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  1. I think so. . Benjamin Allrbight and a few others are saying Denver is engaged, Allbright also said Washington was in the mix. And yes that's what I think the tweet about other teams potential involvement means.
  2. To those that say it's to early to give up on him I would ask what's the trait you've seen from him that is special or elite? I just don't think it's to early to say that while Tua might have some intangibles and leadership ability that makes him a solid NFL starting QB he's just not elite and when you get a shot to get a proven young elite QB you take it. I think he's always going to be in that QB20+ range myself. If this is all true of sending Watson to Miami, and I think it is, I'm less surprised that Miami is moving on from Tua as I am that Philly did not make the winning offer due to the capital they possess. How much Watson's trade veto power played a part in that is something I'd be curious to find out in time.
  3. The NFL has never put a player on exempt list that was not facing criminal charges and multiple reports have continued to come out during course of this that they plan to do nothing with Watson until at least the criminal investigation is complete. He's going to get traded and he's going to play for his new team this year.
  4. This could be a wild multiple team trade or set of trades but serious rumors are that Denver might get Tua. ETA-and now Washington rumored to be in the mix. My best guess of what is going on now is that Houston and Miami are close to a deal but Miami wants to move Tua first and sounds like they are working on it now.
  5. I imagine he'll be starting within 2 weeks of any trade.
  6. John McClain saying deal could be done this week with Dolphins: https://twitter.com/McClain_on_NFL/status/1450909383429349382 And this: @AaronWilson_NFL ยท 11m Another team's potential involvement in another potential trade, not involving Deshaun Watson, is a factor in this situation, per league sources
  7. You can find snap counts on this site. Just go to the search bar and input snap counts. Bills play 3+ WR's on most downs and last night Sanders played 92% of the snaps, Beasley was at 87%. They both played more then Diggs and it's not even unusual that happened, Sanders has played more snaps this season then Diggs.
  8. It's unfathomable to me he'd but cut in a dynasty league, I won't even cut in my redraft leagues but roster size differs, 16 vs 20 for instance and he's probably cut. I still think he's going to be a really good but right now he's not being put in his ideal position(slot), the staff has shown no creativity with him and when Wilson drops back he seems laser focused on Corey Davis or the slot. I had high expectations for the offensive staff coming into the season but not playing Moore in the slot when Crowder was out was difficult for me to understand. I've been picking up a few comments from Wilson and the staff that the criticism for not involving him more is being heard, they are aware of the talk. I might be guilty of wishful thinking but I've got some optimism that coming out of the bye I would not at all be surprised if they spent some time re-focusing on how to best utilize him and we see a breakout of some sorts this week.
  9. Let's say you are re-ranking rookie WR's based on what you know today. Were you put Toney? For me would be between 2 and 3, him or Devonta but gun to my head would put him at 3. I do think on pure talent he looks as good as any WR in the class but I think stuff going on around him is going to be a thing. So I can't put him on Chase level, especially with the QB pairing. Devonta seems as clean off the field as you could want and will likely explode in time when a QB upgrade is made. So for me I'd put him at 3 and I'm not anymore down on Elijah Moore, Waddle, Marshall, Rondale or Batemam as I was back during rookie drafts. And fwiw I had him above the last two back then. At times I was critical of the quality of this years rookie WR class. Seemed like a few WR1 types but an army of mainly slot guys. I think the group has a lot more upside then I gave it credit.
  10. Drafted him because at the time David Johnson and Bell were kings and he seemed like a better version of both of them. It's always been there, just team was to reluctant to feature him in the passing game. As talented he is and as much running volume as he's been getting his upside is still now what we drafted without the passing down work. I'm still concerned they won't feature him nearly enough as those two aforementioned RB's but hopefully we continue to see some improvement.
  11. I drafted no player this year more then Michael Thomas. This is all leagues with higher type overall stakes so once the news broke on his foot I pretty much went into every draft for ROS designating him as my 8th round pick, even willing to move up to 7 if nothing I liked presented itself. At no point did I draft him expecting to put him in my lineup in week 7 and in fact have and continue to be of opinion it won't be an option as he's not going to be active. I'm just thinking he'll need 1-2 weeks of practice at minimum. Saying that I did not realize until last week how many teams of mine are dire looking for week 7. Easily my most challenging bye week of the year along with a lot of players taking up space. If he surprised me and was active I'd not want to start him, but would be forced two on a few teams. My outlook when I was drafting and has not changed has been along these lines: A normal human being has a 4-6 month recovery time from his procedure. Now with that you can add in he's a finely tuned professional athlete who receives the highest available medical/rehab work known to man vs the fact he's being asked to perform feats far more difficult then the normal person plus his level of conditioning. So I kind of created this timeline when I was drafting him: When week 7 kicks off he'll be at 4.5 months from surgery. I anticipated two week practice time and he's out weeks 7/8. I put his debut as week 9, 5 months post-surgery. Due to combo of factors ranging from having not played in awhile and conditioning I expect we don't see a normal snap count. I'm thinking he might start slow but in range of weeks 9-12 he provides low end WR2 PPR production. I'm thinking more of low end WR3 to start and gradual improvement. Week 13 to ROS will put him at 6 plus months post surgery, in football shape and quite possibly if not likely 100% recovered from the surgery.
  12. Nothing major to add here except I think it's best to plan as if he'll either be back week 11 or week 14, one or the other.
  13. And to add to that I'd read they've patched things up to at least some degree. He's also been with the team this entire time including relocating to Dallas/Ft. Worth area living out of a hotel for close to a month when Ida hit. Also his absence has increased his value to the team IMO. If anyone thought his production was easily replaced due to genius of Payton or that his production was by and large a product of Payton scheming him open that line of thought looks considerably shakier. (also to those who think his production was Brees I would encourage you to look up his half a season worth of game logs with Teddy and Taysom as the starter) As is the Saints are 3-2 and one could argue they need a WR more then any team in the league.
  14. @JFowlerESPN 1h Chargers WR Mike Williams, listed as questionable with a knee injury, is expected to play barring a pregame setback, per source. NFL leader with six touchdown catches should be in fold for Ravens game. https://twitter.com/JFowlerESPN/status/1449545806034448384
  15. There have been a few Eagle's beat writers in last week or so that speculated he could be made available. Now I don't think they are basing that one iota on things they are hearing inside the building so much as something that makes sense since none of them think he gets a second contract with the Eagles. Odds remain he won't get dealt this season but it's not just a pipe dream his frustrated fantasy owners are creating either.
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