As a Mariota fan I could not be more excited.
  10. Maybe i'm in the minority here but Cooks seem to struggle getting separation to me. I saw on numerous occasions he was in man/press coverage and seemed to struggle getting off the line.
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