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  1. A bargain to me in general but especially when you consider it was about 1/3rd of what Mitchell went for in most of my leagues.
  2. Vic Tafur of The Athletic sold me on Jacobs last few weeks before the season. Saying people were putting to much stock in Drake being a negative for JJ, that Jacobs lost 8 pounds and was quicker but somehow stronger, yada, yada, yada. Even when he missed time last week in practice Vic just said it was nothing and was giving a chance to acclimate Barber onto the team. He hyped him up right up until basically kickoff last week. Then the day after the game he writes someting about how Jacobs was primed for a big year but is already dealing with toe and ankle injuries so not good was his exact phrase. My guess is that once training camp ends most teams only allow access for the first 20 minutes of practice, lockeroom access is not what is used to be pre-COVID and that Jacobs must have done something recently to his toe. Either that of Vic Tafur just gets a kick out of providing fantasy dis-information. Also and I don't know how he'd know this but Dr. Chao thinks it's more likely his ankle flared up then his toe, but again how he could know that is beyond me. I'd rather he had an ankle issue then a toe issue personally, just seems ankle can get well in a week or so but toe injuries seem to linger. Whatever his issue is I do have Drake almost every league I have Jacobs and this was what I was pulling for last week and this week, which was for Jacobs to sit. I ain't buying the Peyton Barber talk and I personally view Drake with no Jacobs as a better fantasy option then a healthy Jacobs but I'd still very much like to see Jacobs get well soon.
  3. Nah, I don't want to quote myself but I got receipts on this board both saying Swift was a steal and Jamaal was also good value and broke down exactly why. So not quite accurate to say nobody and fwiw no one ridiculed that opinion.
  4. I recall my initial thought seeing the trade was something along the lines of, ok. So I thought it was pretty fair. Like Joey said you got the WR you preferred and upgraded a rookie pick. Probably boils down to people's feelings on Henderson. I'm not that high on him but really the better way for me to phrase that is that despite what McVay has been saying I just don't think they are that high on Henderson, and for reasons I've yet to fully understand just refuse to use him much in the passing game. I mean Henderson to my eye test looks really good, I just think once Sony gets acclimated it's a full blown RBB. While both are healthy anyway. Henderson still have value of course but I put that value as something more like a mid to high second myself so if I look at that way it's pretty even trade to get the guy you want.
  5. My guess is attrition will work outself out by the time Wilson is ready to return and they can always slow play activating Wilson from IR if they are enjoying the current RB production. Should all these RB's actually be healthy at that time it would still be in range before the trade deadline and for a position that everyone says is devalued there are a few teams in the league in need of some RB help and whatever that list looks like now it's only going to grow. So if they ever get to a point of needing to trip the RB room, my guess is they'd find a trade partner.
  6. I was trying to draft Juwan Johnson before he was even available in draft queues to be drafted. Feel pretty confident I was on him before anyone else playing fantasy. Saying that I don't think it's crazy, but I'd not do it either. In the end despite very different styles they profile similar in that I think both are fairly low target/hyper efficient players. Kind of players I like more in best ball formats. But I'm still going to give a little edge to Tonyan in targets and in general if you are a viable TE I just like players who are on the field more. I expect a lot more snaps for Juwan coming up but even if he grabs the Jared Cook role in this offense, and I think he has/will, that was still only about 30 snaps and 4 targets a game last year. I kind of feel like Tonyan will be good for something more in the 5 to at best 6 target range, and that uptick will make the difference in him being the better option and more consistent one.
  7. Like I said, this was when Bell left the Steeler's and that's a very key distinction from what his value and role was perceived post-Jets.
  8. My guess since they reportedly were runnerup(for way less money) to sign Bell when he left the Steelers and they fully knew what Sermon was when they drafted him they have no interest in him changing his style.
  9. Rumors been sprouting up over last hour or so that Urban already ready to quit and accept USC head job
  10. Daniel Jeremiah wrote an article a few weeks ago were he forecast some key rookie WR's. He had Elijah down for about 85/1,100. Not sure if he was thinking in terms of 17 game season. But for what it's worth if you applied his projections to fantasy then Elijah projected higher then all rookie pass catchers. Also on his podcast yesterday he predicted Moore for offensive rookie of the year. Now DJ is friends with Joe Douglass. So whether you think he's biased or has intel leading to his take is up to you. I'm the latter category myself.
  11. Engram played a full season last year. This injury is minor, they have a quick turn around next week with a Thursday game but he should be back by week 3 at least. This is why we have benches. Personally I thought he looked pretty good what little I saw of him in camp/preseason. Made me wonder if rehabbing from foot surgery last off-season might have left him not in his normal condition last year. In the end I might look back at his injury as a blessing in disguise as it's contributed to me being a little more confident holding off on TE's knowing I could pull him at a discount later.
