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  1. Where? I see Ace Hardware and Taco Bells offering 15 an hour. If I were 20 and still in school and single I would be all over these jobs. I planted sod and busted my back for 10 bucks an hour in 2008.
  2. Trump was effective tweeting, Cortez is effective tweeting. Kim Kardashian is effective tweeting. All of them had tons of followers but in reality nothing they say really matters,
  3. Dude is almost 80, give him a break on this one.
  4. Does not sound like Psaki plans on staying around much longer. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tends to let her daily briefings run long, but she doesn't intend to linger in her powerful post – with plans to exit in 2022. 'I think it will time for somebody else to have this job in about a year from now,' she told former White House and Obama campaign colleague David Axelrod on his 'Axe Files' podcast.
  5. LA County Police officer involved in a verbal racial incident with a teacher.
  6. Now that Wheeler is in the crosshairs of the rioters he wants a crackdown. I feel bad for the people who live downtown and the business`s in downtown Portland.
  7. Back at it in Portland. Police declare riot zone again last night.
  8. This is very true. My wife has some family that is here illegally. They keep in line because of the "Fear factor" of being deported if they get caught doing something.
  9. Sometimes given the titles I think Tim is a bot that posts when things are slow here for clicks. 75-80 posts a day is a lot for a human.
  10. Another Police Officer killed. Inside Edition Woman Runs Over Cop Hours After Livestream Shows Her Appearing to Take Shots Duration: 01:39 1 day ago A New York woman has been charged with aggravated manslaughter and driving while intoxicated after allegedly mowing down a police officer early Tuesday morning. Jessica Beauvais is accused of plowing into Anastasios Tsakos around 2 a.m. as he was directing traffic at the scene of an accident on the Long Island Expressway. Hours before the incident, she appears to be drinking shots during the podcast's livestream, which ended w
  11. Plus he was being quite polite. Seemed like a good man.
  12. New Mexcio officer murdered during traffic stop. Things like this make you realize how difficult the job can be and why at times police act the way they do.
  13. I agree. I am only in my 30s and really don`t care about what actors say. Pretty sure that is one thing both parties agree with. Ricky Gervais nailed when he says "Nobody cares what you think"
  14. Year before was a record low as well. Newsweek: NBA ratings have declined again over the current season, a new poll shows that more than 34.5 percent of Americans say they have watched less sports over political and social justice messaging. The poll, which was conducted by Yahoo News/YouGov, found 34.5 percent of respondents saying they have watched less sports due to social justice campaigns. According to the poll just 11 percent of people said they have watched more sports as a result of the social justice messaging, and only 56.3 percent said they have watched the same amount.
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