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  1. Stories like these are why I hate politics. Eddie Zipperer @EddieZipperer Feb 24 When Trump was President, @AOC referred to migrant housing facilities as "concentration camps" and said the words "never again" mean something. Now that Biden is president, she's referring to same housing as "influx facilities."
  2. Reading some artices it seems like Bernie torpedoed Tanden.
  3. It guess really does not matter as it will get passed. I just don`t get why all these bills that are touted for health care and COVID end up with all these pet projects attached to them.
  4. I just saw Abbott on the news and I had no idea he was handicapped and in a wheelchair. Very nice to see he has had success and able to overcome obstacles. 👍
  5. The swarm is growing. Don`t see how Cuomo survives with Dems calling for him to step down. ALBANY, N.Y.—A growing number of New York lawmakers called for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign his office after a third woman accused him of inappropriate behavior. U.S. Rep. Kathleen Rice, of Long Island, became one of the highest-profile New York Democrats to call for Mr. Cuomo to step down. She issued a statement on Twitter on Monday night after the New York Times published a photograph showing the governor touching the cheeks of 33-year-old Anna Ruch at a wedding reception in 2019.
  6. Yes he is. Right now it looks like he will have to step down. Would not be suprised to see more women come out. Had he not covered up the deaths this might have never came to surface.
  7. Well that was the discussion yesterday. Are the the great, great,great grandkids responsible for the sins of people in the 150-200 years ago? Also what about the people from the north who were not really involved in and abolished slavery in the eraly 1800s many decades before the south? People of all races who came to this country 50-100 years after slavery was abolished? It has such difficult dynamics to even try to begin to sort out.
  8. Good discussion on POTUS Radio today on this topic. Agree..disagree?
  9. Growing up where I did I had a number of run ins with the police. I did find if you respond right away, be a little cooperative, comply to what they are asking that you will be on your way without a problem.
  10. Hey I voted for Joe. Joe is POTUS. I also realize he is pushing 80 and in a stressful demanding job. If you think he is 100% that is up to you as he is obviously not. We can both support Joe and admit he is not quite as sharp. I would not say it is dementia but maybe just the natural aging process.
  11. Watching Biden a day ago this has to be concerning. Something is off.
  12. Russia miffed about Bidens bombing raid. Said their troops did not have enough warning and could have been caught in the crossfire leading to a conflict.
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