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  1. agree. they have some decisions to make. if they delay surgery to see if they can make the wildcard spot, that could affect his recovery and timeline for returning next year.
  2. Keenum the right call for tomorrow night.
  3. He’s already said publicly he wants to play Thursday. I think they should just him down for at least a week. What’s the point of paying Keenum if they let Mayfield play injured on a short week?
  4. Browns are going to finish the day in third place or tied for last place. Maybe smell that coffee and wake up.
  5. Yeah I remember being really confused when they had Hunt in there. Chubb is really more suited to salt the game away imo.
  6. does this maybe explain why Chubb wasn’t in for the second to last possession last week against the Chargers?
  7. Browns are going to finish second to Baltimore best case scenario.
  8. at the end of the day, the Browns are 3-2 and lost to two really good teams on the road. that translates to about 10 wins, not sure that'll be enough to make the playoffs. they're going to have to do well in the division, and Cincinnati is not looking like a pushover right now.
  9. I’ve never seen a two minute offense like that before. I don’t understand what they were trying to do there. Short passes down the middle of the field? Not working the sidelines with no time outs?
  10. apparently he's been playing with a torn left labrum, and Mayfield admitted to wearing a harness of some sort. hope they can figure something else out for this Sunday.
  11. “His Defensive Lineman line mates need to step up?” look at the post directly above yours.
  12. does anyone else know the answer to this? it's entirely possible he got hurt again in the Chicago game, but I don't remember seeing it happen. he did get sacked five times in that game.
  13. Mayfield hurt his shoulder against Houston. did he re-injure it against Chicago?
  14. nope, that's not it. the one you described earlier on third down where Mayfield didn't see Felton wide open for the first down because he was trying to force the ball to Beckham. as usual, you are changing the subject and putting words in my mouth. Mayfield sucked yesterday. OBJ compounds the problem.
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