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  1. Does anyone know what the NFL has decided should a game be unable to be played during the 2020 regular season? Would they cancel it entirely and give the teams a tie? Make the team unable to play forfeit? Would they postpone it and play a week 18? or 19? Hard to see it played during the regular season unless somehow both teams had a bye the same week. In a total points league with a playoff system and trying to decide how we would handle a postponed game or several. Probably just going to cut it off at week 17 as it's gets really sticky trying to create rules for an extra week or 2.
  2. Is Cam really a buy low? Tons of sites have him as a top 5 QB for the rest of the season. Sure, his schedule is "easier", but he hasn't played anywhere close to top 5 billing yet. I don't get the crazy high ROS rankings, but if they are correct he should be a buy low I guess. Can someone tell me what everyone else is seeing here?
  3. I have Gurley, drafted Kelly to handcuff. Is Kelly still worthy of a roster spot as a handcuff? Or is this a situation where he'll leapfrog Brown should something happen to Gurley and is only inactive because he doesn't play special teams or something? Or would it be an RBBC and the waters are too muddy to tell? Currently have Ingram, Coleman and Drake and Malcom Brown is available.
  4. Does anyone have any clue when FJax returns what he might look like? Is his injury the type that when he comes back he is fine? Or is he going to be hobbled but playing?
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