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  1. I did a lot of research on this strategy as well as the same strategy for the S&P 500 and Dow. I really like em. I would only suggest a slice into each....these look especially nice in tax deferred IRA’s both Traditional and Roth because of all the income you will collect on these option index strategies. They are doing Call writing on their respective index’s and it is market neutral strategy over the long term. Because undoubtedly there will be stocks called away it will not track the index returns like a traditional index ETF tries to. QYLD has the highest yield because the premiums on Nasdaq stocks are going to be far richer than the S&P and Dow. (Global X ETF's) BXMX has a yield of 5.84 (Buy Write strategy on the S&P 500) (Nuveen ETF’s) DIAX 6.26% yield (Buy Over right strategy) (Nuveen ETF’s) These ETF funds looking back on their historical returns mitigate very little on the downside (for example down 30% in the pandemic but down around 20% in 2008 when looking at the Dow DIAX strategy) and will have some limits on the upside.....but you are being compensated for lack of total participation with that very attractive yield. It is akin to indexing with a really good dividend which is generated by the active option writing. I suggest you look these up and read about all the particulars yourself. I would put no more than 5% max of my total portfolio into each if I am looking for a current income with growth potential strategy. Again I think these are nice for IRA’s.....to get all that tax deferred income compounding.
  2. I do it the week leading up to Christmas and right after Christmas....same thing every year.
  3. Another excellent classic gothic horror film. George C Scott was outstanding in this one.
  4. We watched Burnt Offerings last night as it was on TCM......god I love the creep factor in this one. It never get’s old. Just a great, well made gothic horror movie. Karen Black’s signature role.
  5. Agree with your takes 100% I am a bonafide Halloween super fan. It is my favorite horror movie of all time (1978 Halloween) and there are some great sequels. Halloween 2018 is a gem. We watched it again last night before we watched Halloween Kills for the 2nd time in as many nights and quite frankly after you watch Halloween Kills a second time.....I am sure you will lower your rating a little more (or not). It had some great elements and nods to past films.....but it really did not live up to it’s predecessor and it did feel like a middle child. I do not want to get into too much detail either until more see it. My sequel rankings because Halloween is #1 of course and in a league of it’s own. 1. Halloween 2018 2. Halloween II 3. Halloween IV The Return of Michael Meyers 4. Halloween Zombie Reboot 5. Halloween Kills 6. Halloween H2O 20 Years Later 7. Halloween V The Revenge of Michael Meyers 8. Halloween VI The Curse of Michael Meyers Producers Cut 9. Halloween Resurrection 10. Halloween II Rob Zombie (Pure ####e)
  6. Just looking at it on the surface.....that is a heavy yield....and it has been a flat performer which is what I would expect from a market neutral investment like that. What I would do if I were you is research how much leverage (if any) they employ, do they have a return of capital baked into that yield.....because that is a big yield. Those would have to be some monster premiums and very very close to the money calls they are writing to generate that kind of yield.
  7. Stay patient.....the will turn it around...but it will take some time. I will be tax harvesting this one year end and buy it back in 31 days. But if your holding this in an IRA....stay long. If we do not see the light I will say it here and it will be a loss at some point for some.....but I am optimistic they turn it around. In the health care and pharma sectors.....it can take longer to get it turned around with investor sentiment to catch up to a successful business.
  8. Yeah...they probably will. I just think it will be a far less price tag than what the Progressive win wanted. And that is fine with me. I do however think the Infrastructure bill will pass alone without that golden handcuff caveat the Progressive wing end of the party was trying to hold over the entire party Quid Pro Quo.
  9. Two great Chemical companies here we have posted about in the past. LYB DOW Super low valuations.....awesome dividends.......love em.
  10. That sounds about right....15-20% max. IRA’s I typically leave fully invested......however any fixed income exposure may become true cash heading into 2022. Bonds are fully valued....they can only go one way over the next 12-18 months. Down. Interest rates will start to climb a little and I expect by 2023 the Fed to actively raise the overnight rates in a very ,measured way.....but it is finally coming by 2023. Tapering will begin next year....can't see it not happening now.
  11. World class company that I have a 12 month target on at $4200-$4500 a share and I think we will eventually get a split. Or not LOL.
  12. FYI we will be building some cash year end no doubt. I actually expect a Santa Claus rally and I will sell a little into it.....tax harvesting as well. But I have a cash goal....figuring out how much cash over the next month or so. I want to have some powder for first quarter 2022.
  13. A stock I suggested a while back......solid solid company.
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