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  1. If I gambled, I'd be all over this. I'd also probably take the under.
  2. I'll grant you most of that. BUT you're in the playoffs. Brees could have one of his not-great games. Lutz has been missing field goals. Untimely turnovers could help the Bears. And Montgomery could have a productive game. Sure, it's unlikely. But certainly possible. Then, maybe an injury on another team puts them in a better position to win the following week, etc etc. The point is, you can't win playoff games if you're not in the playoffs. The Bears are in the playoffs.
  3. I don't understand how a fan can be disappointed in their team making the playoffs. Anything can happen. Turnovers, injuries, whatever. Win four games and you're Super Bowl champions. It's unlikely, but you never know. And 18 fan bases are just watching games this weekend. Your team is still in it. That's something.
  4. I don't really follow college football, so for me rookies pretty much come out of nowhere. Herbert was probably my favorite rookie. I think he's for real. At this stage of his career, he can hit the open guy and doesn't seem to get too rattled (his mistakes are basic rookie mistakes). That's good for year one. I think poor coaching held him back. I think this is the job Gruden wishes he had taken. It's a talented team that can compete for a wildcard spot.
  5. Not a WFT fan, but they can absolutely beat the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers have exactly one win against teams with a winning record. I know WFT is 7-9, but Tampa's 11-5 is mostly beating teams they were supposed to beat. Among NFC playoff teams, the Bucs * lost to the Saints twice * lost to the Bears * lost to the Rams * beat (the hell out of) the Packers A good defense, a solid running game and no turnovers can win that game. Not saying they will, but I expect an entertaining game that will be won by a TD or less.
  6. Third-place game has a payout, and I wanted the win after a really crazy year where it felt like I was playing from behind since week 1. He had Rodgers going, and I countered with Adams. A "good" game wouldn't have been enough. To win, Adams would have needed the lion's share of that production. He got it, I got the win and take home something for my troubles in 2020. I've won titles that were less satisfying. This season was a grind. It's nice to end on a positive and call it a good year.
  7. I don't blame Rivera for keeping Haskins in there too long. In hindsight it was wrong, but who would expect the practice squad guy to give you a better chance to win? I DO blame him for letting Haskins start in the first place. If you want a culture change, making Haskins inactive would have proven you're really in it for the long-term turnaround. You're willing to give up a shot at the playoffs to make your point that you want a certain type of guy on the team. Turns out it might have gotten them to the playoffs, too. But again, hindsight.
  8. Of course. Everybody has a chance. Just have to get there. If WFT loses next week, I believe the winner of Giants/Cowboys takes the division. Giants gave the Bucs all they could handle, and that was before Gallman was rolling. That's not a good matchup for TB.
  9. I'm glad the Buccaneers made the playoffs, but there aren't any Lions in the postseason. I think they're 1-4 against teams with winning records. Maybe Jones helps, and/or they play better at the beginning of games. Hope the defense makes things easier on Brady. Great as he is, you don't want him forcing throws.
  10. Used O: Ind (20) Dal (40) Phi (23) Bal (31) Sea (27) Min (23) Cle (37) LV (16) Pittsburgh (24) Green Bay (24) Kansas City (35) Miami Ten Det TB Used D: Phi (27) Pit (21) TB (10) Bal (17) LA Rams (10) NE (18) Buf (10) LAC (31) Green Bay (16) NO (13) Miami (20) NY Giants Min Sea Ten Week 16: O -- Houston D -- Chicago
  11. Used O: Ind (20) Dal (40) Phi (23) Bal (31) Sea (27) Min (23) Cle (37) LV (16) Pittsburgh (24) Green Bay (24) Kansas City (35) Miami Ten Det Used D: Phi (27) Pit (21) TB (10) Bal (17) LA Rams (10) NE (18) Buf (10) LAC (31) Green Bay (16) NO (13) Miami (20) NY Giants Min Sea Week 15: O -- TB D -- Ten
  12. Vegas with Mariota and without Jacobs is an attractive matchup imo. Cahrgers made Mariata look good, but I suspect he'll play differently against a real defense.
  13. I also have Miami, and will probably go Seattle vs Haskins. Smith (and Gibson) not playing is the difference for me.
  14. I did that. I then had to "settle" for Davante in the second when the guys I really wanted were all taken. Looks like I had this great WR strategy, when in reality fate had to force the guy onto my team against my "better" judgment. I regretted the pick at the time. I sure am good at this game...
  15. Sounds like the trade might have helped the owner make the playoffs. It seems to have worked out for them. Is that also karma?
  16. If they were playing the Jets, and the Saints didn't have a shot at the bye, would he be playing?
  17. Used O: Ind (20) Dal (40) Phi (23) Bal (31) Sea (27) Min (23) Cle (37) LV (16) Pittsburgh (24) Green Bay (24) Kansas City (35) Miami Ten Used D: Phi (27) Pit (21) TB (10) Bal (17) LA Rams (10) NE (18) Buf (10) LAC (31) Green Bay (16) NO (13) Miami (20) NY Giants Min Week 14: O -- Det D -- Sea
  18. Yes, correct. That's why I said "once the records are finished" total points is superior to figure out which of the tied teams at the end of the season moves on. I was trying to explain why someone could see an advantage to h2h during the season, but feel that total points is the better move for a tie-breaker.
  19. The advantage of h2h is it keeps inferior teams in the playoff hunt, which means more league interest as more teams have a chance to make the playoffs late in the season, even if they're not the best teams. (This is not intended as an insult. I've been that team many times). But once the records are finished, the next way to break the tie should be total points. If the records look the same, and you have to dig a little deeper to find out who should make it in, total points seems like the most logical way to reward a team with a playoff spot. Tie-breakers vary across leagues and can
  20. Used O: Ind (20) Dal (40) Phi (23) Bal (31) Sea (27) Min (23) Cle (37) LV (16) Pittsburgh (24) Green Bay (24) Kansas City (35) Miami Used D: Phi (27) Pit (21) TB (10) Bal (17) LA Rams (10) NE (18) Buf (10) LAC (31) Green Bay (16) NO (13) Miami (20) NY Giants Total: +109 Week 13: O -- Ten D -- Min
  21. I have 107 as my total (each week's results is in my entry). Can you see if I made a mistake? Thanks.
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