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  1. Long term.....another 100% move over the next 4-5 years. Easy. And a stock split thrown in there to boot at some point. World Class company that is still growing big time.
  2. Or he was distracted while driving fast (phone). We don’t know. It sucks for him though. But he is so lucky to be alive and will still live a long life hopefully with his kids. That crash looked bad.
  3. Yeah it won’t make a dent. And good luck with that.
  4. The market is more than AMZN and APPL. We will see a broad based sell off at some point. Look.....with my retirement money I pretty much stay fully invested. Always. Do I trim and rotate? Yes. But we stay invested. With my taxable account that is where I am far more tactical. The S&P, Dow and Nasdaq will have that 10-15% type of selling event. where those index’s are down and there will be a lot of things on sale other than those stocks you mentioned. You are a trader. Big difference from the approach I take.
  5. I did that at the start of the year. I am sitting at 30% right now. In my taxable account. My IRA and 401K are fully invested.
  6. No. Sit tight and I will give the word. Market is still frothy. This is just getting started. Wait for the shmucks on CNBC to start pimping panic. Don’t worry....I will be here to give a back the truck up buy signal like we did back in March 2020. I don’t think you will see that kind of selloff. But a healthy 10-15% correction is what I am looking for.
  7. They don’t always move inversely. Interest rates are coming off historic lows. When interest rates start creeping up/go up, bond prices fall. When interest rates drop, bond prices rise. There is so much liquidity out there with this massive easing of the Fed....why do you think that former guy in the White House was politicizing the fed in his term? He wanted interest rates at 0 so the stock market would go nuts (like it did) because there is no where else to put your money to get yield except risk assets. Well.....that is going to change here slowly (it has too and it will) and we have
  8. What stock is this? Give me symbol.
  9. I hate to say this.....and please do not take this the wrong way. Your post is exactly why this market is going to have a sharp correction at some point. Maybe not right away...but the storm clouds are certainly gathering. Instead of chasing fast money which is never a smart idea with your nest egg, look to trim and rotate into more defensive, boring sectors such as staples, utilities and IMO infrastructure stocks (which IMO are going to be a great sector over the next 4 years of this administration) and are value stocks. Just some friendly advice.
  10. Was a strong radio presence. I never ever liked him at all. But he was great at what he did. RIP.
  11. TSCO moving very nicely today.
  12. My son is a Sophomore on JV. Starting 2B. He is a late bloomer as well. Grew 7 inches in the last 10 months and added 20 pounds. That was the first growth spurt. He will have another (in it right now actually). His high school varsity is ranked 11th in the nation by perfect game. We are not even starting the process till we feel he is physically matured and ready to showcase for colleges and attend college camps. No reason to expose him and get the wrong first impressions on paper. His ball skills are unquestioned. Fluid feet, great hands, good arm, excellent bat. But when your 5’7’ 125
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