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  1. I wasn’t clear. Why do you think they decided to include him in the edge category instead of LB, do they think he’ll primarily blitz? That seems contrary to everything that I’ve read. I agree it doesn’t really matter in the end, just curious how you think he’ll be used.
  2. Bracie, you follow this stuff much closer than I do. I thought JOK was generally considered a cover LB? why do you think they included him in the edge category? also can you fill us in on how the grades work? and the overall grade, is that a grade or a ranking? I’ll hang up and listen.
  3. Hopefully it’s opposite of normal. outside of the WR, I thought they killed this draft. (not sure why they didn’t get a kicker though. Parkey is trash.)
  4. Berry is not ####### around. OL and DT? yes, please. so refreshing not seeing us draft 2 linebackers and 3 wide receivers.
  5. looks like he has decent hands. the end around bull#### doesn’t impress me.
  6. Steelers finally stop ####ting the bed in the third round...
  7. Johnny Cooper doesn’t coach at Ohio State any more, bud.
  8. top 10 defense and top 10 offense, gonna be a fun season.
  9. and got back a fourth. the math is the same.
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