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  1. An outstanding tribute from The Best Damn Band In The Land. . . I give to you The Ohio State University's marching band tribute to Rush this past Saturday October 9, 2021 at halftime of the Maryland vs OSU game.
  2. She's a cutie and she's super stressed out. She's moved to a new place, full of strangers, she lost her human, all this stuff happened to her at once and she's having a rough go of it. Hell I pant if someone moves my beer off the countertop!
  3. In CJ's defense, Stroud has been playing with an injured shoulder. I could see it against Tulsa and, to me, I know he's struggled a little bit but he's a true Freshman, he's been playing injured and I think our fans need to get off his back a bit, especially since he's gutted through being injured. So, watching the Akron game, was the first time since the Clemson game last year, that I've seen our D play with some attitude. I think the problem has been some bad schemes, players out of position, missed tackles, over pursuits but the key (to me) has been that ALL of this has been magnified by some great order of magnitude because of a lack of confidence. I think one bad play leads to another and another, etc. and you could see that entire culmination of things come together in Akron's scoring drive in the first quarter. My first thought was "well crap, here we go again" but that all changed (in my mind) on Akron's 3rd and 4th possessions. Akron had 4 plays, 21 yards on the first drive but scored in 9 plays and 55 yards on their 2nd drive. On their 3rd possession, they got sacked, our guys gave up 10 yards, had a stupid penalty (to give Akron a 1st), had a sack, gave +5 yards but then forced a punt. The 4th possession was a 3 and out and somewhere between the 3rd and 4th possessions, they started playing aggressively and seemed to really gel to me, I hope they got over the hump in this game, almost like a mental block. Conversely, our Buckeyes offense scored on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th possessions plus our Buckeyes D seemed to build off those scores (again, in my humble opinion) and that momentum seemed to build up throughout the game. It was only one game, Rutgers is damn good (sure gave M-word ALL they could handle last week) and I'm cautiously optimistic our guys can build off that impressive win for next week, fingers crossed! GO BUCKS!!!
  4. I cannot stop watching this and I can't tell if I hate it, love it or hate myself. . . because I think I love it.
  5. Working Man - Live in Cleveland - I had seen Rush many, many times over the years in Ohio but man I wish I would have seen this one live - this is about as good as it gets - Alex just crushes this solo. Caravan from Clockwork Angles was outstanding imho.
  6. I need one of these to appear in my teenager's room!!!
  7. I learned my lesson when I was 27 years old. I was in a big hurry to get to work because I had a meeting, was running late and I woke up late. So, I'm doing like 70+ in a 55, I go around a corner and *bam* there's a state highway patrol officer waiting there with a radar gun and he lit 'em up. So, he pulls me over and said "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Like an IDIOT, I said "Yes, because I was speeding." He said "How fast do you think you were going?" I said "approximately 70 is my best guess knowing full well I was doing closer to 80 than 70. And he said "Okay, great, so that's not why I pulled you over. I pulled you over for an expired tag but since you volunteered that you were speeding and the rate of speed, I'm going to write you up for two tickets today." And by God he did, I got two tickets that day. So for the last 25 years when they ask "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS say "No sir, I have absolutely no idea!" I've even been baited before. One time the officer pulled me over and he said "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I said "No sir." He said "seriously, you have no idea? What did you think when you were in the passing lane passing everyone else up?" I said "I thought that I was using the proper lane, the passing lane, to pass everyone else up, was I not supposed to do that?"
  8. I'm not saying you're wrong, in fact, I agree with you 100% it's just that without watching all 45 minutes of all that, I learned the exact same thing from a 3 minute Tom Segura routine : https://youtu.be/0kM7aXofMC4?t=241 . . . and everyone who either suffers from a bit of ADD or you're just too lazy (like me) to watch that whole thing PlayaHata posted. . . you're welcome!
  9. Thank you very much for the response and recommendation. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you're probably already aware, this is pretty much sold out everywhere. Hopefully, this whole wonky supply chain issue will get resolved or reconciled soon!
  10. I like the CheapAudioMan channel on YouTube. I just stumbled upon this over the weekend. I think he has a sub $500 system he recommends but here's the $350 or less video which I watched : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkIjvasMAA8 My thing is, is that I have an odd situation. Originally, I had a stereo only setup in my office along with an oversized L shape desk. Then, about 3 years ago or so our main Sony TV in our living room failed. I really loved the picture on that TV, it's an old LCD Sony but I was torn b/c even though it was only a 52-inch TV and I didn't want to throw it in the trash I also wanted to get a 4K TV with a larger picture for the living room so I bought a bigger, nicer TV for the living room and put the old Sony in my office and researched the issue until I finally figured out what was wrong with that old Sony, fixed it and put it in my office. So, the issue I kind of struggle with is, is that I watch a bit of TV in my office but I want to mainly listen to music in my office again. I have some lovely headphones but I also have some wonderful speakers I've had for years and I fight myself with this quandary of do I build a system out (I mean piece and part it together) for both audio and video or just make it audio only? So far for the past 3 years, I've chosen to just research it, put it off and work on other projects. In my old audio only set up, I have a really nice cassette deck (still works) but I don't use it, I have a really nice CD changer but it's 25+ years old and it no longer works and I don't have an allowance for blue tooth, no DAC, nothing for CD's nor FLAC/WAV/MP3, nor over the air nor satellite audio and the biggest issue is that I don't listen to audio much but I miss it and I really don't want to pour a ton of money into it. However, I also don't want to paint myself into a corner by spending a lot of money on something and then regretting that I didn't account for this or that later so I'm kind of cozying up to the idea of just buying inexpensive audio only gear (skip accounting for video for now) to just get it up and running and then worry about something more permanent later, maybe see about adding video in at that time, maybe not. Sorry for the long response!
  11. You have his address from the ID, I would put it in a small box and mail it to the address listed on the driver's license. Am I missing something?
  12. My Aldi shopping list : 1 box each of Baron Von Redberry and Banana Frosted Flakes 2 Tripe Power Push Pops 1 box of Jell-O Pudding Pops 1 package of Magic Middles 2 Swanson frozen dinners 1ea 6 pack cans of RC Cola, Tab, New Coke 1 6 pack bottles of Teeam, Orange Slice Handful of the following : Reggie Bars Bar None Mars Bars Marathon Bars 1 package of Hostess Chocodiles 1 Big League Chew and 1 package of Hubba Bubba 1 rag to wipe the 6 inches of dust off everything
  13. Our 2018 Honda Pilot has this and I disable it but it has a ton of other technology features which I really like, enjoy and appreciate but this is one which I just don't care to use. I think Scotty Kilmer does a pretty good job in this 5 minute video of explaining why Auto Start/Stop isn't the best feature for traditional, gas powered cars. As he explains, it was originally designed and engineered for hybrid cars but it was later adapted or retrofitted for use for gas powered cars to save, on average, 3% - 10% in fuel economy when the outside temperature is between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In his opinion, Auto Start/Stop is hard on the engine, starter and battery. And the way he explains it, to me, it makes perfect sense so I choose to disable it.
  14. "All those moments will be lost in time, like… tears in rain. Time to die." - Roy Batty
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