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  1. I would prefer the Steelers keep Tomlin.
  2. Browns have to consider trading OBJ 1st round pick? I’m 100% onboard.
  3. 7 round mock draft lots of defense and a couple WRs.
  4. once they start paying Mayfield, I’d be surprised if they don’t just start drafting WRs in the 2nd or 3rd round every year and never paying any of them. ala Rogers and the Packers.
  5. don’t be. the Browns appear to have a QB and a HC. they are entering what I would dare to call a “Super Bowl Window”. it’s a great place to be.
  6. also, does anyone have any interest in making a new thread? seems like now would be a good time.
  7. if they can keep one between Landry and Beckham, I believe the choice is clear. and I hope DPJ continues to develop, he could be a nice piece of this group moving forward.
  8. there’s no shame in getting beaten by the Chiefs. this team can be even better next year. Go Browns!!!
  9. there isn’t one. he got hit helmet to helmet at the one yard line. it happens, and they lost. I have always thought it was a dumb rule, and it played out that way tonight.
  10. or imagine you get your dome crushed at the one yard line line. why wouldn’t you pretend to go limp and try to advance the ball? thank goodness they put this rule in place!
  11. Browns will be back next year. to do what they did this year with a new coach and all the interruptions was impressive. young team that can build on this effort... I’m excited for next year.
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