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  1. The flexibility they have now is a huge win. This roster is completely void of talent at most positions. The odds they have a top 2 pick next year are very high, which means they likely have their choice of next years top QBs. Take BPA this year, if that is a QB so be it, but no pressure to settle for one this year.
  2. This is why the Lions will receive more than just a first rd pick for him. The return willbe significant. I’d stamp a guarantee on the box about this but you can get a good look at T Bone by shoving your head up a bulls ### but I’d rather take the butchers word for it.
  3. Yeah that was my first thought but there a lot of savvy owners in this league so I’m guessing the return would be pretty small. For the return id get I’m thinking I might as well go for it and ride this til the wheels fall off.
  4. Love this analysis. Thank you. I have a contending team that was second highest scoring team...in large part due to Adams, but his week 15 “down” week cost me the finals...which I would have won in part because of Adams big week 16. Im a bit long in the tooth at WR with Julio and and Thielen behind Adams in my line up and no picks next year so the debate is whether to make another run with Adams and the old guys or sell Adams for a youth infusion that will hurt a bit now but could help in 2 years. Appreciate your insight.
  5. Price check on Davante Adams in PPR. What would it take to sell him? What would you pay?
  6. If they don’t draft another RB Jones is still the starter but Vaughn takes the Fournette role. Jones has done nothing to lose the #1 position.
  7. Listened to the latest Locked On Dynasty podcast and the thought is that Miami may not do much to address their RB position due to the success of Gaskin and Ahmed and the other needs miami has. They are thinking that analytics will dictate that it is not wise to invest in positions like RB & LB and focus on drafting and spending on Corner, WR, OL and DL. Personally I think Gaskin becomes another Philip Lindsey so he’ll have some value to the current owner but not much value in a trade.
  8. Wish I hadn’t stayed away. Difference between week 16 championship and the consolation game.
  9. Actually considering playing this guy over Hockenson in a swing for the fences situation.
  10. That makes too much sense!! I rarely win championships.
  11. So true. Going up against the Henry owner so needed Davante to light it up tonight. Bad timing.
  12. Semis this week and I’m starting Mostert over Carson or Akers (not sure which yet but Mostert upside in this matchup is too tasty to pass up). My opponent is starting Wilson. Will be interesting for sure.
  13. Have to decide between Dobbins, Jacobs and Wilson and don’t trust any of them. I need upside so likely going with Dobbins in the hope he breaks off a couple big runs for TD. Jacobs on a short week coming off injury and not performing for several weeks feels like a big MEH so I’m hoping this is JK’s week.
  14. Jones just landed on the COVID list so that’s that.
  15. How you don’t start Akers is beyond me. A completely fresh lead RB in the playoffs is FF Gold.
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