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  1. So we're just going to ignore the NJ thing in here? It's the rinse and repeat of this thread. Evidence that voter fraud is occurring is posted, but because it's done by Democrats it's downplayed as a nothing-burger. Mail in voting is just another way to say massive Democrat vote fraud. There's a reason why there's a massive push behind it....by Democrats and Democrats only.
  2. Totally get this. For me, it was Ryan White even more than Magic, so it doesn't take a superstar to galvanize people.
  3. Early Feb was the last time I paid someone to cut it. My wife has turned into a pretty good barber during the lockdown. I doubt I'll pay for another haircut again.
  4. Gotta say I'm not missing MLB (or NBA for that matter) as much as I miss going to concerts. Completely ambivalent about baseballs return.
  5. It's not a right/left thing, it's more of a blue collar / white collar thing. Blue collars have more of a "I'm tougher than the virus, bring it on" attitude. I know a LOT of blue collar Democrats. To be clear NOT ALL blue collar types think this way. It is reflective of my experiences only.
  6. There's a lot of mixed messaging going on out there, and everyone has a lot of fancy certificate acronyms after their names. If you have a stance, there's going to be a medical / data / statistical expert that backs your play. Heck, there's at least 3 different social distancing guidelines between the US, WHO, and Europe alone. Wearing a mask indoors sucks. It's bothersome, it makes it harder to breathe, and it denies each and every one of us the societal niceties of daily life (seeing someone smile, for example). Indoors, I'm willing to take one for the team. I get the logic and I'm on board. If everyone wearing masks is so effective though, then why can't they fill up Wrigley if the spectators are all masked up? When there's a vaccine (and believe me, there will be with all the $$$$$$ involved) my mask wearing days are over. Well, until Covid 20 shows up and my stooge of a governor in IL mandates masks again. I'm surprised he hasn't mandated wearing helmets while driving in cars. Wearing masks outdoors is ridiculous and ignorant of even basic science. In my experience thus far I've seen 100% compliance with masks in grocery stores. Social distancing in the aisles has been hit or miss, but has been 100% when it comes to the checkout line. I can't speak for IL as a whole, but out in our neck of the woods everyone does their part. IL isn't big on pushback. If masks are mandated, people will wear them.
  7. News you can use: COVID-19 infection risk low for people who perform CPR
  8. Reminder - The death numbers you're seeing are people that died WITH Covid, not necessarily FROM or DUE TO Covid. A lot of fear is being driven off of those death numbers, although I'm sure you Nancy's would find something else to hide under your covers about if it wasn't that.
  9. I think Amazon is actually looking ahead on this one. With binge watching, people won't see this as a "season-ender" in a traditional sense. This show has done enough for me to check out season 2, but there is zero momentum for next season. Spoiler thought below.
  10. Plus, all you have to do is say you went to the store during a protest march
  11. Minnesota is a weird state. When I first heard they were defunding the police, my first thoughts were Thunderdome or the whole state becoming Hamsterdam from The Wire. But they'd find a way to somehow make it work. If they try this in Chicago, screw the popcorn, get your shotguns ready.
  12. I was spot-on here as far as the ending of season 1 goes. Oooof. It's a solid case study of how not to do a season finale. There's no momentum going into season two, and you can hear the weak "twist" for season two creaking in the background. In normal times, this would just die. It might benefit from the dearth of entertainment options and look like a hit in Amazons eyes and get picked up for another season.
  13. When you finish this one, please post your thoughts. I'm looking for something to scratch my "Narcos" itch
  14. Wouldn't want to go out on this note. He'd have to answer questions about this the rest of his life. Drew is doing all the right things with his teammates, and he'll do some interview with Booger about soul searching and positive discussions and then this will all be over. As the wise Coach Ditka once said "This too shall pass"
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