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  1. Did you get in a draft? For sure I think doing a draft now increases odds of gaining an edge, and also increases odds of drafting a bad team but in this format I think it's worth tradeoff. I'm big on slow drafts this time of year, time wasters, I'm in round 7 of my draft now.
  2. Seems like a copout to say it, like we don't have opinions and just sway on what the NFL says and does except it's 100% true that the process of wading them through them, being able to visualize their skilset and role in an offense is a giant peace of the puzzle. Draft pedigree never hurt either to factor in the equation. I look at Rb's like Gainwell and Carter, are they looking at Hines/Gio type roles or something closer to a Kamara/CMC type of usage. We won't know for sure after the draft but certainly can get a better idea. Speaking of draft pedigree the second round of the NFL draft
  3. Late breakout: Sort of but not because he did not perform when given a chance. Just had to take Juco route but has performed fairly well from get go on opportunities given. 3 star: I believe so was Javonte Williams, Josh Jacobs, etc, etc. I do check back on past recruiting classes but I can't say it's a huge thing and I'm usually looking for the opposite. Like why did a high ranked player underperform? 23 years old: We seem to have a lot of older RB's in this draft. Obviously this is a bigger concern with someone like Najee who cost top dollar. Stevenson, similar to the Herbert di
  4. I don't know about that, was good enough in 2019 but I'm not ready to say that for sure about 2022. Also you don't have to pick top 5 for a QB but let's say in the 2022 draft you do and let's say we are pick13 in the 2022 draft, that's a lot less prohibitive to move up. Honestly I don't see any QB past Mac Jones I would clearly say is better then Rudolph or a possibly more matured Haskins. I get their contracts are not on the books past this year but neither is likely to break the bank. Don't have a lot of reps to go around, I'd much rather see these two as 2/3 and do everything you
  5. Welcome and good that it got me to read up on it and clarify you can't get suspended at all for it. Now on Stevenson. Would some old school NFL GM or key decision maker still say it's a character concern that Stevenson could get suspended for marijuana in college but still lacked the discipline to lay off? That he's telling us football is not that important to him and he can't be responsible? You bet, I'm sure there are a few who will knock him a little. But I personally would be hypocrite if I said that about him, thus my defense of him being a character concern but it could impact his d
  6. Agree. Hockenson may be young but he also was in a really good situation. Nothing at WR and trailing often(two things which might continue another year), staff who used a top 10 pick on him and felt need/pressure to utilize him. Don't see special. I in fact think a guy like Hunter Henry who can probably be had for a second in single PPR is better.
  7. It's actually more lenient then I thought. You asked for a link were the NFL does not suspend for marijuana, here it is. I knew NFL revised when they test drastically to point you'd be a hardcore fool to test positive, just have to be clean 2 weeks before camp and then you could toke away. That's true but I thought if you were actually dumb enough to test positive during this phase and then said screw it and just kept on testing smoking and testing positive at some point you'd get suspended. That's actually not true, it's nothing that can get you suspended any longer. https://www.sp
  8. Just because you are spewing inaccurate info is not a valid reason to misquote me.
  9. I can buy the Eddie Lacy comp I saw recently. Big back with feet of a smaller back, underrated receiver. I could be accused of trying to hard to see something because frankly I'm not loving the RB class this year.
  10. Josh Gordon's has lot more problems then marijuana.
  11. Legal in some form in 44 states, NFL has totally revised the way they test and punish for marijuana so I'd say yes, it's perfectly ok.
  12. Just going to beat this horse over a failed drug test?
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