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  1. Shuke texted me and wanted me to let you guys know that he is serving a 3 day suspension so will have to take a break from this. And also, "damn, I totally forgot about this tune".
  2. Has there ever been a better username? I think not

  3. Maybe they make them split it?yeah but what about the prize?Official LOL here:lmao: Didn't catch that the first time.
  4. Cutting the grass long is key. I cut mine long and it looks so much better than all my neighbors. It hold moisture so well and does keep a lot of weeds out. I only fertilize twice a year and water during the very hot, dry part of summer.How high?Not sure how high it measures. I have my mower 2 notches from the highest setting.Let's get some numbers here. I measured mine. Typical setting has deck 2-1/4" off the ground which puts the blade at about 3-1/2" high. My highest setting puts the deck at 3-1/4" high for cutting height of about 4-1/2" high. Sounds high, but it looks good. Afraid it's going to look out of control 4 days after I cut, though.By the way, you ever get that gator blade?
  5. If you guys plan on doing any raking/dethatching, make sure you do it before you put crabgrass preventer down, or you'll break up the barrier.
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