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  1. Wait, are the Astros tanking? Bold strategy Cotton.
  2. Most stressful 4 set match I've seen in a while. I think because we all knew if Roger didn't close it out there Rafa would have won the 5th set.
  3. I have a rewards card for that chain. They have exploded around here. It seems like they bust another one out every day or so.
  4. She scared the #### out of me during this. She would have been interesting to watch with the precious.
  5. How many times are you going to try to make this point? You already did it in the other thread.
  6. I've watched just about every game this year. Their bullpen is smoke and mirrors right now (sans Rogers). They could benefit from a couple more quality arms. SP is solid, but can't seem to go more than 5-6 innings. (of course that is most of baseball)
  7. I assume that’s in reference to Breaking Bad. I said it was good, is that not liking something? No, not just you. Just tired of the internet becoming a gigantic ##### fest. I understand nothing is perfect, but the nitpicking of everything has become tiresome. We get it. You're too cool to like what other people like. (not you in particular)
  8. It's why the sitcom The Small Council will be must watch TV. Oh, that Bronn!!!
  9. This. Just got home from seeing it in a Dolby theater - Watched 1 & 2 during the day. Jesus, I'm shell shocked. So many headshots!!!
  10. Every decade sucks but is also the best ever. Also the decade I like rules, the decade you like drools.
  11. I tried to leave sci-fi and super hero movies out of my list. 5. Kill Bill 4. Mad Max 3. Bourne 2. Mission Impossible 1. Die Hard
  12. With the 3rd John Wick coming out it made me wonder this. What are your top 5 Action movies or Franchises? I know that the word "Action" will get muddled a bit, so I'm not even going to try to define what can and can not be on your list. It's your list - do with it what you want.
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