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  1. I'm sideways, you gave up Chubb did not get him. I was trying to be nice and say you lost value but will enjoy rooting for your team more but none of that applies, quite the opposite. I do not agree Chubb over Jacobs and 1.3 made that team better equipped to win it next year.
  2. This just went down in FFPC league, not SF, and also not involved: Team A gave: Mark Andrews, 1.7, 2.7, 2022#1 projected late(league champ last year), 2022#3 also projected late Team B gave: 1.3, 2.3,2.4, 3.6, 2022#1 that's hard to predict, and a 2022#3 that projects high. Put another way a bump from 7 to 3, 2.3 and 2.4 plus better odds at improved first and third round picks in 2022 for Mark Andrews and 2.7. I'm solidly on team A's side.
  3. Then unless you are a professional fantasy player and the goal for fantasy football is for it to enhance your experience when watching games you won.
  4. I would take Akers over Zeke as best player in the deal, and kind of easily. Saying that value was not on your side here even if you were dealing from position of strength and could afford to view JuJu as disposable. I'd have probably made the guy at least throw me back a decent second, then I think value would have been close.
  5. I've heard people who used to work in the league say Kyle is the best in the NFL at knowing how to scheme people open so I've no doubt he can adjust. The concern I have is when their defense is healthy again how much do they need to throw if the running game and defense are working. It is a valid point however you raise about Deebo being a non-traditional WR. He could almost be viewed as more of an extension of the running game then passing game at times.
  6. This likely has nothing to do with the updated board and I've been trying to get some assistance on this for a few days but when I try to login to the message board it is locking my account for 15 minutes. It started when I logged in on a different device then one I normally use. Who can help?
  7. I believe the 6 games is for players not under contract which would also apply to someone who was franchise tagged but did not sign it. That's kind of the old system we were used to were a player needed to show up to play by week 10 to get a season. Under the new CBA I know it specifies that the fines for not showing up can be waived. I'm not sure if the teams control allowing a player who did not report to accrue a season, I would think not but unsure of that. So not sure for instance if like in week 8 the Texans said if you come back we'll count this as an accrued season, not sure if th
  8. He's a great signing by the Browns and I view him and Chubb as the best RB duo I've ever seen. There may be better complements, but it's the two most talented RB's on same team IMO. Hunt taking that team friendly deal was likely a combo of loyalty to Browns, love of playing for his hometown team but also I think he'd made around $2M total before he signed that deal which on the spot netted him over $5M guaranteed. Security when you don't come from much is huge. Hope he made the right choice for himself. I remember that day he got pulled over and he sounded so damn sad and down. I do
  9. That changed under the new CBA for players under contract. You know have to report by mandatory reporting date of training camp or you don't get an accrued season. If he does not accrues this year it's going to cost him a lot more then $10.5M.
  10. Not to keep going around and around on this but I don't agree with this at all.
  11. For sure he was damaged goods and enjoys playing for the Browns but what you are saying implies the Browns were the only team to throw him a lifeline. I'm not ready to make that assumption.
  12. I think Chubb gets extended this off-season, he won't see the open market. I wish I could remember who it was I heard on an interview last year, can't even recall if it was a ex-coach or front office person on Browns, but this person could not stop raving about Chubb the person. Talking about unsolicited raving. His life expectancy at the position is short, but he's more integral to that offense then Baker. That offense runs through the RB's. Anyway we will agree to disagree, I'd put odds Chubb is not resigned in like 1% range. I think it's more likely Baker is not resigned.
  13. Yes and he's already bungling this thing up IMO and I'd blame his agent. Not entirely sure what kind of plan they thought they had going silent on Texans and passively aggressively leaking trade requests? You either need to sit down face to face with them and discuss why you want out or go scorched earth. Houston may be an inept run franchise but they have an adult in the room now in Caserio. He's kind of played this exactly like he should. Also if Watson got to a point he sat out a year, which would be malpractice on part of his agent, it would not hurt Houston since they are not
  14. I know but I don't even think for a second he won't get extended. Just combo of how highly they regard the person and what he means to the way the team's offense runs. What I've thought over a few times is how will Hunt react when Chubb signs for like $15M a year. A true backup talent or COP back would be more then fine with Hunts pay and secondary role but I really can't help but wonder if the extremely team friendly deal and secondary role won't start to eat at him when Chubb is not on his rookie contract. That's just human nature but maybe he just loves playing for the Browns so muc
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