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  1. Last year I barely beat the random picks in the regular season, and was net negative until the last few weeks. This year I was middle of the pack the entire game. I'm taking this tie for 1st. I need it.
  2. Fournette ran with passion. He knew this was his best chance to win a title and he took it. But I think he might be back. Even if he follows the money, what's the market for a RB with some tread on the tires? I call that one 50/50. Godwin is gone. He'll get paid somewhere.
  3. I saw a meme that said Tom Brady is statistically more likely to make the Super Bowl than Steph Curry is to make a 3-pointer.
  4. Many people consider it the most impactful game in Buccaneer history. To actually reach the SB was (at the time) nearly inconceivable (#princessbride). The euphoria of getting there was at least as big as winning it; probably more. That's how downtrodden the franchise was.
  5. Same can be said for Brady, no? Takes a lot of work to be in that kind of shape at 43. You say "how can I not root for that guy" regarding Mahomes, but many folks don't root for Brady. And it's probably because Super Bowls seem to come easy for him. No team (aside from Brady's New England) has as many appearances as he has, and we're talking about teams that have been around all 55 years of the SB era. Not saying Mahomes isn't a guy worth rooting for. He definitely is. I'm saying Duff's argument that things seem to come easy for him without much struggle makes sense, considering that's
  6. When Green Bay set up for that late field goal: Me: It's a fake. They're definitely not kicking it. Person watching with me who doesn't follow football closely: No, they're obviously gonna kick it. They're setting up for the kick. Me (condescending tone): Look, you don't understand. It makes no sense to kick it when they're right near the end zone, and they need a TD anyway, and there isn't much time... (kicks ball) Person: What were you saying? Me: (leaves couch) I'm getting up. You want anything?
  7. I totally forgot. I live in Tampa, and I didn't even think about anything but the game until...after the game. I'll be in for the SB.
  8. If I gambled, I'd be all over this. I'd also probably take the under.
  9. I'll grant you most of that. BUT you're in the playoffs. Brees could have one of his not-great games. Lutz has been missing field goals. Untimely turnovers could help the Bears. And Montgomery could have a productive game. Sure, it's unlikely. But certainly possible. Then, maybe an injury on another team puts them in a better position to win the following week, etc etc. The point is, you can't win playoff games if you're not in the playoffs. The Bears are in the playoffs.
  10. I don't understand how a fan can be disappointed in their team making the playoffs. Anything can happen. Turnovers, injuries, whatever. Win four games and you're Super Bowl champions. It's unlikely, but you never know. And 18 fan bases are just watching games this weekend. Your team is still in it. That's something.
  11. I don't really follow college football, so for me rookies pretty much come out of nowhere. Herbert was probably my favorite rookie. I think he's for real. At this stage of his career, he can hit the open guy and doesn't seem to get too rattled (his mistakes are basic rookie mistakes). That's good for year one. I think poor coaching held him back. I think this is the job Gruden wishes he had taken. It's a talented team that can compete for a wildcard spot.
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