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  1. This announcement needed some narration by Jim Ross! Wait. What???? He's back!
  2. Gave a 6th to your division boss for 31 year old WR they just cut a week ago. And have to cut again.
  3. Thor 4. Ragnarok’ director Taika Waititi is returning to helm the next Thor movie. ⚡🔨⚡
  4. Or its just a li'l nugget/shout-out for all the long time readers.
  5. I agree with the cannon, its bad for the movie. And not just this movie, damn near any movie. A poor/weak plot construct. Could pick apart all the wet/not-wet parts for hours. It falls right into the Iron Man 3 viewing experience.
  6. Id agree with Tom being better than Tobey, but the rest of the movie falls way short. Holy stupid-as-**** holograms dominating the entire movie batman. So weak.
  7. Homecoming was okay at best. Dragged. Will sit at the very bottom of all the Kevin Feige led Marvel movies for me. Dont get me wrong, it had some solid moments. Tom Holland is damn good and the best part. But still the least of all the offering since Iron Man hit the screens.
  8. Yes, increased healing. Immune to most forms of disease or viruses.
  9. HOLY CRAP. I was looking at some comments elsewhere... and saw these conservative-bots alt-right nutters going crazy on the entire Capt Marvel movie. Just ruining any conversation. So I was going to post about it... and low and behold we have one of them here doing exactly the same thing here at FBG. Even the Alita crap.
  10. Dr. Strange sequel confirmed. 🧙‍♂️ “Doctor Strange” director Scott Derrickson has signed up for Disney-Marvel’s sequel. The studio, which had no comment, is about to start searching for a writer. Derrickson co-wrote the 2016 original with C. Robert Cargill and Jon Spaihts. Benedict Cumberbatch is expected to reprise his role as Stephen Strange, along with co-stars Benedict Wong and Rachel McAdams. https://variety.com/2018/film/news/doctor-strange-sequel-director-scott-derrickson-1203087442/
  11. Captain Marvel trailer #2. They make her look, like the Silver Surfer should have looked -- stupid 20th Century Fox.
  12. Very quietly -- Okwara started at RDE for the Lions in week 2. And rookie Alabama DT Dashaun Hand started at LDE as they opened in a 4-3.
  13. This isnt a Patricia problem. Its a hire problem, your defense wasnt very strong as it was. And Patricia was obviously going to go with his 3-4/4-3 hybrid and the Lions have terrible front 7 personnel for any part of that. Now the Lions need to go through the pain of making that adjustment, like most teams have to. Hopefully you can keep that secondary intact while making the needed changes.
  14. He was stuck behind JPP and Vernon as a rookie then. And then they switched to a 3-4 last year. Would have rather had him sitting behind Hyder than Zettel last year, myself.
  15. Okwara was highly effective for the Giants in '16 (particularly in the preseason) when they ran a 4-3. But they were deep at DL and he spent time at DT also. Last year they switched to a full-time 3-4 and he wasnt quite the same. But this year he seemed to have another good preseason as he had gotten more integrated, but he wasnt a good fit as an OLB in the 3-4. I like the move, and Im a big IDP goof. But this is more about the NFL then any stat consideration.
  16. I'm not really surprised. Hyder is on the return. Hyder plays some DT also and fits the combo 4-3/3-4 variety of fronts Patricia is using. Zettel can only play 4-3 DE. And in preseason game 4 they made Zettel start and play 45 snaps while they gave Hyder the night off with the starters. That cemented Hyder >>> Zettel going forward.
  17. Steve Ditko, the creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange has passed away.
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