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  1. That has broader application. "Honey, I am not guilty of skronking that hot stripper, its just that I was not aggessive enough in honoring our marital fidelity." "Officer, I know it seems like I have a nose full of blow and a belly full of beer, but what it is, is that I have not been aggessive enough in pursuing my sobriety. Oh, sorry about those kids." Were I Mr. Hand I would leave those words up on the bulletin board all day, for all my classes to see, giving Cuomo full credit, of course.
  2. I appreciate that but I lack the capacity to follow along.
  3. I bet this living arrangement violates City or County zoning and health codes for the property.
  4. I recieved a text about this notification. It brought me back. MOCS was a warm fellow of great and good humor. A few years back he contacted me to ask whether he could publish some of my stories or comments from this site in a compliation he was working on of internet posts he found interesting. Naturally I agree as he was considerate enough to make an inquiry. We exchanged a few messages privately and I was always impressed by his abidding humanity. The news of his passing has left me sadddened. I will try to concentrate on the enrichment he provided while he was here. RIP you Sog
  5. Politicians and Pundents are allowed, even expected to become conflated by passions of the moments. So too the electorate. This is why we are a nation of laws, not passions, so that we may caution ourselves against passion and can operate from an agreed upon set of definitions and procedures. For those who would take a moment, who would inform themselves, who would realize that they are using legal terms of art in an ordianry parlance and so inaccurately, sometimes far from the legal meaning, I recomend looking up 18 U.S. Code, Sections 2102 and 2383.
  6. As a Packer fan I would prefer to not see Chase Young hunting my Q.B. twice a year for the next 15 years. I would love to see him in Miami, the other conference and all.
  7. Disagree with the thread title, a bit. They can still piss in the Packer's Cheerios and I know some would like to see that after the first game this year.
  8. The Lions fans have been long suffering, 50 years and more with little respite, other than maybe Sanders, Calvin Johnson, and Stafford. No results to speak of. That said they support their team year in and year out. Amazing fans. Easy to root for a perennial winner, easy to be a bandwagoner like many fans of a franchise I will not name, not so easy to stay loyal in the face of this. Great fans.
  9. Wife and daughter are fine. Car, not so much. Insurance headaches ahead. Furnace had a squirrel crawl into the vent pipe to gain access to our home. Overcome with carbon monoxide it died and clogged the vent. Furnace refused to run, as it should under such circumstances. At zero degrees that caused a pipe to burst. I got the squirrel out after checking a bunch of stuff. I got the pipe patched and the wall patched and textured and painted. wife wanted new faucets and drains in master bath, did that too. After all of that I found it to be an excuse to not exercise Friday, Sa
  10. I ate too much and too frequently this weekend, but I did eat clean. Furnace out, pipe burst, and car crash by wife had me off my exercise schedule, a bit. Back at it today.
  11. Perhaps consider swimming. Great rehab exercise program. Burns plenty of calories and no stress on joints.
  12. Simply maintain during this time frame is a victory as most will not. Still, I hope to make minor headway, but only minor. It will be a challenge. I hear meth and coke can help, but alas, also not on my menu.
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