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  1. Just to be clear in communication DW did not author that post. I did. I am his brother. I sometimes read him this site to work on his memory recovery. I paraphrased his comment and posted it here using his account. He would be angry if he knew. Also probably a terms of use violation for all I know. So any rate, yes I have broken every law of Gods and men, frequently and zestfully at times. My brother, well admissions against interests are not something I would make on his behalf in a public forum. I will bow out now.
  2. If they are smart they would drive that couch around for a day or two, then dump it back at the original shopping center, and then wait for Tim to return to ask them to remove it again. These entreprenial souls need to create their oportunities.
  3. Where, do you suppose, that couch ends up? At a licensed disposal site or at someone else's shopping center or alleyway? You are paying folks you know to be in the country illegally to perform work which will result in a crime being committed, illegal dumping. Yes, I get that you can hide behind semantics and say you don't know these things for sure, but you know it, you just refuse to admit what you know in your heart to be so.
  4. Everyone knows that when confronted with a "Corn pop" situation, a blade wielding person of color intending harm, mutilation or death, that the proper weapon to neutralize the threat is a length of chain wielded by a lifeguard, not a gun wielded by a police officer. I would like to hear more from the young lady who tumbled to the ground. She got there from stumbling back away from an attempted slashing from the young woman who was eventually shot. She then gets a head stomp from a person who looks to be an adult male. I would like to hear more from the adult male who
  5. Assault on the elderly? A misoginistic assault because he hates women? A class assault if he percieved her as rich and himself as poor? If he is found and arrested will he be released without bond?
  6. That has broader application. "Honey, I am not guilty of skronking that hot stripper, its just that I was not aggessive enough in honoring our marital fidelity." "Officer, I know it seems like I have a nose full of blow and a belly full of beer, but what it is, is that I have not been aggessive enough in pursuing my sobriety. Oh, sorry about those kids." Were I Mr. Hand I would leave those words up on the bulletin board all day, for all my classes to see, giving Cuomo full credit, of course.
  7. I appreciate that but I lack the capacity to follow along.
  8. I bet this living arrangement violates City or County zoning and health codes for the property.
  9. I recieved a text about this notification. It brought me back. MOCS was a warm fellow of great and good humor. A few years back he contacted me to ask whether he could publish some of my stories or comments from this site in a compliation he was working on of internet posts he found interesting. Naturally I agree as he was considerate enough to make an inquiry. We exchanged a few messages privately and I was always impressed by his abidding humanity. The news of his passing has left me sadddened. I will try to concentrate on the enrichment he provided while he was here. RIP you Sog
  10. Politicians and Pundents are allowed, even expected to become conflated by passions of the moments. So too the electorate. This is why we are a nation of laws, not passions, so that we may caution ourselves against passion and can operate from an agreed upon set of definitions and procedures. For those who would take a moment, who would inform themselves, who would realize that they are using legal terms of art in an ordianry parlance and so inaccurately, sometimes far from the legal meaning, I recomend looking up 18 U.S. Code, Sections 2102 and 2383.
  11. Need help of the graphically talented. We need a T-shirt design. It should call to mind the "Don't tread on me" Flag. The snake's skin pattern should read "U.S. Constitution". The Caption should read "Don't Treadump on me. It should show a caricature of the President about to wipe his feat or foot on the constitutional snake. Will split proceeds with graphic designer after donating half of any profits to Wounded Warriors.
  12. Ironic that their suit would be filed in the federal court, the very one that some are trying to burn down. Not that there are not other federal courthouses.
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