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  1. When I'm that conflicted, I flip a coin and just live with my decision. I did just that two weeks ago in a Blount/Langford debate. Then it's the coin's fault if you're wrong.Thank u that's about all u can do I think I may try that.
  2. Omg I'm racking my brain over who to start must WIN.......gio or ware in ppr I keep changing back and forth I'm a wreck. I could see ware get 100 and 2 or 50 and 0 tds no catches. On the other hand I could see Gio get 5 or 6 points and no touchdowns, or 100 yds rec. I don't know what to do
  3. There was not even a slight running back by committee it was always ride one back
  4. There was not even a slight running back by committee in case it was always used one back full time
  5. Without summarizing the whole article, I stopped and laughed at the very first quote. "I think our mentality is still the running back by committee" offensive coordinator Doug Pederson said. Typical bull#### coachspeak. The Chiefs have basically been a "one back team" for years and years, and now all of a sudden their mentality is "still" running back by committee. I know these guys have to speak to the media and answer incessant questions, but some times when I read what these guys say, I wish someone was around to tell them "Dude, just shut up. Seriously just shut up." TZM Agreed I had the same feeling exactly it went from Jamaal Charles to west to Spencer Ware even back in the priest Holmes day they never ran a running back by committee. The coache is talking out of his ###
  6. I have both and will be deciding the same but I'm going to enjoy some good ol Turkey and beer first! Tex Who did you decide to go with? I have Gio Buck Allen and Ware. Leaning Gio, Buck but this Ware kid is intriguing.
  7. Trying to decide bet ware and gio in ppr. I have been racking my brain all day about it
  8. Have we even found out what it is with his knee? Or when he possibly hurt his knee? I haven't been able to find it. It could be a complete smokescreen given the fact that Hopkins has missed the last two practices but neither him nor O'Brien seem to be all that worried about his status this week. I think this is a complete smokescreen. Guy played Every snap and I watched game all the way through, not once did he even have to jog to sideline like he was hurt or shaken up. I think it's a way to get veteran rest and I guess you have to make up something for the inj report. Im not an expert on that but it seems like you do have to designate something to a player when they sit out practices, games etc. I don't think you can miss a practice because you want to rest and it's a day off I don't know what designation that would go under.
  9. Im really Starting to like this kid. he is Awesome. Im sick of these peeps in a few leagues telling me that this guy is unimpressive.... That's Rubbish and is a tactic to buy low imo... There is no way you can look at this kid's body of work and say Unimpressive for defining anything associated with this guy. AWESOME player.
  10. I hope your right my friend......... Warrior
  11. Correct. well it was obvious I was referring to Jarvis Landry in my post as I was talking about Wrs nothing about LANDRY JONES.
  12. Gonna need a big one from him tonight. I don't like my chances. yes Me to I need 55 points in a ppr bonus league bet Hopkins/Gio/Nugent/Cinci D. 8-100-1 td would be wonderful. A 18 target day is what Im hoping for.
  13. #### I Hope not just traded AROB, C. WEST for Landry/Hurns. Looked good last week as got me desperation win. WHY THIS???? any updates on Hurns as this wold completely destroy my season. And I assume that you already know about Landry's MRI scheduled for today? Are you trying to be funny? there is no reports surfaced yet that I see about any kind of MRI for Jarvis Landry. What are you referring to Bud?
  14. If he has been playing through it and scoring a TD in 7 straight games why would he get surgery now? that's what Im thinking wait a few more weeks til season is over then get surgery in offseason. That's usually when players get little surgeries and clean ups, not in the middle of the season when the team is battling for playoff spot. I hope this is just That overblown news and nothing comes of this because Hurns looked great yesterday
  15. #### I Hope not just traded AROB, C. WEST for Jarvis Landry/Hurns. Looked good last week as got me desperation win. WHY THIS???? any updates on Hurns as this wold completely destroy my season.
  16. I kinda like Cadet but they cut him and kept White. Sounds like they've already demonstrated that they like White more. Has something changed? Even if they sign him, is there any reason to believe he'd be the next man up instead of White? Bolden?
  17. reminds me of todd gurley. After his first game he was dropped by someone in a 10 team league... Not smart. West will take off in this offense.
  18. what kind of smoke you got man? whatever it is It sounds awesome. I wish you were gonna be right but don't see it. If he gets over 10 ppr points I would be shocked.
  19. And then our hopes were dashed.. Reports now is no big changes and Randle lead back.
  20. They are going to Re evaluate him in a new news article on FBG free news. Hope he's ok .
  21. Looks like Allen and Hopkins will be #1/2 by the end of the year. Obviously depends on KA's hip. Even if healthy though, despite all the receptions, I'm not sure Allen will get enough TDs (Gates being the red zone monster he is) or enough YAC to be that high. But top 5-10 certainly in reach. He is top 4 as we speak and only a few behind Fitz and Jones. The way he was playing I could def see him in the top 2-3 this year.
  22. I was really starting to dismantle my league in this 12 team ppr with DHopkins/Kallen combo. I hope he recovers fast
  23. so hopefully he's good to go and it's as minor or as best case as possible..
  24. agreed, hoping he was just held out precautionary. I need him
  25. Without a doubt and since I own Freeman, with my bad luck, it would be wise to own Coleman. Gio got the screw job by Cincy and he's more talented than Freeman. Fortunately the ATL coaching staff is more talented than Cincy's. A couple 2 yard gains by Gio on poor play calling sent him into RBBC with Mr. Fumble Jeremy Hill. I know you are so right. They rather have plodding Hill run for 2 yards instead of GIO's 5.5 ypc and more effective in passing game. I always thought if Gio could get 25-30 touches a game he could be similar to what Freeman is now. Cinci coaching staff is so stupid.
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