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  1. Based on Wisconsin’s self-defense statute, it appears that there are certain situations where a person does not have to retreat to use deadly force - namely if it occurs in the dwelling, motor vehicle or place of business of the person claiming self-defense (typically referred to as the castle doctrine). There is also a provocation element where a person has a duty to retreat before using deadly force in self-defense if that person engaged in unlawful conduct likely to provoke an attack from others and did ultimately provoke the attack in question. I know your position is that he did not provo
  2. The left loves this guy? Can you defend this sweeping generalization as anything other than you getting frustrated and lashing out? Your other statements are on point with respect to the debate. But this kind of stuff is counterproductive and detracts from your arguments.
  3. An NPR article discussing the study was linked in this thread and the response was that the article was biased. So I linked a FoxNews piece on the study and discussing the very same conclusions.
  4. FoxNews I know the topic of this FoxNews discussion was posted previously, but I recall the article (NPR) discussing the study being dismissed as biased.
  5. A couple thoughts: 1) Sounds to me like she did great compared to the rest of the class. As I understand it, most of the class getting their asses kicked by college level math classes is pretty normal (happened to my kid last semester and it’s challenging again this semester). 2) Regarding her depression, I’m not sure that convincing her that she should view her test grade as good news rather than bad news is necessarily the best approach. Look, you’re super successful and your daughter is obviously exceptional, so take this in the spirit that it is offered. I think trying to protect
  6. 🤣 I love that you answered the question with math.
  7. I would love to see a rule that removed the mask mandate for vaccinated people, if only because it would incentivize more people to get vaccinated.
  8. Not vouching for the conclusion here, just sharing for the interest of discussion. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/yes-you-should-still-wear-mask-after-covid-19-vaccination-180977054/
  9. Discrimination against those who are LGBT+ is wrong regardless of whether or not it is a choice. That’s why I tend to agree with supermike80. When it comes to issues of discrimination, why should I care whether or not it’s a choice? That should be irrelevant. As another example, we protect people’s freedom of religion. That’s a choice. Also, as a complete aside, I prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate by a wide margin. I don’t really see that preference as a choice. I can’t really choose to like chocolate ice cream more than vanilla.
  10. Yes, this was the point raised by @fatguyinalittlecoat which I found very relevant to the discussion.
  11. For what it’s worth, when I was in college, I worked an unpaid internship at a popular radio station and worked my ### off. My guess is that there is still a bunch of unpaid internships in the entertainment industry.
  12. I think you misconstrued my use of the term “righteous” which has a different meaning than “self-righteous.”
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