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  1. He hasn’t been charged with anything. I can see removing him if he’s charged with a crime.
  2. Come on, she was trained by a Polyamorous Tantric Sex Guru!
  3. For what it’s worth, I just went to my CNN app and Trump’s name didn’t appear in a headline until the 31st article.
  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2021/04/27/world-opinion-of-us-shoots-up-after-biden-takes-office-poll-finds/
  5. Including the random arpeggiated synth notes from Hungry Like the Wolf. That was a high level of difficulty!
  6. The bolded is not a war on white people. And “silencing all things conservative” is pure hyperbole. Most of my friends are conservative and 99% of my friends on social media who express political views are conservative. I get to see their unsilenced views every time I log on. As for me, I’m not experiencing those words being beaten into my brain on a daily basis. But clearly I make different choices regarding media consumption.
  7. While I don’t necessarily disagree, most of the examples you gave in your post that I quoted aren’t examples of “white nationalists, white supremacists and white privilege” being a daily theme beaten into our brains from every direction. (And the one example that was on point, I hadn’t even heard about.)
  8. While you may be right, I’m not sure that a study showing what two-thirds of Republicans think (representing only 29% of registered voters) equates to a majority of what all white people think. Perhaps you are conflating race with political party? 42% of white people voted for Biden. I haven’t seen the numbers, but it seems the media is mostly white. Big tech? Lily white. So while you may have some basis for complaint that there is a “war” that exists against people who deny that institutional racism exists, think that January 6th was a nothingburger compared to the summer riots, who claim o
  9. Thank you for the response. But other than Garland’s comment regarding white supremacy (which I haven’t heard about), I’m not sure your other examples are examples of “demonizing white people.” Facebook censoring memes about our election being hacked is not “demonizing white people.” News organizations mocking politicians for characterizing January 6 as a tourist visit is not “demonizing white people.” The media characterizing January 6th as a deadly armed insurrection is not “demonizing white people.”
  10. Picked up a couple new pieces of gear in the last few weeks: 1) Line 6 HX Stomp - it’s one of those Line 6 amp modeler and cab sims with tons of effects modules all in a smaller form factor. This little pedal really packs a punch and you can really dial in amazing tone if you play around with it. Modeling for a crap ton of high end amps and cabinets on board, and then you can download third party IRs which are even closer to the real thing. Check out this site that lists all of the amps, cabinets and pedals (both mainstream and boutique) that are stock in the HX Stomp: https://www.fluids
  11. I agree that Jan. 6 was mostly a peaceful protest when you take into account everyone that was there.
  12. You use the bolded word more frequently than anyone I know. You shouldn’t allow your political opposition (whether real or imagined) to draw you to such a negative place or to invoke feelings of “hate” as you expressed toward the media in a subsequent post. There is a lot of joy and beauty and humanity in the world. I have a lot of love for people across the political spectrum who, by and large, are good people. Continuously demonizing “the left” or “the right” as a generalized group is not only counter-productive, I think the continued negativity can harm the soul. That’s not to say that whe
  13. Agreed. And yes the judges are putrid. Even when a contestant craps the bed, they say the same meaningless complimentary drivel. I’d pay to get Simon Colwell back on to speak some truth. Real feedback will help the good singers get better and the bad singers find something else to do with their lives.
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