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  1. I didnt know which picks you had. Given your scenario I’d go Chase or Pitts at 1.01. You’ll have a RB waiting for you at 4. I’d likely go with Chase over Pitts but I don’t think you can go wrong with either.
  2. I don’t know. I’ve watched the Sermon highlight reels where you’re supposed to be impressed by the next great thing but I’m not seeing it. The one thing that brings me back is Waldman saying he’s his #1 guy. Matt whiffed massively a couple years ago with Hakeem Butler as his #1 WR. If he does it again with Sermon it will seriously hurt his brand...so he has to be right...right?
  3. It’s a hell of a choice in non-PPR. Given the scarcity at RB I go Harris in 1 QB non-ppr.
  4. I’d take him over Sanders all day, but not Dobbins.
  5. What are the odds the Jags completely screw up Robinson’s value and select A RB at 25? Seems like a rookie coach thing to do.
  6. This is a good start. Maybe best oline in football. Last time that happened was 1991. This is really good for Swift
  7. My experience as well. Everything hurt. Especially hips, lower back and legs. Could not sleep. The ache with fever and chills made for a rough first night.
  8. Got my J&J shot yesterday. 8 hours later felt like I was hit by a bus. Up most of the night with fever, chills and body aches. Today fever and chills are completely gone. Body aches are minimal. Currently experiencing dizziness when I move around and headache is still there. Going to sleep it off and hope to be good as new tomorrow. Worth the experience to know I’m doing my part to help stop the spread.
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