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  1. Toney or Bateman the rest of the year? Have to drop one to grab AZ defense (can’t drop the Cowboys). If Toney was healthy I’d take him all day in redraft but the injury muddies things a bit. thoughts?
  2. Least respected stud there is. I’m amazed at how little discussion there is about him .
  3. Bateman or Toney? Using my #1 priority on one of these two. Thoughts?
  4. Sorry guys. Bought him last week. This was inevitable.
  5. Is he known for having bad hands? Serious question.
  6. RIP Tags. Enjoyed your work. 39 is way too young. Love seeing how the FF community has come together to support his family. FBGs definitely stepped up.
  7. Currently have Ty’Son in over Harris.
  8. I’m guessing Because Gio’s game has started
  9. Exact same reaction I had to my J&J shot in April. Not a fun night but I’ll do it all again when my turn for a booster comes.
  10. Has the trade value chart gone by the wayside? On my phone and cannot find it anymore 🤷‍♂️
  11. For a minute I thought we might work for the same company but our CEO has been very relaxed about RTW.
  12. I would do that in a heartbeat. Your RBs will be unstoppable and you’re getting one of the better WRs (Aiyuk) to come out in the past 3 rookie drafts. Don’t hesitate to accept
  13. I didnt know which picks you had. Given your scenario I’d go Chase or Pitts at 1.01. You’ll have a RB waiting for you at 4. I’d likely go with Chase over Pitts but I don’t think you can go wrong with either.
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