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  1. This is exactly what happened. I wanted Ovi first. Then I just moved some players up and down based on your league settings. But that was just as a reference for me. I was expecting to make adjustments as the draft developed (for instance, I would have definitely taken two goalies at 26/27 or whatever that first turn was.)
  2. I'm from MA, daughter is a swimmer who knew as early as her freshman HS year that she wanted to go to a D1 college in California. So the whole academic/athletic/geographical soup actually served to limit her choices to maybe five or six schools. Long story short, she ended up at a great CSU and wife and I simultaneously bought a property in the same town. I stay out of my daughter's way, but it's nice to be down the street in case there is an issue I can help deal with. Especially nice to enjoy reasonable weather in the winter for a change. We still have a house in MA, so we pay out of st
  3. Feel bad for Cav, although it could have been worse. If Cav wants to bail, I'll buy/manage the team.
  4. Never appreciated what a well-oiled machine Uber is. Rude cheating notwithstanding.
  5. in some ways, this morning's match at Lord's is even more incredible and historic than the World Cup a few days ago. Ireland just bowled out England before lunch on day one. 85 all out. Ireland is playing their 3rd test match- ever. England, 1011th test. Again, Ireland smoking England in cricket. Wow. link is a little wonky- http://cricfree.live/watchfeeds/others/18344
  6. Good highlights here. https://www.icc-cricket.com/match/8239#videos
  7. Match was tied. A Super Over is used to decide a winner. One over per side. Stokes and Buttler combined for 15 runs. NZ needed 2 off their last ball and Guptill was run out trying for the second run. Really amazing and tense match. Stokes was immense. I use livestream.is. But it was really choppy, so have to combine it with text commentary from BBC and CricInfo. Caught the end in a perfect picture on a free trial on Hotstar. I don't think there is a legit way to watch cricket in the US.
  8. Hard to believe, but 1 billion people watched India v Pakistan. 100 million watched the last Super Bowl.
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