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  1. Called around and was told with my VA IRRL I could get 2.25% for 30 years at the cost of a little over a point. He said that cost could be rolled into the loan. Other option was 2.7% at no points. We plan to be in the house for 20-30 years, which is the best option?
  2. I’ll take an invite, hard getting enough people to raid where I live. Excited for remote raids. SSlayton10
  3. Just picked the game back up, level 24. Add me: 0620 4653 8968
  4. Whats the difference in DKNG and DKNGW?
  5. Anybody buying ALL ahead of earnings? Still about 20% from its February high, and with less auto claims they should have a good earnings report tomorrow.
  6. I am a mail carrier. The package volume from Amazon has been like Christmas levels everyday for the last month.
  7. I’d like an invite to party up with some FBGs. Play with a few friends every now and then, it’s much better with all 3 communicating and on the same page. I’m decent with a .95 K/D ratio and 1 whole win so far. Activision ID: SSlayton10 PSN: SSlayton320
  8. Thanks guys. We ended up going with a 20 year fixed rate under the LLC. The broker who we were doing a 30 year with initially told us 5% down, but then said because the duplex was under 100k he needed 25% down.
  9. New to real estate investing, hoping someone can answer this question. A friend and I formed a LLC. We found a duplex and went to a bank for a loan. We were told we could get a 20 year ARM under the LLC. Spoke with a broker who suggested we get the duplex in just one of our names, so we can get a 30 year conventional loan at a lower, fixed rate. He said within a few months we could transfer the deed to the LLC. My question: is this the only way to get a 30 year loan with a LLC? And will this complicate the tax filing? Just unsure how it will work if we out the loan in one of our names.
  10. I have a VA loan on my home that I purchased in 2015. The rate is 3.9% at $215k. I haven’t considered refinancing until reading this thread. Wondering if it would be worth it at current rates to refinance? I live in WV if Chad or anyone else can refer someone.
  11. Mentioned it a few weeks ago. Got in at low 18.05 when IPO released and sold at 44.00 when trade war fears started. Got back I at 30.50. I think it will be a good long term investment. Netflix of China, although they said they would rather be called the Disney of China.
  12. IQ. Up over 120% in a few months. They Call it the Netflix of China, and it’s sure looking like it will be a big winner in my portfolio.
  13. I started about a month ago also. I’ll be online later tonight and will look for you.
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