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  1. doctoring maps to make himself appear to be right. https://twitter.com/wxdam/status/1169308075662151680?s=20 How insecure do you have to be to do this ####...I mean you were elected president of the US. WTF
  2. It was one of the top three core reasons people voted for Trump or so we were told. Do you think it has actually happened or has it gotten worse?
  3. Wait...you didn't get the memo? Ramblin and GoBirds doen't support trump.
  4. "However, I hereby give Ivanka grandfathered access to make her products in China as long as she wishes...see her fantastic line of items here."
  5. Where did you get your Masters in mental gymnastics. Dying to know.
  6. Hey guys...do you know of any racists who admit to being racist? I'll log off and listen...
  7. I think the problem with that angle is that it takes almost a full business week to get the funds.
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