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  1. Interesting that Wallace screams this after he gets his balls cut off.
  2. Man, I remember this time last year. I’m pulling for all of you and your kiddos!
  3. I’ve always found it interesting that luxury brands use hard to remember numbers and letters (Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti), while non-luxury brands use model names (Toyota, Nissan, Ford, etc.).
  4. I watched an interview on CNN this morning where the host was asking the guest about Biden reopening the detention centers for minors and how that was different than what Trump did.
  5. Not necessarily. Perhaps it was raised directly with Jeep and not in the press. Or perhaps it was expressed by individuals rather than national tribe leadership and this went without attention. I don’t know. But I think it’s sort of arbitrary to dismiss or criticize a point simply because it either hasn’t been made previously or has been made previously but not publicized. And then there is the other possibility I mentioned - that tribe members found it offensive but chose not to pick a fight previously.
  6. How do you know it wasn’t offensive to the Cherokee tribe until the last month or so? It’s possible that the issue has been raised previously but didn’t get any coverage. Or perhaps it was offensive but they chose not to pick a fight over it previously.
  7. Absent a specific state statute on point, I wouldn’t think it would be illegal unless there was some form of disparate impact employment discrimination claim.
  8. Huh. I got that from a FoxNews article I read this morning. “Operation Talon was suspended late last month, after being operational for just a few weeks before the Trump administration vacated the White House.”
  9. Seems like a good program. I believe they were only a few weeks into it. Hopefully this is just an evaluation and they will recommence the program.
  10. There is a criminal investigation. I wouldn’t be too sure.
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