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  1. Called around and was told with my VA IRRL I could get 2.25% for 30 years at the cost of a little over a point. He said that cost could be rolled into the loan. Other option was 2.7% at no points. We plan to be in the house for 20-30 years, which is the best option?
  2. I’ll take an invite, hard getting enough people to raid where I live. Excited for remote raids. SSlayton10
  3. Just picked the game back up, level 24. Add me: 0620 4653 8968
  4. Whats the difference in DKNG and DKNGW?
  5. Anybody buying ALL ahead of earnings? Still about 20% from its February high, and with less auto claims they should have a good earnings report tomorrow.
  6. I am a mail carrier. The package volume from Amazon has been like Christmas levels everyday for the last month.
  7. I’d like an invite to party up with some FBGs. Play with a few friends every now and then, it’s much better with all 3 communicating and on the same page. I’m decent with a .95 K/D ratio and 1 whole win so far. Activision ID: SSlayton10 PSN: SSlayton320
  8. Thanks guys. We ended up going with a 20 year fixed rate under the LLC. The broker who we were doing a 30 year with initially told us 5% down, but then said because the duplex was under 100k he needed 25% down.
  9. New to real estate investing, hoping someone can answer this question. A friend and I formed a LLC. We found a duplex and went to a bank for a loan. We were told we could get a 20 year ARM under the LLC. Spoke with a broker who suggested we get the duplex in just one of our names, so we can get a 30 year conventional loan at a lower, fixed rate. He said within a few months we could transfer the deed to the LLC. My question: is this the only way to get a 30 year loan with a LLC? And will this complicate the tax filing? Just unsure how it will work if we out the loan in one of our names.
  10. I have a VA loan on my home that I purchased in 2015. The rate is 3.9% at $215k. I haven’t considered refinancing until reading this thread. Wondering if it would be worth it at current rates to refinance? I live in WV if Chad or anyone else can refer someone.
  11. Mentioned it a few weeks ago. Got in at low 18.05 when IPO released and sold at 44.00 when trade war fears started. Got back I at 30.50. I think it will be a good long term investment. Netflix of China, although they said they would rather be called the Disney of China.
  12. IQ. Up over 120% in a few months. They Call it the Netflix of China, and it’s sure looking like it will be a big winner in my portfolio.
  13. I started about a month ago also. I’ll be online later tonight and will look for you.
  14. I play on PS4. Can’t build to save my life but somehow have a win. Decent shooter, just have to learn building. SSlayton320 on PS4
  15. It’s a fun game. No blood or anything when you die, and honestly I don’t get the hate about children playing video games that have violence. I grew up playing mortal Kombat and 007 and I don’t go around shooting people and finishing them. I let my 5 year old daughter play every now and then. Im not the greatest at the game, but add me on PS4 anyone who wants to do duos or squads. SSlayton320 on PS4.
  16. Nope. I looked up some stuff and it said to put planting soil mixed half and half with sand. Said to make it about an inch taller than my yard level and it will compact down. Im new to this stuff though, not wanting to mess it up.
  17. I pulled up some stepping stones in our front yard, and they were down about 8 inches below our yard level. I'm wanting to plant some seed to fill in the spots, but obviously need to get it level with the rest of my yard. Do I just fill with top soil, then lay down the seed? 2X2 foot spots, about 6 of them.
  18. Canceled DTV for the last time, now looking at my options. We really only need ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN, and Disney. NFL Network also preferred but not necessary. Any recommendations on which service to choose?
  19. Sounds like we've got the same problem. Post in here if/when you get a deal. I've been talking to them daily, but nobody offers anything.
  20. Cancelled last Friday. Been a week of getting calls daily, but every rep says the same thing. Still no offers other than $5 off a month. One rep said it was because I cancelled before my other offers ran off the account. Now trying firestick out and may just not go back to DTV at all.
  21. I have Kodi 17.1 and Titanium build installed. Everything quit working, probably awhile ago but we don't watch the firestick all that often really. Anyway, what do I need to do to get it all working again? A new Kodi has been released, so that's probably it. Is there an easy way to update that without having to delete everything and reinstalling?
  22. I'm interested in any account that has at least 40/40 heroes. Th10 or th11. Other stuff doesn't matter as much to me. If any of you have an account that you don't play anymore with high heroes (even any close to 40/40), send me a PM.
  23. Get on at lunch break, excited to try out new battles. Worry at first, because it looks like I was booted from clan. Then get on FFA to find supercell just sucks.
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