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  1. My bad..just read the Chick-Fil-A stuff and thought of the Coke boycott now going on.
  2. Just seems you support boycotts of companies. Right now #BoycottCoke has been all over Twitter and FB.
  3. So you probably are a big supporter of the #BoycottCoke movement as well.
  4. Thanks for the jinx! Huge tumble yesterday and starting out bad today.
  5. The Indians do not have to stay on a reservation. I worked with a couple of guys at UPS years ago who left a reservation when they were 18 to get away from the lifestyle. Both are in their mid 30s now are doing very well, both graduated from college with plenty of finacial aid. One guys goes back and tries to get more young people to get off and start a life away but it is difficult because of family pressure.
  6. I really never related the Jeep Cherokee having anything to do with a Tribe. They really don`t have any type of logo that would indicate that. If they can help the Indians who really need it and work together for more awareness then why not? The sad thing is other than the Redskins that had to go with all the other Indian names vanishing so will any rememberance of the tribes themselves. Just like stadiums named after whatever for tons of $$$$ Use it to to your advantage to help your people.
  7. I doubt Biden knows how to Tweet..but that is a good thing! 😉
  8. Cuomo has to resign now right? Congress and Senate have to hang on because losing a seat is a big deal. Governors can be replaced much easier and it really does not matter.
  9. The boycott was basically just an announcement. I doubt that your sexual preference will keep you from eating at Chick Fil-A if that is what you enjoy.
  10. Trent Dilfer? Bad example, I never heard the media be kind to Dilfer. Uusally it was the worst QB to even win a SB.
  11. The boycott never impacted sales though. They will not rule out donatons to any group as well. Chick-fil-A never explicitly said it would permanently stop donating to anti-gay groups or organizations that discriminate against LGBTQ people — it just said it was changing its philanthropic giving model. Chick-fil-A didn’t respond to The Goods’ request for comment, but a company spokesperson did tell VICE that it wouldn’t rule out giving to religious groups in the future. “No organization will be excluded from future consideration–faith-based or non-faith-based,” Chick-fil-A President a
  12. HOUSTON – A federal judge late Tuesday indefinitely banned President Joe Biden's administration from enforcing a 100-day moratorium on most deportations. U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton issued a preliminary injunction sought by Texas, which argued the moratorium violated federal law and risked imposing additional costs on the state.
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