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  1. Just looking at it on the surface.....that is a heavy yield....and it has been a flat performer which is what I would expect from a market neutral investment like that. What I would do if I were you is research how much leverage (if any) they employ, do they have a return of capital baked into that yield.....because that is a big yield. Those would have to be some monster premiums and very very close to the money calls they are writing to generate that kind of yield.
  2. Stay patient.....the will turn it around...but it will take some time. I will be tax harvesting this one year end and buy it back in 31 days. But if your holding this in an IRA....stay long. If we do not see the light I will say it here and it will be a loss at some point for some.....but I am optimistic they turn it around. In the health care and pharma sectors.....it can take longer to get it turned around with investor sentiment to catch up to a successful business.
  3. Yeah...they probably will. I just think it will be a far less price tag than what the Progressive win wanted. And that is fine with me. I do however think the Infrastructure bill will pass alone without that golden handcuff caveat the Progressive wing end of the party was trying to hold over the entire party Quid Pro Quo.
  4. Two great Chemical companies here we have posted about in the past. LYB DOW Super low valuations.....awesome dividends.......love em.
  5. That sounds about right....15-20% max. IRA’s I typically leave fully invested......however any fixed income exposure may become true cash heading into 2022. Bonds are fully valued....they can only go one way over the next 12-18 months. Down. Interest rates will start to climb a little and I expect by 2023 the Fed to actively raise the overnight rates in a very ,measured way.....but it is finally coming by 2023. Tapering will begin next year....can't see it not happening now.
  6. World class company that I have a 12 month target on at $4200-$4500 a share and I think we will eventually get a split. Or not LOL.
  7. FYI we will be building some cash year end no doubt. I actually expect a Santa Claus rally and I will sell a little into it.....tax harvesting as well. But I have a cash goal....figuring out how much cash over the next month or so. I want to have some powder for first quarter 2022.
  8. A stock I suggested a while back......solid solid company.
  9. They are spinning off their Time Warner holdings into a separate streaming stock. So if you own T you will get a new growth component spin off. The dividend will go down to around 5.25% from where it is now. I would in a hold and evaluate with this stock.
  10. It has been a long time to be honest.....I have been extremely busy managing all of it. The last time I posted I was actually in selling covered call mode which a lot of them expired today.....and I am going to reset them again. I feel like we are in a sideways pattern and I don’t see that changing for some time. I am value hunting.....but not finding a lot of value in this market right now.....as far as stuff that looks on sale to me? And there is not a lot: LMT CSCO INTC RTX GIS Off the top of my head.....and we talked about those a while back when they had selloffs and they moved higher 10 plus % since then. Maybe INTC has not moved much but CSCO as well as GIS and RTX certainly have. I gotta tell you.....if someone has never been long AMZN.....this is a good spot here. Nothing wrong with picking some up....stock has done nothing this year. I am being very picky in this market......very picky. When you get into these kinds of markets where you have so much sideway movement...selling covered calls and collecting great dividends is where you separate real portfolios from indexing. Total return is key in sideways markets.Dividends reinvesting....and compounding. that is the secret sauce to great long term success. The S&P 500 maybe up a lot this year......but it is certainly not being represented in a lot of widely held stocks. I have lagged the S&P this year......and that’s ok.....I have a 1/3 less the implied volatility and over a 3% yield.....I can sleep at night knowing that.
  11. All good!!! Glad you made a lot of money!!!!! BLDP is a rare homer type of stock....and yes high high risk as we always said it was....but man...looking forward to the future of that company as the transition to green energy around the world becomes more and more a reality.
  12. Other countries do not have nearly the amount of wealth we do per capita........and when you have all this liquidity that we have.....and wealth.....and demand and no supply.....you get inflation. Not rocket science.