  12. QB - Lamar Jackson - 23 QB - Justin Fields - 7 QB - Trey Lance - 7 I'll be in trouble if Lamar misses early but I took that shot for the upside later. RB - Ezekiel Elliott - 27 RB - James Robinson - 16 RB - Trey Sermon - 15 RB - Gus Edwards - 11 RB - Sony Michel - 5 RB - Carlos Hyde - 4 RB - Rhamondre Stevenson - 3 Robinson, Edwards and Michel all represent value as these were post injury/trade prices. And that's how I start the build of my teams, value first and then pepper in the rest. Elliot's got a difficult schedule but as upper tier RB's went I thought he was best value and I put a greater emphasis on durability which has historically been a strong feature with Zeke. WR - Brandon Aiyuk - 17 WR - Jerry Jeudy - 16 WR - Michael Thomas - 13 WR - Laviska Shenault - 13 WR - Antonio Brown - 10 WR - Elijah Moore - 9 WR - Jakobi Meyers - 6 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 Callaway and Meyers are extreme value. Aiyuk gets me hookup with Trey Lance. I thought Callaway's price provided me a no brainer call to roster Michael Thomas for a grand total of $18. TE - Mark Andrews - 16 TE - Jonnu Smith - 9 TE - Cole Kmet - 7 Andrews and Kmet provide QB hookups at some point, like value in general on Jonnu and Kmet. Andrews has as much big game potential as any TE, but also puts out some bad game and here I feel like I can minimize those weeks. PK - Younghoe Koo - 4 PK - Evan McPherson - 2 TD - Denver Broncos - 3 TD - Green Bay Packers - 2 Went light at these positions, normally go 3 K's at least, just ran out of funds and took best values.
  13. No that's not the same thing. He skipped practice but was available for the game.The Steeler's decided to move on without him instead. And yes I know the other stuff but AB never refused to play in a real game.
  14. I think Texans and Watson mutually don't want him to play. If you are Houston you are not contending so Watson really is not helping the future. If he plays he risks injury which hampers ability to trade him. Lastly by not playing Watson the Texans will be able to distance themselves from Watson's actions and the PR that goes into that. The minute he suits up for them in a game they lose that cover.
  15. I do think the Dolphins made an offer just nothing like what Houston wants right now. Flores non-denial today when he has a chance to squash this was very telling. To me at least. But as for the Charles Robinson story which both said a trade was imminent but that Texans were not budging on their high asking price. Seems to me like he talked to both sides and just ran with the info he got from both sides and crafted a whole story out of it and he's usually better then that. In other words he checks in Texans sources that tell him they won't budge without getting 3 #1's plus. Then he talks to Watson's side which tells him a trade is imminent and then throws out two preferred teams of Watson's as likely. I would imagine no one associated with the Texans remotely indicated a trade as close. Makes no sense for Houston to sale him cheap now and makes no sense for a team to pay the premium asking price. If a team was ever so bold I'd have to assume they conducted one heck of their own investigation and feel like Watson will be cleared. Even then he's subject to missing time. All of this is hard to believe for me. In the end while I do think the Dolphins are engaging I can't see anything done until grand jury is done at a minimum.
  16. Judging by your username going to assume you are considered local to Carolina Panthers TV market and the game is being carried on a local station.
  17. What is thought process on impact of Dobbins injury to Lamar? Good, bad or indifferent?
  18. Doc Chao(please save you Dr. Chao analysis) is saying best case it's similar to what Kittle had last year and would knock him out at least a month into the season and worst case is ligament damage knocking him out for the season. Does not look like ACL but does not mean it's not season ending. He's prefacing this by saying it's based on limited video from one angle. Hope lives a little longer.
  19. So I was in this draft and I do not wish to post my team at this time as I like to play things a little closer to the vest this time of year. I actually wondered if that was you based on the team name and so it is. You got some good RB's, solid WR's, got Rodgers at a great price in round 10. As a few have said I think TE is your achilles heel. You do have some players with some upside and track record, just a little thin for my taste. I understand upside appeal of Watson and wanting a true backup QB if Watson does not play, but hard for me to get behind spending 4 picks on QB's in a one start league when one of your QB's is a stud. Just my thoughts and best of luck to you on the season.
  20. They were only together one year, 2015, but it was a good year by Sony and I'd read a few things earlier today ranging from Sony has continued to have a relationship with the coach, Thomas Brown who was a RB in Georiga as well and a lot of speculation his input was a big factor in the trade-which come to think of it is a bit juicy.
  21. No but his RB coach at Georgia will his RB coach with the Rams.
  22. No. He looks washed, this matches up his limited usage in training camp reports and a team as cash strapped as the Saints can allocate their resources better.
  23. This was so easy to see coming. Both NE trading Michel and Rams trading for a RB and figured odds were high they'd be a match. Michel will be a plus version of Malcom Brown. Immediately the best pass protector and interior runner and primary backup and that's his floor role. Rhamondre obviously big winner in this as that's one less guy and his Eddie Lacy type skill set offers as high upside as I've seen from a RB on this team in quite some time, but he's still the backup to Damian Harris.
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