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  1. good news, guys. the Browns FA DLinemen look great against the blocking sled!!! “Clowney is expected to start on one side of the line, with Myles Garrett on the other — which gives Cleveland two players who were taken first in their respective classes on the same line. It was also the first time the two were on the field together and while these practices aren’t padded, it was still an impressive day according to Mary Kay Cabot The Browns beat reporter shared a video of the two working out, saying they “blasted through the bags one after the other” during a set of dril
  2. That is interesting. One of the negatives I had read about crypto was that it was making these cyber attacks more common. Maybe this will start to ease that narrative?
  3. transferred off of Coinbase, into Yoroi, and staked my ada to a pool. never would have dreamt of writing that sentence a month ago. thanks again to everyone for their help.
  4. OK, i'm setting up the Yoroi wallet. i want to make sure i'm understanding this correctly, can I set it up on multiple devices and run them interchangeably? Or am I stuck on one device at a time? it says that the keys are stored on the device, and not on their servers. if they aren't storing the keys, how can they be recovered with the backup phrase? sorry i know this is basic stuff to you guys, but i'm confused and really want to make sure i don't screw anything up.
  5. Binance finally re-activated my account yesterday. took about two weeks.
  6. have any of you looked into VeChain? looking for something cheap that I can hold for a while. every time I have some extra cash I'm going to grab something that looks interesting.
  7. Do the different pools have different rewards? Is there some other advantage to choosing the “right” pool? I’m going to spend some time researching this and making my own decision, I just need to know what questions I’m trying to answer. I appreciate everyone sharing their knowledge.
  8. thanks. I’m sure I’ll have more questions once I have a chance to look into it further.
  9. is anyone staking their ADA? any tips? I think my project this week will be selecting a wallet and figuring out how staking works.
  10. not sure. But try taking the photo with the lights off to minimize glare/shadows.
  11. Worst part is I had an account at binance, was recommended to go to Coinbase and deactivated the binance account. it’s been over a week waiting to get it reactivated. oh well. All good.
  12. I’m waiting for my binance account to be activated, so I’m stuck with Coinbase for now, so I can only spot buy. oh well. I’ll be prepared for next time.
  13. pulled the trigger at $1.42. could’ve probably gotten it lower, but didn’t want to stare at my phone the rest of the weekend.
  14. This one was similar. I think it’s cute they think they’re going to change the world. I just think the better technology and their slow and steady approach will win the race in the end.
  15. I’m looking long term. I think I’m just mad I wasn’t ready to move when it hit $1 last week.
  16. I’m looking to add some today too. just trying to figure out if it’s going to keep trending down or if I should just jump in.
  17. just saw my first ada giveaway scam video on youtube. so i can check that off my list.
  18. I would consult with a tax professional if you haven't yet done so. It looks like there are specific identification documentation requirements if you want to go HIFO vs. FIFO. Apparently there is software that can keep track of all of it for you as well. If you already know all of this, please forgive me, I'm very new in this space. I plan on holding everything long term, so I haven't looked into it that closely.
  19. TIL the candles are actually Japanese. there are some good YouTube videos that cover the basics. the charts are starting to make a lot more sense to me now.
  20. I am hoping it stays down a few more days and I’m looking to double my cardano.
  21. any advice on how to transfer? also, if i'm holding, do i need a wallet or is it ok just to leave everything in the account? thanks.
  22. seems that way. i wasn't too worried about how fancy the platform is because i'm planning on holding long term, but buying the dips seems more difficult on Coinbase.
  23. hey, there's a big sale going on, but we're gonna go ahead and lock our doors.
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