  13. TARP was paid back in full with interest.......this did not cost the taxpayer a dime. It prevented the world collapse of the entire banking system as you know it.....if AIG went under.....folks I do not want to even imagine what would have ensued.....we are talking a greater depression than the Great Depression. I was in this thick of the financial crisis with my clients (was an incredibly scary moment in our history financially speaking). Interest Rates were finally being raised in 2018.......and guess what.....Trump politicked the Fed to stop tapering and slam on the brakes....because the market reacted (like it always does in the first 6 months) negatively.....and his entire presidency was all about....”but look at the market” Well......things recalibrate Mr former President....and sometimes you gotta have the roosters come home to roost for 6-12 months and then things will be fine and carry on for a new cycle.....but nope. He even wanted negative interest rates and politicized the Fed more than any President I can remember. It was insane. But let’s not sit here and be naive and think...this is all on Biden.....give me a freaking break. This was coming whether it was Biden or if trump had been re-elected. This is product of a massive prolonged easy monetary policy.....near zero interest rates for over a decade and the pandemic shutting down our system. It will take another year to get supply chains and things back up and running. Figure 2023 we will be a lot better than today. The Fed will not raise interest rates till 2023 most likely. Tapering will absolutely begin next year. More people will return to work next year. The infrastructure bill needs to pass without conditions on another bill......and that other bill is fiscal insanity. It needs to be cut down drastically, sorry.....but it does. I am a moderate. And that bill is lunacy. At the same time there are people that need real help. But the bill just goes way too far....you gotta pick your battles. What is truly amazing is the Democrats are more than likely going to blow it. You can’t let a fringe part of your party bully the majority of your party......and that is what both the Democrats and Republicans are doing. It is the worst kind of politics I have ever seen in my life. Seriously disheartening. I really feel most of our country is moderate. And we have fringe extremists on both sides scaring he crap outta politicians who are only worried about votes....not policy and not helping the country. The system is broken. And Trump is certainly not the guy to fix it....lord no.....he will destroy it. But the progressive left is also....very very dangerous and also needs to be held at bay. Moderates need to rise up.....and common sense and meeting in the middle needs to return.....but unfortunately it feels as if social media and the echo chambers have taken over......it reeks of fascism and we got close....the only reason I voted for Biden....was to get that guy outta there. Because I never thought we would see borderline fascism be in the White House.....and it was. Scary. I mean really scary. And it is still carrying on.....still talking and spreading the Big Lie.....most Republicans too scared to stand up to this garbage.....it is madness. I can’t believe what we are seeing. I rarely post in here.....but I had to get that off my chest. All this economy crap is not because of Biden. It is a slow simmer build up. The debt limit had no problem being raised under Trump....was done without any fanfare or resistance....now all of a sudden it is a problem? We gotta pay what we already owe.....lord. Politics.....just pure horse #### these days. Biden? Has not done a great job.....no two ways about it. And his party is a total mess. But so are the Republicans. So what do we the people do? Just gotta weave through this mess and try to find someone sane and calm and rational. It is why Biden won.....and won big. The Republican party should be running away from Trumps base because if they don’t.....they will lose again in 2024. If Trump runs again.....he will lose again....and again claim he won. LMFAO Who knows what will happen........I think next year will be a lot better in general. We have 3 more years to clean up the mess before we see who will lead us again. Biden ain't running again.....no way. This was a tangent.....but it was off the cuff.....I hope for the best. At least we have some normalcy back in the White House.....that is the bright side. Anything was better than the last 4 years.....which IMO was a total embarrassment for our great country.
  14. If you hold this thru 2023......you will be thanking me. Huge things ahead for this company if you are paying attention. I guess you missed out on 25-30 winners I posted here a year ago.....too bad for you man.
  15. It was creepy for sure and a return to form for the series because yes....it went way off the rails with Dream Child (was already at the end of it’s shelf life) and Final Nightmare (pure crap and never watch it). The original, Dream Warrior and Dream Master are good Freddy flicks. New Nightmare was a great concept. Agree about the kid....ugh. But a solid Wes Craven movie.
  16. I actually really liked this one on my second viewing. I went into it with the wrong expectations (being it was James Wan and he has been doing a certain kinda movie for years now). This was a total nod to David Cronenberg late 70’s early 80’s films.....with Wan’s touch. The last 20 minutes were insane. I just did not like the last 5 minutes.....kinda was the “happy” ending which did not fit after seeing the previous 20 minutes of pure carnage LOL!!! I was pretty hard on it after my first viewing. I like it. 3/5
  17. One of the most ridiculous posts.....bro it is hard to win in the NFL every week. Grow up.
  18. I hope he is traded.......because he is clearly very talented. They simply are a terrible team and a terrible offense. Shame.
  19. Time to bench Austin Jackson......if anyone watched the OL yesterday.....he was the weakest link by far. Consistently blown up and being mauled. Another wonderful 1st rounder in a long line of busts for Chris Grier. On a positive note.....Jalen Phillips is getting better and better every week. The kid has a really great motor. Jaylen Waddle continues to look.......ordinary. While Kyle Pitts broke loose yesterday and Jamar Chase keeps lighting it up. Great job Grier......you are a true genius. Trey Lance looks like with some great coaching he will become a monster. But we would ruin him here.....so it really does not matter. I am convinced we would have ruined Justin Herbert too. The entire franchise is poison as far as I am concerned. Zero credibility. In other news Justin Herbert accounted for 5 total TD’s as the Chargers moved to 4-1. Their 3rd straight win. Up next.....the great Tua returns vs the Jaguars in London...what will he hurt this week? Certainly not the Jags.....but he may hurt himself. Great times in South Florida. If we do make that move for Deshaun Watson......and he ends up being the guy here......they need to fire the front office and coaching staff at year end.....because their incompetence reeks.
  20. Neither can this entire front office, coaching staff.....and owner. Total #### show.
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