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  1. I cut hickory just to fire the still I'd drink down a bottle and be ready to kill.
  2. Think about how many times I have fallen, spirits are using me, larger voices calling, Don't let the past, remind us of what we are not now. One man gathers what another man spills Is there a place for the 'opeless sinner, who has hurt all mankind just to save his own beliefs?
  3. I read my brother this thread. He asked whether it is ironic that the Taliban, to punish homosexuality, rapes homosexuals before or while killing them. He then remembered a joke about Death by Boola Boola.
  4. I wish that my brother would not post on my account. I don't wish to particpate in public discussions as I no longer have the capacity to do so cogently. Writing out my thoughts is a chore for me and once written they should be highly suspect given my memory and intellectual capacity. That said, having been drawn in, I would care to elaborate. I expect my leaders to expect the unexpected. It is the height of hubris to do otherwise. Sometimes the unsinkable sinks. Sometimes the Viet Cong do attack on Tet. Sometimes the Batistas get overwhelmed suddenly by a hundred or so rebels lead by Castro and Gueverra. Sometimes the people do not rise to support your invasions or revolutions at your Bay of Pigs and sometimes, maybe they do. Sometimes leaders, whether they sit on the Peacock Throne or preside in Manilla or Santiago do not enjoy the support of their own people who cannot wait for them to be removed from power. The Art of War taught us long ago to expect and prepare for contingencies. Sometimes well-trained and motivated though out-numbered armies kick the crap out of Egyptians trying to roll tanks across the Sinai. Reliance on conclusions reached out of hubris to ignore established protocols for action, be it responding to natural disasters or to retreats in war zones, invites getting knocked to one's petard and being disoriented if and when one gets back to their feet. The Administation in this case acted out of hubris. They ignored established protocols. They got knocked on their collective petards. They were guilty of the cardinal sin of hubris. They can overcome their sins, their shortcomings, but will do so more effectively if they acknowlege their errors and learn from them moving forward. Maybe in the present instance this was nothing more than a generational reminder of that old lesson. I, myself, forget lessons I thought were thoroughly learned. Generals, in particular, educated at War Colleges, ought to know this lesson. Patton's push for a mechanized warfare unit was long ignored. MacArther's warnings on the vulnerabilities in the Pacific were ignored. Gen. Billy Mitchell warned of the vulnerability of Pearl Harbor to torpedo attack from the air decades before our hubris about how war would be announced came to haunt us. What were the lessons there but to be on guard against our own hubris. I bet George Armstrong Custer wishes he did not fall into the trap presented by hubris. Anyhow, as I am not capable of sustaining discussion I apologize for my presence. Good wishes to you all, well most of you all, no, on reflection to you all.
  5. He says its Wednesday morning, he played defense and not quarterback, but he will take and appreciates the good wishes. Even in decline he remains a pill.
  6. I asked my brother, DW, about his views on this, sort of by way of testing his mental acuity. His statements, paraphrased: The lesson from the Titanic is that the unsinkable can and does sink, and much faster than experts predict. Be prepared for things to happen quickly. Second lesson from Titanic, women and children first, then servants and men, then the crew. Third lesson, have the lifeboat drill organized so as to not waste the rescue resources available. The lesson from hurricane evacuations is that there are always some who will ignore the warnings and will then expect rescue from thier own idiocy. The warning is one's rescue. Not heeding the warnings is refusing rescue and after so doing one is not entitled to rescue, even if they are Americans. Lessons from military retreats in history. Evacuate civilians, and noncombatant friends. Next secure and remove all useful resources for one's enemies. Lastly withdraw military personnel in a fighting retreat. The gist of all of this, according to him. Evacuate all noncombatant firends and all civillians while the military is in place. Women and children first. Evacuate all useful equipment which is noncombat capable. Wire for destruction all equipment which will not be capable of evacution much like wiring a bridge for demo to cover a retreat. in this case do so with thermite, followed by explosives which can be remotely denotated. Lastly withdarw combat personnel with air coverage, live and drone, covering the final retreat. Leave nothing militarily useful behind. Wave goodbye. DW does not undersand how this sequence of events was not followed in this instance.
  7. I give you: Israelis vs. Arabs, and vice versa The Irish vs the English and vs sobriety Sicilians vs. pretty much anybody, they invented the word The Hatfields Josie Wales, after all, "He lives by the fued." Packer fans vs. Ndomagong Suh and Anthony Barr and Mike Ditka/William Perry Raider fans vs the NFL Women against that b**** in High School who started the rumor that they were a tramp. Joe Kapp vs Angelo Mosca
  8. Just to be clear in communication DW did not author that post. I did. I am his brother. I sometimes read him this site to work on his memory recovery. I paraphrased his comment and posted it here using his account. He would be angry if he knew. Also probably a terms of use violation for all I know. So any rate, yes I have broken every law of Gods and men, frequently and zestfully at times. My brother, well admissions against interests are not something I would make on his behalf in a public forum. I will bow out now.
  9. If they are smart they would drive that couch around for a day or two, then dump it back at the original shopping center, and then wait for Tim to return to ask them to remove it again. These entreprenial souls need to create their oportunities.
  10. Where, do you suppose, that couch ends up? At a licensed disposal site or at someone else's shopping center or alleyway? You are paying folks you know to be in the country illegally to perform work which will result in a crime being committed, illegal dumping. Yes, I get that you can hide behind semantics and say you don't know these things for sure, but you know it, you just refuse to admit what you know in your heart to be so.
  11. Everyone knows that when confronted with a "Corn pop" situation, a blade wielding person of color intending harm, mutilation or death, that the proper weapon to neutralize the threat is a length of chain wielded by a lifeguard, not a gun wielded by a police officer. I would like to hear more from the young lady who tumbled to the ground. She got there from stumbling back away from an attempted slashing from the young woman who was eventually shot. She then gets a head stomp from a person who looks to be an adult male. I would like to hear more from the adult male who did the head stomp. After the shooting he can be heard critisizing the officer who did the shooting. I might wonder why he was not trying to de-escalate the knife wielder rather than stomping a girl on the ground. Maybe he could have been a bit more helpful in preventing the outcome. I would like to know if the dog which got dropped by the girl in pink while the attack and shooting occured escaped without injury. I would like to hear from the grandma mentioned in the 911 call.
  12. Assault on the elderly? A misoginistic assault because he hates women? A class assault if he percieved her as rich and himself as poor? If he is found and arrested will he be released without bond?
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