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  1. StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Any exactly like Star Talk without the "comedians" constantly talking over the interesting people? This would be a great show if Tyson was solo talking to guests or had a sidekick that was also from the science industry. Maybe someone from Mythbusters? I've tried 5-6 episodes but it's unlistenable to me. The comedian interrupts and then they never come back to get an answer/explanation. The lady is better than the guy but both just ruin it for me.
  2. 3.375. If I base off my appraisal from 2010..... I'm 67% LTV. I'm trying to refi at approxiamtely 75% LTV.Part of the deal is to close my current heloc. But if I can do a 75% LTV, I'm going to try to open a 5% HELOC next yearThanks. Must be the LTV then. HARP doesn't allow you to put the HELOC in refi but includes it in figuring the LTV. Guess that makes sense. No PMI on the HARP though, otherwise it wouldn't pencil out. Another point lower on the rate would sure be nice though.
  3. Just talked to B of A about a HARP refi and was given a rate of 4.25%. We have excellent credit scores, but the LTV is close 100% due to diminished value and a HELOC. Are you guys getting the 3.5% type rates doing refis with 80% or better LTV? I'll still be taking $300/month off the current payment so that helps.
  4. You partied with Chris Berman??!!!11!!!?!?!??//??
  5. Once you master the 'slaught, the world is your oyster.OH HOT DAMN GIMME DAT ICY POT, YOU SON!!!! I swear, if he gives up Icy Pots shtick.. I'll probably throw up.Heads up Limit Follow the Queen.I'm waiting for the WSOP telecast of this.
  6. Half jorts, half blorts?! Awesome. They were pretty snazzy.
  7. Just to keep this thread alive, here's a new one. My office is in a community center that rents rooms to outside groups for meetings. Today, in the room next to my office is the monthly real estate meeting for the county RE association. That in itself is entertaining, due to the diversity of the county I live in. Some agents that think they are high powered brokers that dress and act the part, regular guy brokers in khakis/polo, rural property brokers in jeans and boots, and the oddball brokers in shorts, holey pants, T-shirts, etc. One of the oddball guys is in a pastel striped polo and jorts. Not the urban, baggy jorts, but the Levi type. 3-4" above the knee and tight to the leg, you know the style. Here's the kicker--the jorts are half blue denim and half black denim. Not top to bottom, which would be really cool, but one leg faded blue, the other non-faded black. I had to do a double take to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Thanks for reading, now back to your regularly scheduled Michael Vick updates.
  8. Really? They can't suspend until he's proven guilty? The NFL, like all other private or public employers has their own set of rules regarding employment and as long as no federal or state laws are being broken by their enforcement, there is no liability.What happens to cops when they are suspected of crimes? They get suspended.What happens to teachers when they are accused of innapropriate conduct with students? They get suspended.When the convictions come, then they get fired. SUspensions with or without pay I'm sure depend on circumstances and the amount of evidence when allegations are made.Many states are "at will" which means unless you have a contract or agreement that states otherwise, your employer can fire you for parting your hair the wrong way. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. I can't believe how many times I'm hearing "innocent until proven guilty". We're not talking about anyone going to jail and having their freedom taken away. It's a JOB and an employer has the right to maintain the integrity of their business. Would Goddell get to sue Vick for return of his salary and the loss of revenue the NFL would suffer if he let him play and he was later convicted? Do you think there might be some dog lovers or just "family" oriented people who might be turned off by the NFL if they did not take a proactive approach to this?
  9. Not only is this a great thread as is, but the potential is immeasurable! I don't have anything to add to the argument either way except to say my $$ would go with the pro, but matuski's grit, pioneer spirit and sense of adventure is truly admirable. As somebody else said, I think the pro would win, but matuski, I'm pulling for you!
  10. who said fold quad aces?I would raise aggresively with AA (probably 5-10X the BB)... If a pair is flopped nad the other person goes all-in, I'd probably fold... if an A comes up in the flop (and the other 2 cards are not paired) I'd probably go all-in... if it comes A and a pair, I'd probably see what the other person did and call pretty much anything they did, if they do nothing, I'd bet big (maybe even all) after the next card (as long as it isn't A and 3 of a kind)) Larry, we love ya man, but this may be the most horrific poker advice in print. 5-10X BB raise preflop on AA? If you flop trip aces, but the board is paired, you're worried about quads? Make me feel better and tell me you're no, I'm kind of thinking out loud...But, and I'm being completely honest here, why not just completely not be willing to go all-in early in a tournament unless you have the best possible hand? I don't understand why you would want to go all in if you might lose so early on in a tourney... Because, if you keep waiting for the nuts, you'll be blinded out before you get your "hand".And, when you do get your hand, everyone will know you have the nuts, so they won't bet into you. Satisfied? I'm not saying don't play anything, Keys, I'm saying don't EVER go all-in... HUGE difference... People playing in 10k tournaments are smart folk.They'll quickly realize you'll fold to every all in. You'll go out even faster now. He can't go out since he'll never be all-in. Keep up.
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