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  1. I enjoy the paid off mortgage debate. I paid mine off a few years ago and have absolutely no regrets. Things you cant (or dont) factor in aside from the pure satisfaction of having a paid off mortgage. 1) No more life insurance. For us, its simply not needed. We can cash flow our current lifestyle on less than one income. 2) No more bonds in our retirement accounts. The paid off house is our safety net. 3) We can enjoy our money now (40's), as opposed to waiting until we can draw from our retirement accounts. I'm sure theres more, these are just off the top of my head. Most only use mortgage rate vs investment return.
  2. Very new to bond investing, interested in the I bond being discussed. I'm still not understanding the logic for buying the Oct 3.4% as opposed to waiting a week and getting the 7.12%. Could someone show me the math? Funds will be coming from a investment property sale, likely just sitting in a checking account. Could be invested for emergency fund, retirement (all tax advantaged/college accounts are maxed) or a vacation house purchase in the next few years. I'd like to do $20k this year and in Jan.
  3. One of my doubles went under contract over the weekend. I didn't have it listed, but a realtor I've used in the past for a few purchases called to see if I'd sell anything. I told her they were all for sale. So a week later she called back to tell me her buyer wanted pricing on three that she liked. I told her some numbers and they wanted to set up showings. Not interested in two (they haven't been remodeled for a while) but gave me a full price offer for the third.
  4. Our shot was a year and a half ago when we were told to shelter in place for two weeks. Our shot was wearing masks and social distancing just a little while longer. Our shot was getting all eligible adults to take the vaccine as soon as possible. We lost. The virus won. There are/will be too many mutations to contain it now.
  5. My sister and the other 3 in her household tested +. 3 eligible fully vaxed Pfizer. 1 under age unvaxxed. Two had mild symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat) and fully recovered in 3-4 days, other two were asymptomatic.
  6. This trip is also near the tipping point of being cancelled. JFC people, just get your shots.
  7. I was out there a few summers ago and walked most of the time. It was 110+. I hate waiting on uber/lyft, they have designated areas for pickup/dropoff, usually in the back of the casino.
  8. Going in Sept. Currently have Bellagio booked but here's the options I have for 4 nights: NYNY $286 Park MGM $370 MGM $392 Mirage $473 Caesars $631 Aria $641 Bellagio $762 Thoughts?
  9. Is Amerisave still a good lender? Looking to purchase a vacation property in NC. Our primary is fully paid off, should we cash out refi and use that to purchase the new property, or is there a better option? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for replying, I value your input.
  11. Looking at a possible STR here. It would also be our personal vacation and possibly part time retirement home in about 10 years. Property is in NC Smokey Mountain area. Pur Price - 350-400 been on the market over a month, so we should be able to get it in this range. Rental Rate on AirBNB 300/night self managed by current owner. Rents about 10 months out of the year. Extremely secluded, 10 acres, very high elevation. Realtor said the water source is rain collection/spring water. I've never heard of this. Is this normal for the area? Its a newer build but has baseboard heat and no AC. We would likely add Central/Heat Pump. I've contacted a management company, all inclusive for 25%. So would we keep the cleaning fees we would charge on AirBNB? Any experienced STR owners have input? The numbers seem to work. I know some here have not had luck with these, but we really like the property and likely wouldn't use it much over the next 10 years, so it seems logical to rent it out. TIA!
  12. Evictions are quick and cheap (about 3 weeks and $135 here). If you (or your dad) have never filed one before just go to your lawyer.
  13. What % of your investments are in Amazon? Its currently the only individual stock I own and is 15% of my investments.
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