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  1. Also: what about Government Subsidies to Private Military R&D Investment companies?
  2. Yes, as nobody got seriously hurt at the race. Though one pit crew guy got it "ugly" while working on one car and hit/pinned/squeezed by another. Reports are that he is not injured.
  3. Looks like the typical TRUMP result for whatever he touches... Corey LaJoie and his Donald Trump car were involved in a scary crash at the Brickyard 400 on Sunday. The crash occurred in PIT LANE. Exiting after just 16 laps of the 160 to be raced. Finishing 39th out of the 40 race teams.
  4. This thread has people arguing for no leadership needed for the POTUS position, just to come to the defense of Trump. 🙈
  5. >>> Steven Mnuchin is now flat-out REFUSING to disclose the businesses receiving $500,000,000,000 in bailout funds, claiming the info is "confidential" 4.5 MILLION businesses received government funds. Zero transparency. Unconscionable, jaw-dropping corruption.
  6. How much will Trump cost all Americans by inducing the oil price fix/increase between russia and opec? Free market my ###. We can all recall when the right-wing cheer for W was that we got cheaper gas.
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