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  1. This is one reason I don't visit here much anymore. Stupid ### rules police like this.
  2. Now I see why you are a Dr. Brilliant.
  3. Try having stones and making your own decision in the right forum
  4. Reality is: - The article you posted is from August 1, before any preseason games. - Davis was paid minimal money to come to Chicago. - The Bears had no other meaningful RB besides Cohen on the roster when they signed him. - Bears traded UP for Montgomery. They LOVE Montgomery. - Bears envision Davis in the Benny Cunningham role, which is almost nothing.
  5. I've already done 5 online auctions, so I have a good feel for 12 team ppr leagues. In general, there are very good WR buys to be had about 60% of the way through the auction. Because of the focus on top RBs and top WRs, the WR 2 & 3's are coming in at great prices, IMO. QB prices are outrageously cheap. Mahomes and Watson go for double digits, but that is it. However, in one of them I put up Watson for $4 as a later QB nomination and nobody else bid. Remarkable.
  6. I took him at 7.05 in a FBG tonight. We had the news at that point for about 20 minutes.
  7. PFF could easily be right based on the numbers. Trubisky was a terrible deep ball thrower last year. You could see how bad he was on deep throws at games. But if Nagy creates easy throws for him, and Trubisky is producing in that great system, then he should be good for multiple years because Nagy won't be going anywhere for a long while.
  8. In FFPC leagues in May, I traded my 2020 1st in order to draft him in early 2nd several times in leagues where I have very strong teams, so next year's 1st should be late.
  9. You believed two separate threads was necessary?
  10. FFPC league Gave up: J. Conner, R. Woods, 2020 3rd (likely late) Received: J.Mixon, 2020 2nd (anywhere from 1 - 8 )
  11. I actually did take him later on and will indeed figure out what to do in a few months. Was that better Ghost Guy?.
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