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  1. he wants to be great. Added 10 lbs bulk and has been running routes in sand, also the mma mixed martial arts will help him battle with cbs. He Wants to be great and isn't happy being a wr2/3. He has legit 4.3 speed on field if you ask me. them 2 80 plus yard tds he leaves guy absolutely in the dust. I dont see why he can't be 70-1100-12 this year easy.
  2. Being a Lion homer, I have gotten to see Andy dalton up close and personal... This guy plain stinks and is holding AJGreen back BIGTIME. He had 2 50 + yard tds underthrown badly and even on the 80 + yard td he had to stop for it and had it not been for Ajgreens physical freakness it may not have even been caught. This is really terrible to have a qb like that with a pee arm. Am I being to irrational or has this been a problem for Ajgreen's career?
  3. hey bud password is abc123

  4. http://www8.myfantasyleague.com/2011/home/24389

    need 3 owners.. yes snake draft and high roll gets high pick... let me know.. untouchable187187@yahoo.com

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