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  1. If my memory is correct, High n Tight was also Pik, and I finished 2nd to him both those years.
  2. Congrats Hoos. Well-deserved title. It was fun to watch all the former Berserker-gangers on both Hoos and Sparty during the title chase.
  3. Yeah, we probably should have given y'all like 19, or even 20, chances before that to take any of those guys.
  4. Only thing I'm mad about is that this Lucas Duda you sold me is defective. First-two-months Duda was way better than this recent Duda. This new Duda that homers all the time is even better. That Duda's a little bit hot.
  5. My pleasure. I needed more guys hitting below .220 anyway. P.s. Maybe we need a league vote on this. Can we please add K% as a hitting category? #winning!!
  6. Such as...? I have one or two more guys to trade away. lol at myself. I forgot Cheese is running Boubacarow's team. Kids, don't do drugs.
  7. Only thing I'm mad about is that this Lucas Duda you sold me is defective. First-two-months Duda was way better than this recent Duda.
  8. Teheran is a #2 fantasy pitcher going forward, Taylor is a guy I love but probably a better avg league player. AGone is getting long in the tooth, Betances is not guaranteed saves when Miller returns, and K-Rod should have been two years ago and could get traded to be an 8th inning guy somewhere. I like the Berserker side better. Thought it was a win/win & would take Bezerkers sideMe too. lol But I think it was fair and pretty even. I probably rate Taylor too high. I don't think he has the 25-25 upside that some people think, but I wouldn't be surprised if he goes 17-25 next year and beyond. His K rate is high, but whose isn't these days? The few times I've watched him, I've been surprisingly impressed with his ability to take a walk. He had a great at bat against Aroldis Chapman a few nights ago that ended up in a BB. If he can get his OBP over .330, that would be great, as I think he'll really be helpful in most of the counting stats hitting at the top of what should be a great team for several years. I love the power/speed potential. I know Teheran's stats this year aren't pretty, but I think he's so close to becoming what most scouts thought he'd be. With Liriano, Arietta, Teheran, and C.Martinez (and Severino maybe?), I might finally have a legitimate pitching staff next year. Hoos obviously is going all-out to win this year, and getting Gonzalez will help out. But as DrD said, he's getting up in age. After a torrid April (I should have traded him then), he's basically been on a pace that translates to a 21-homer, 84-RBI campaign over a 162-game schedule. Betances is awesome, even if he's not the closer. My pitching stats would be even more brutal if I hadn't had him the last two years. Anyway, it's a fun trade. Should be interesting to see how it turns out. Hoos is stacked (he was already stacked), and can afford to lose those two. I hope the teams he is competing with up top don't get too mad at me.
  9. Mat Latos available. In return, looking for a bowl of soup, maybe throw in some crackers if you're feeling especially nice.
  10. I don't have anything to say, but didn't want this thread to fall off of the first page of the forum.
  11. Neil Walker available. I need a good SP. Willing to trade Walker and one of my decent SPs for an upgrade at SP.
  12. Anybody feel like doing a season preview/predictions bit? If not, maybe we could all (some or a few in reality) do a self-scout of ourselves and guesstimate how we'll do.
  13. Maybe. Your inbox is full though. Is that a pic-related joke? If so, that's farking funny.
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