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  1. If you have anything decent as backup at RB I'd consider that trade. At 6-0 you can afford to look ahead at the playoffs. He could be a difference-maker and you can afford to take the risk. Give it real thought.
  2. Funny, I do the exact opposite. I don't look at my opponent's team at all. I don't want to cloud my judgment based on what they have. I want to focus on my team so I can pick the guys I think will score the most points. The opponent doesn't affect my players, so I eliminate that distraction. It also increases my football-watching enjoyment. I have no idea who my opponent has, so I can have fun watching some great plays with no clue that they're torching my team until later that night. Your plan seems fine, too.
  3. I think he believes that...until they fall behind. Every team wants to run the ball, but when you're down by more than a touchdown, it's easier said than done.
  4. Used: O: Buf (40) Dallas (44) Used D : Ten (27) Baltimore (25) +32 Week 6: O-- Arizona D-- Pittsburgh
  5. I don't follow the team that closely, so maybe I'm missing something. Why do so many folks consider this a "lost season?" They're 3-2 and seven teams in the conference make the playoffs. They lost to an underrated (then, anyway) Chargers team before their recent loss which occurred during a bunch of distractions. They have their weapons (Jacobs seems to be healthy again) and Carr is making good use of what I considered an underwhelming group of receivers. Everything changes because the coach is gone? I get there's a loss in coaching ability, but it's the same team. Shouldn't this at least be a "wait and see" for a pretty good team?
  6. I understand that "the media" is a catch-all punching bag used whenever people are upset about something, but what did they do here? Report on a story? None of them said it's the worst thing that's ever happened. It's front-page news on websites. What media is claiming to be virtuous? Maybe I missed it. In a perfect world, how would you have preferred the media handle it?
  7. I think it's the market that does the picking and choosing. Suppose a coach insulted liberals in an email. In New York, he's in hot water. In Alabama, he's praised. It's reversed if you replace it with conservatives. The market (that region) dictates what's unacceptable. In Gruden's case, he's making racially-charged comments in a sport dominated by minorities on the field, and a growing number in front offices. He made homophobic comments in a league that has made it clear they want to be considered welcoming to gay athletes. If he had made disparaging comments about vegans, it would have been shrugged off. But if he was based in San Francisco, an apology would have followed. It is fair on all fronts. It's just not "the same" on all fronts.
  8. Used: O: Buf (40) Used D : Ten (27) Week 5: O-- Dallas D-- Baltimore
  9. I some good options in one league, but need to choose correctly because Bengals D disappointed on Thursday. I have to sit one of Mike Williams vs Oak D. Waller at Chargers Cee Dee Lamb vs Carolina Which one sits in a PPR? Thanks.
  10. Used: None (forgot about this game, sorry!) Week 4: O: Buffalo D: Tennessee
  11. I think the records make it a good trade. You can afford to sit on him at 3-0. I give props to the owner who knew his 0-3 team needed wins now, and he made a trade that provided that opportunity. Too many owners would have been stubborn and sat on their guy because they wouldn't get "full value." Now he has Ekeler to help right the ship now. Good move for both sides imo
  12. Man, I totally forgot about this game until...week 4. I'm truly bummed. Can we still jump in?
  13. The week 1 discussion where Peyton said Wilson's wife was wearing a ring he wanted, and Wilson countered by saying Tom (Brady) had one he wanted, was better banter than I've heard on MNF in 10 years. Didn't root for Peyton or Eli during their careers, but I'm very much enjoying their commentary.
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