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  1. Are people allowed to have weapons? Does she got shot in the back 7 times? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lj8knsKDHY Certainly she could have a weapon in the car. She yelled. She resisted. And kicked. And never would she she be shot, let alone 7 times with kids in the car.
  2. On board. A buddy who I help (co-own) drew the #2 in upcoming 5-keeper draft. Taylor will join a full stable of RBs.
  3. I called that 3 year old post dead-on accurate and evidently it was deleted.
  4. BEST VIDEO EVER! https://crooksandliars.com/2020/08/smoke-shop-karen-pwnage
  5. Just sent a package to southeast Oklahoma and the USPS had to take over for the UPS. Using just UPS would have sent the cost from 23$ to 84$.
  6. Trump said it and this is more proof of it... he could shoot someone on New Yorks Fifth Avenue and wont lose votes.
  7. Blatant Fascism used against a voting democracy. But what about the money spent? Points on an exam, or for hiring, historically oppressed people. Who could ever vote for these guys? Nobody has to pretend about those responses.
  8. Not also. LONG LONG LONG BEFORE. The USPS shoulnt even be discussed about its finances before the military.
  9. In FACT it only had 7 billion in debt in 2007. And the REPUBLICANS intentionally tried to crush it and kill it with debt And here we are.
  10. There are NO PROFITS. Its not designed to run a profit, its there to deliver mail. Like every day 300,000 veterans get their meds. Like for people to be able to vote. Quit saying profit.
  11. The USPS isnt meant to run a profit. Or even break even. Its to deliver communications for the US citizen. Think US Military.
  12. Its the hate of the "others" that propels many of them. It gets the votes.
  13. I lived in SD (pacific beach) for a while. Rooted for the Chargers while I was there and even saw a couple games. The Spanos were outright liars. So were their GMs. Time and time again they would say something in a press release or in an interview that were obvious falsehoods and coverup attempts. I thought maybe as an outsider the locals couldn't see the forest for the trees or something. But eventually some 20+ years later it seems the lipstick no longer covers like it used to.
  14. That it is a bigger importance to some. Understandably.
  15. Do they have a problem with police killing their black citizens, which some find to be a terrible injustice worthy of risking ones life to try and correct? I cant see how a motorcycle ride is in the same stratosphere. Why would anyone try and compare such things?
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