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  1. I don’t disagree with your sentiment about a large part of our country lacking common sense. We are on the same page. But my personal freedoms and rights are going to suffer because of idiots? No....the idiots will get Covid while I have been able to avoid it using my common sense. I am not saying everyone who contracted Covid is an idiot so please do not take it that way. I am talking about people who are simply ignorant to taking good common sense measures to prevent contraction. If I see a situation where I feel that it would drastically increase my chances of contracting the virus...
  2. We had our lock down.....and now we don’t. Can’t speak for Brazil.....but we are doing ok. Overall.....the entire thing has stunk for the country. People can use common sense more than having your entire state shut down and being forced to shelter in place for months on end. I am not going to get into politics.....but we are doing ok considering the circumstances. I and my entire family managed to stay covid free using simple common sense and practicing social distancing and wearing masks. What a concept.
  3. Wife and I got Moderna shot one yesterday. My 16 year old son will get his first Pfizer in May (after high school baseball season ends but before summer showcase season starts). Very happy.
  4. Wife and I got our first Moderna shot yesterday. Just a little arm soreness. Nothing else. You don’t even feel the needle whatsoever. Looking forward to being fully vaccinated in 4 more weeks. Will be getting Pfizer for my 16 year old son after his high school baseball season ends April 24th. I want him vaccinated for his summer showcase schedule. Things are very open here in Florida (playing in West Palm, Fort Myers, Sanford) and we are also going to Georgia to play at Cobb. I expect almost no one to be wearing masks or following common sense social distancing by then. Yeah I
  5. I will preface this with "I am not trying to be snarky in any way (with text you can’t hear my tone)" When I say noise.....I mean that. BA had all kinds of noise back in March 2020 The stock was behaving like no one will ever buy a plane from them again and they will go under. I pounded the table about buying in the low 100’s even screaming about it when it was around 100 a share at one brief moment. Fast forward to today. There was a ton of noise. Legit concerns.....just like now on EBS. But when I have conviction.....I make the big boy decisions to buy when people
  6. EBS QS BLDP These are the most speculative positions in my portfolio. So don’t fret with the gyrations. All are long term plays for me. I am doing some heavy research on another emerging sector and will eventually let you guys know what I am doing in the space of "Crisper" Bio Technology. Basically there are 6 big players here. So I am doing my due diligence on all of them. My plan is to create a 6 position ETF per say and weight them accordingly based on my conviction in each. Stay tuned.
  7. EBS......great price here. Ignore the noise. GREAT COMPANY.
  8. Her womb is so polluted.....I can’t even have a baby with her. Don’t worry about it...I will give her another quaalude and she will love me in the morning.
  9. I have to believe a system update will eventually drop that will allow an external storage to be used. I have a 2TB external for my PS4 games and it is money. I did transfer The Show 17,18 and 20 to my PS5 HDD to get the full performance treatment on those games as well as Ghost Of Tsushima. But yes. I agree. Use of an external HDD is needed badly. Storage is not great on the PS5.
  10. That is the point of a stock like that. If it did nothing in price...and you simply compounded that 4% yield since 1998.....a nice, stable slice in your portfolio. Nothing wrong with some absolutely boring yield as part of the overall allocation. Same can be said of GSK. Price has simply done not a whole lot....but that 5 plus yield keeps a pumping along. Not every stock you own has to go to the moon. Yield and low volatility is part of the overall puzzle.
  11. $40 is the price target I have on it and then we will reevaluate. But yes....that is the target to at least unload the profit.
  12. There is nothing wrong with selling half.....and diversifying your portfolio for the long term. I am going to respectively disagree. The ship has sailed on a short term trade. Not on a long term hold based on forward multiples, dividend growth and more importantly risk management of your overall portfolio. I am sure there are a lot of people heavily concentrated in the big tech names and they are up well over 175-300% depending when they got in. I am not going to sit and say wait to get back 15% when you have a clear opportunity to cash in some of those profits and lower your overall r
  13. This dog will be 4000 a share by year end lol!!! However I am sure a lot of people are up 200-300 plus % and could use some diversification and this is a good time to do it with the markets hovering at all time highs.
  14. When interest rates rise it will cause these short term price movements and create long term opportunity to get into some names you never had, or wanted to add too. At some point rates will stabilize and the adjustment to the economy will take shape and people will keep consuming long term. If you believe in this....you invest in this. For the long term. If you are overweighted like most people are in names like AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL, NFLX, FB etc etc. This is a great chance to take some profits and rebalance your portfolio into more defensive names. There has already been a clear
  15. I loved this show. Like really loved it for 6 solid seasons....then it simply went off the rails for me. I decided to start catching up on Netflix just to see if I was missing anything. Nope. I gave Fear 3 seasons......jumped off that ship too. But for let’s call it the first 5 seasons.....this show was absolutely money.
  16. We landed a PS5 Disc Version bundle on Costco two weeks ago. Love the console. Playing MLB 20 on it is like playing a new game. True 4K and a true consistent 60 FPS.....holy mother. Incredible. NG Madden 21 is also a major upgrade in terms of player movement. I am really impressed. Playing Ghost of Tsushima on the 5 is also a feast for the eyes and senses. Just wow. I have no new PS5 games. No plans to buy any yet until I see the dev cycle really get going next year. I want the Mass Effect trilogy remaster. But simply just playing MLB The Show 20 on the PS5 is an am
  17. Yes. When the conviction is very very strong I will do that. Rotation when it is clearly obvious to me is something I will do, but I won't over do it. It is prudent when you have high conviction and the market simply has it wrong.
  18. Been on vacation. So sorry for no reply since this post. Yes Love this company. Believe in it long term. Believe we have a potential 10 bagger here. Stay long.
  19. The list I gave you are buy and holds. Period. It works. It always has......it always will. History has proven this over and over and over and over and over and over. Buying and holding great companies is a tried and true strategy. What do you think index funds are doing? The difference is....you manage your portfolio yourself buying individual stocks, you have the ability to manage your risk and volatility, your tax exposure, there are a lot of advantages of having a true professional or if you can handle it yourself, by all means you should. It does take work. Do
  20. Someone asked about EXC and concerns with the spin off. No concerns. Hold with confidence.
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