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  1. The silver eagle sets aren't seeming to appreciate much these days. I'm in the process of unloading my remaining coins from those 25th anniversary silver eagle sets. I still have some phys gold that I am holding.
  2. looks like they finally figured out how frivolous their claim was
  3. You left out the part where Zimmy profiled an innocent kid ,chased him into the dark that ultimately led to a confrontation,which led to him shooting an unarmed kid out buying skittles. I watched most of the trial, but I did miss the part where any of that was shown or even suggested in the trial. You want to call me my stuff nutty, but yet you post t time after time all this speculative crap that has no basis in fact. Who is being nutty??? which part was speculation? He saw a kid walking and called 911 saying they had a bunch of break ins and the kid looked suspicious. He got out of his
  4. Or it could be that some people think he murdered that kid even though the jury got it right due to the lack of evidence, and that those same people think he continues to be a danger to society and, for that reason, his subsequent behavior and arrest is newsworthy. Actually, there was a ton of evidence. There was an eye-witness who saw Martin beating on Zimmerman. There is a 9-11 call that you can hear a man screaming, which is without a doubt Zimmerman. Unless you are stupid enough to want to believe that Martin while on top of Zimmerman beating on him 'MMA style' was the one screaming fo
  5. I'm game....if you actually tally up what was said and not everything you thought was said or your misinterpretations of what was said. I'd even be willing to put all that up just against your comments around stand your ground. Don't even know that we need to talk about anything else. Though in the interest of full disclosure, I had a brief stint early on before trial then left recognizing the impending trainwreck. I came back after the actual trial started and I could listen to the information myself without all the so I have no real idea what went on for the hundreds of pages prior to t
  6. You realize there are hundreds of "he-said, she-said" altercations which get added to the criminal docket everyday, right? What do you think my point was?
  7. Lots of people still angry over Martin verdict. Nothing will become of this, keep obsessing over a he-said, she-said.
  8. Righteous Fire + EK Build Keystones Unwavering StancePassive skill tree breakdown Health 300% increased maximum Life62 to maximum Life (+155 life from +310 Str)9.4% of Life Regenerated per SecondMitigation 95% increased Armour30% increased Block and Stun Recovery24% increased Evasion Rating and Armour20% increased Defences from equipped Shield16% additional Chance to Block with Shields10% to all Elemental Resistances2% to maximum Lightning Resistance2% to maximum Fire Resistance2% to maximum Cold ResistanceDamage 20% increased Projectile Speed20% increased Accuracy Rating15% increased Projec
  9. I took some cue's from your build, this is mostly the same, but slightly different, uses Power Charge on Crit. build 440% +Crit Chance 233% +Damage (Phys + Projectile Damage, I think these are additive?) 135% +Crit Multiplier 132% Life (only, biggest drawback) +88 Max Life (+38 max life + 100 Strength/2) - kind of makes up for the %Life drawback above +110 Int (makes levelling / using gems easier until that unique neck piece can be acquired) +100 Str +6 Frenzy Charges +4 Power Charges (+5 with Bandit quest) Summary
  10. Current Shop if you need gear in Domination League: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/564562
  11. I'm waiting for a page to load on healthcare.gov, I clicked on the "Log In" link...on Monday.
  12. Some of the new mobs are pretty strong, do a lot of burst damage.Gonna try and make some actual progress today wanna hurry up and reroll a bow user after seeing the new two handed brackets for bows, not even to cruel yet my chemo is kicking my ### this week. Damn I might have missed a thread, you got the big C? Are you going physical bow? Yeah, out of nowhere back in July - already in remission though had a really good diagnosis and prognosis all things considered, but my chemo waited until I was in remission to start kicking my ###.Mostly physical but a hybrid of sorts, Frenzy/Lightning Arro
  13. Some of the new mobs are pretty strong, do a lot of burst damage. Gonna try and make some actual progress today wanna hurry up and reroll a bow user after seeing the new two handed brackets for bows, not even to cruel yet my chemo is kicking my ### this week. Damn I might have missed a thread, you got the big C? Are you going physical bow?
  14. Glad I'm playing SC, I didn't die once leading up to the final fight for A3-Normal, then I died like 6 times.
  15. I'm in need of a good wand, keep an eye out, also good shield would be nice. Looking for a good spell dmg wand, here are my rares in Dominion: rares
  16. What damage skill you planning on using? I was split on where I wanted to go for my build and I went down towards Berserking and the Axe passives by duelist, Berserking was a pretty good DPS increase taking me from 1.2 APS to 1.5 APS. Just in case you didn't notice, they added 6% life + 8% mana combined nodes and 3 of them are along your path to the Templar tree, for 0 investment they are pretty valuable - just north of Elemental Equilibrium. yep those were the last 3 I snagged. I'll probably go south now and take those 10 HP nodes, even though this is SC I think I would be a fool to avoid
  17. The 2x 40% mana nodes to start off Scion is really good for casters, making a bee-line for the Reduced Mana Reservation nodes build
  18. Only been dc'd once got right back in. edit: Got to lvl 20 on my Scion, have to take a break. Spectral Weapon has a lot of potential as a damage skill, with Hatred and being supported by LMP and Added Fire I'm doing all kinds of damage with pretty good coverage. Yeah just got to A2 taking a break for the night, server is stable now, just spamming Spectral Weapon w/ a 2H Staff running Clarity and for single target using Heavy Strike. Are you in Domination League?
  19. server was stable for a few hours, now getting booted/queued every 5 minutes
  20. Cronyism as its best. A few days before launch... Any estimates on what this "tech surge" will cost? How many hundreds of millions?
  21. This is dumbfounding. The CGI project lead must have been (rightfully) ####ting his pants before the debut of this thing. 5 days to test this kind of system - I have no words. Welcome to the world of govt. contracting. I've certainly had this happen a time or two to me, but luckily never on anything that is anywhere close to the publicity of this. I feel sorry for the CGI folks, to be honest. I'm sure the CGI folks are not sweating it, they got a nice payday. You get a payday like that and you'll let the client screw up the project as much as they want.
  22. Except that you tell the builder they must build the house by a certain date and you'll have an architect deliver the blueprints. But then the architect doesn't deliver the blueprints and you instead have the builder draw the plans while they are trying to build the house. And when the builder tells you that certain things aren't going to be possible and still allow for the building inspectors to come in and check the house before you live in it, you tell the builder to build it anyway. So yeah, it's pretty much exactly like your example. Sounds like the govt. is a well oiled machine.
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