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  1. If I were desperate for a 3080, I would consider a very good pre-built system like this one on NewEgg for $2,700. If you consider the fact that 3080's are selling for $2,500+ all over the interwebz, $2,700 for an 8-core i7, 16GB of RAM, 1 TB NVMe, ASUS mobo, case, fans, 750 W PSU on top of the 3080 is a damn good deal imho. In ordinary times, I wouldn't really consider it as I like to build my own systems but these days, I'd jump all over it if I didn't already have two decent GPU's. Just offering this up for anyone looking.
  2. You can take this with a grain of salt since I'm a tried a true scarlet and gray fan over but I believe Fields is one of the best QB's I've ever watched at Ohio State. He has a ton of talent and I want nothing more than the most success possible for him in a Bears uniform. I hope they take their time and patience developing him and I hope he kicks ### in Chicago!
  3. There are several factors actually, scalpers, bitcoin miners and the worldwide chip shortage and there are bots set up to buy them up as they become available. Article here does a pretty job of explaining it. Even renting a bot doesn't necessarily guarantee you gpu either. Lastly, you can do what I did, which is that I just keep one window open on my pc and watch youtube, there are dedicated channels there for watching gpu availability, I'm not linking that, it's readily seen on youtube with a simple search.
  4. I know everyone likes to $hit all over Pandora for whatever reason but I just don't see the point of paying for something I just don't use all that often so I just use free Pandora. So, in my Subaru WRX, there's a Pandora App loaded on the NAVI screen, I fire it up on my phone and I'm off and running. I, especially, like the loophole my Subie has built in. If an ad pops up, I change the channel, another song starts playing, if I don't like it, I go back to the previous channel and a new song starts up and you get around the "6 skips limit for the free version" this way. Same deal with my w
  5. Here is the footage, reddit link, it's hard for me to watch. From my perspective, to me it's clear, having watched the incident several times now, I believe with all my heart and mind that the young man would still be alive had he not tried to flee. If he had just let the officers cuff him while they searched him and his vehicle, he would still be alive today. Watching the video, you can see that the female police officer, instantly admitted she made a mistake. It's extremely obvious to me that she thought she drew her taser but instead she drew her firearm. The accidental homicide i
  6. So, I'm not trying to make excuses, but I think the biggest problem with B1G 10 teams is the timing of the B1G 10 tournament. I mean, if you take Ohio State (for example) - Ohio State played four DAMN physical, DAMN difficult games in a row - Thursday 3/11, Friday 3/12, Saturday 3/13 and Sunday 3/14 all 4 in a row. Again, so four very physical, very demanding, emotional games and then on just 4 days rest they turned around and played a very fresh Oral Roberts who played their tournament final game on Tuesday March 9th. So Oral Roberts played on 10 days rest/preparation vs Ohio State's 4 days
  7. 1.) Of course 2.) I don't know why there would be. To me, the movie was never about "zOMG, look at what these Cubans are doing." In my opinion, the movie has always been about "the drug culture is not glamorous, in fact it's pretty horrible and most people that get into it have an extremely short life expectancy."
  8. I would use Easy Off oven cleaner and metal scrubbers (scotch brite and others make metal scrubber pads or steel wool like pads to scrub with.)
  9. It's been a slow death and it was very expected but it's still sad.
  10. Cut down the damned hedges so you can see the cross traffic MORON. . . and why does that dude look like he's 30 years older than his wife?
  11. I forgot that I made this post. . . .aaaannnnndddd of course I spoke WAY WAY too soon unfortunately. I mean, it wasn't the end of the world but I ended up doing a rip and replace with my water softener. I would say, that within two weeks, I was right back to where I was before, crap water pressure and I tried more of the iron out trick except the next time it didn't do anything and then the water pressure got incrementally worse and worse until it was (to me) obnoxiously bad. And I define obnoxiously bad as, I'm in the shower, someone would wash their hands (or God forbid flush the toilet)
  12. If I were your dog I would just crap on the floor and take the beating until you did your job and cleared a path.
  13. Ah man. RIP Chick Corea! Well damn. So, it's 1990, I'm nearing the end of college, I'm working as an intern, I've got a few bucks in my pocket and it's either going to get spent on pizza, beer and a rented movie or music. Anyway, I'm at one of my favorite places in the world, it's the used record store near campus in Cincinnati. As I'm thumbing through the used CD's, I spot this one CD and it's got a really interesting picture on the front and it kind of puts me in mind of MC Escher plus I've been wanting to listen to something different so I bought this disc called Beneath T
  14. So, a few ideas here. You can go to O'Riley autoparts, have them test the battery for you and if they determine the battery is bad they will get you a correct replacement battery and even install it for you if you'd like. I think it's a bit more money but it's an option if you don't want to do it yourself or pay a ton of money at the dealership. I have 4 different cars right now, I've had a TON of cars over the years and I've gotten pretty comfortable and familiar changing out batteries. I was pretty intimidated the first time so I get it but, youtube is your friend here for your specific v
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