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  1. I feel like Swift is by far the best RB Detroit has had. I think this landing spot will be better than people realize. I don’t think KJ can stay healthy. But even when healthy think that Swift is more talented then KJ.
  2. Not expecting much but was able to pick him up this week in one salary cap league. I’m just hoping he gets experience and figures out some stuff so he can get better in 2020 and beyond
  3. I think he’s headed for the CFL where he will need to prove he can play. If you are an NFL executive who advocates to hire Manziel and signs him and he is a disaster, it likely costs you your job. Who wants to take that type of risk?
  4. Thanks exactly what I was looking for. Okay now we wait...
  5. Anyone know if it looks like he should be reinstated?
  6. Exactly. I think I'd rather have my 2nd rounder
  7. So where do you draft him in dynasty drafts? Is he now just a late round flier?
  8. For the record, and as an addiction psychiatrist, you CAN get addicted to weed. About 1% of people who smoke wind up with a severe use disorder. Smoking daily, wanting and trying to cut back and can't. There are withdrawal symptoms that lead to this including difficultly sleeping, poor appetite, nausea, and anxiety. Think the opposite of being high. The vast majority of people who smoke will not get addicted, but a small percentage will. And if you think about the number of total smokers, that small percentage actually will be a lot of people. Back to Bryant. Where would you all be rankin
  9. I mean of course his dad is partly to blame. He raised him! And no that doesn't excuse anything at all. We are all responsible for our own actions no matter how terrible of a childhood we had. And yes, getting everything you want all the time because your parents are afraid of your tantrums is a terrible childhood.
  10. And so ends the NFL career of Johnny Football. Can we close the thread and move on? Sorry Cleveland. You guys deserve better. I like the Cleve.
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