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  1. its a positive sign they didnt throw him on IR ... he'll be back sooner rather than later
  2. Dude is on the wrong side of 32 … AB is the same age and isn’t nearly as broken down
  3. any word on his that ankle is? He looked like the best player in the league for the first few passes he caught... on pace for a monster game just PPR...hope he's alright... They were ready to feed him 15+ targets yesterday
  4. Pittman is no longer worth starting .... Keep blocking for JT
  5. Mr. Dumpster for sure...Lions play calling is horrible.... Lynn needs to ditch Willams and make Swift the Focal point
  6. Imagine if they fed him via King Henry style....Battle of the Beasts
  7. Dont u just love fantasy football.....
  8. starting him over Pittman, Julio and ODB
  9. Got an odd feeling ODB is going to break out with Chubby not playing … its now or never for him
  10. A.J. Brown (hamstring) said the Titans won't give him a full complement of snaps until Week 10. Brown said the team would be careful with his lingering hamstring injury, though his Week 5 usage would say otherwise. Brown ran a route on 92 percent of Ryan Tannehill's 26 drop backs against the Jaguars, catching three of six targets for 36 yards. Brown (and Julio Jones) will be game script sensitive in an offense that wants to establish the run as early and often as possible. Tennessee has a 55 percent rush rate while leading this season, the league's sixth highest rate. A Week 6 matchup against the Bills should force the Titans to open up the passing game though. SOURCE: Turron Davenport on Twitter Oct 16, 2021, 2:21 PM ET After watching Pitts light it up last week... you cant tell me JJ isnt itching to blow on monday night football especially with AJB news coming out .... Remember that dance,,, Do the Julio ... Do the Julio...
  11. only King Henry can handle these next level amount of RB touches....everyone else seems to crumble the following season
  12. He just said he feels great and is playing Monday night … Julio possibly shine in prime time?
  13. cant wait till his O-Line is at full strength again.... this dude is going to light it up again....no more El Bust O
  14. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that Chiefs RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire will miss a few weeks with an MCL sprain. It's actually a pretty fortunate update from how it looked last night, where Edwards-Helaire was carried off the field by teammates. Darrel Williams and Jerick McKinnon stand to gain the most from Edwards-Helaire's injury. Williams led the team with 37 snaps and five carries last night, and should be the lead back, while McKinnon mixed in mostly on passing downs. SOURCE: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Oct 11, 2021, 1:44 PM ET
  15. Come on mighty mouse.... eat some Senzu beans
  16. Casey is really short… can’t shoot… Keenan is solid but doesn’t play any defense and Mike is decent…at least he can dunk… I forgot to mention Derwin …he was really good… I guess add Elmer Fudd to your team now…btw can u guess which 2 of those players smoke like Cheech and Chong ?
  17. Can this Clown....nobody respects him on the team
  18. Hayward effect.... Those guys all know each other so well.... Ive hooped with Casey, Mike and Keenan on the same team before... and believe it or not Casey Hayward is more ball dominant then both of them and he sucks at hooping .
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