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  1. CBG is on drums and CBN is on the synth.
  2. My guess is probably 100 total. Íve had the most success with taking at least 50mg of CBD in a serving and Íve taken as much as a 100mg a few times here and there.
  3. We do when it occurs within a 45 day window, no? Ah yes, the flu season mantra, still going with that? ....if it killed 60,000 inside of 60 days I think we would pay more attention, no?
  4. We don’t care about that stuff on a day to day basis...why now?
  5. And you see Ruth’s Chris get $20 million as a publicly traded company with $96 million in the bank and thousands and thousands of smaller businesses are being shut out and will close their doors.
  6. My cats make an appearance on pretty much every video conference call.
  7. Twitter is also full of great information and facts from verified people and also people on the front lines who use this medium to share their stories. And yes there is a lot of crap on there as well. There’s also so amazing and heart-warming stories and nice comedy relief breaks.
  8. This is pretty amazing. https://medium.com/@henrysward/cartas-covid-19-layoff-cbb80e3e8a5d
  9. Even if that is the case, it’s not the time. You can’t change history or dwell on the past. Focus on the #### happening right now! The #### you can actually control. If there is negligence or a real story here, then wait until we are in a more stable situation to address it. Some of the worst people I deal with or work with are always complaining about the past. Buck up and focus on what you can control now.
  10. This may be a dumb question, but did you do any specific to get your check other than filing your taxes and / or applying for unemployment with your state?
  11. https://twitter.com/tysonbrody/status/1250192755130871808?s=21
  12. Agreed, but there is a stark difference between say the opioids crisis which was a known issue that has really never been addressed by the admin after saying it was a top priority at some point...vs. this, a specific issue, a pandemic that is affecting us right now where you strategize with your teams to deliver solutions. This is just like business. If I was in charge of putting out a fire and I addressed the C suite with my plan, it's not pie in the sky crap, it's specific, bullet pointed action items that we fully plan to put in place.
  13. Hey - she was just trying to grow vegetables in the white house garden!!
  14. Another takeaway from all this is Harriot is a great writer.
  15. Questionable?? You know how many people are in jail right now for marijuana possession under this rule? I don't know the number, and it's just one example, but this should be getting a lot more scrutiny than "questionable." Especially since he ONLY apologized because he knew he'd be running for office.
  16. They created this toxic environment and have done nothing to try and change it. We're simply just reacting.
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