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  1. Are the Lions paying Patricia in actual dollars? If so, he's robbing them blind. The team has heart and they played their butts off today, but they were completely let down by the people wearing headsets. Patricia didn't lose this game singlehandedly, but everything he did was a net-negative and contributed to the eventual outcome. If he had stayed home and ate Doritos the Lions would have won today. The Lions will never win a game of any significance with him on the sideline.
  2. Heard Thanos might be back for an Annihilation storyline...not sure how their going to make that happen...web is rampant with rumors though She-Hulk would be great. I'm sure they'll get around to her I'm beginning to think they'll never be able to capture the essence of Dr. Doom on screen. Everyone that's tried has failed (on an epic scale) If any of you haven't seen it, seek out the animated film Planet Hulk if you want to see a Hulk story done right I have the feeling I'm going to see Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness at least 4 times in theaters.
  3. They're painted as being kind of above it all, basically treating human affairs like ants fighting with each other. The snap may be the thing that gets them a little more involved with us "little people"
  4. Guys, this is how it's done. Doing one very clearly stated non-spoiler run and a spoiler one in spoiler quotes. Thanks for posting this @Chaka I can't comment on the spoiler one as I'm hoping to be spoiler free by game time.
  5. I always thought he would have made a terrific Bruce Banner / Hulk. He can do the low key / anger bubbling beneath the surface thing well. My brain wants to believe he could have pulled off Captain America, but my brain is dumb sometimes. Would have made an interesting Civil War with Downey and Cruise facing off. Depending on which direction the MCU goes post-Endgame, he could slide into that latter-years Cyclops role (post-break with Dr. X) The movie I really want is the Downey Jr. character from Tropic Thunder playing Black Panther.
  6. I say fake spoilers, but I try to make them so ridiculous that everyone knows they're fake.
  7. A guy that saw an early showing assured me that Captain Marvel won't make me angry in Endgame
  8. It's a small thing, but Ant-Man (probably just back from the quantum realm) looking at the "missing persons" posters hit just the right note. I'm so ready.
  9. For all my big talk I paid to see it and recommended it to a couple of folks on the fence. I'm sure a lot of other big talkers (read: clickbait YouTubers) did the same.
  10. Dang! That's really going to cut into me presenting myself as a global movie influencer. (Sarc)
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