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  1. Possibly. Ethically you have to notify the client that you cannot make the argument(s) that are based upon the lie(s) they want to tell, and you have to avoid asking them the questions that they'll lie to answer. If the client persists in wanting to tell their lie, you are certainly entitled and arguably obligated to withdraw from the case. You'd have to file a motion, and it might require an in camera hearing wherein you disclosed off the record and privately to the judge that the client wished to lie and you could not ethically continue to represent them. The judge would be pretty hard-p
  2. And this sort of situation, friends, is why you don't act like a #### to opposing counsel unless you have to.
  3. Because they aren't under oath. But isn't the lawyer "under oath" (or the equivalent -- prevented from lying somehow) when they address the court? You can't knowingly make a false statement to the court or solicit one from a witness or your client. As others have said, however, often the lawyer doesn't know the truth and is simply acting as a "zealous advocate" for their client. Most criminal attorneys, for this reason, don't want to know whether their client is actually guilty or innocent, and often tell their clients that. There's also something called the litigation privilege which also
  4. Laimbeer went to my high school, at Palos Verdes High School, which for a time at least was in the zip code reputed to have the highest per capita income in the US. He was probably the only guy in the NBA whose father earned more money than he did.
  5. Seems like people don't want to deal in facts but in shock and politics based on the thread title and most of the comments. Cable news creeping into the psyche of the American public I suppose. At least those who are easily manipulated.
  6. I think it's actually "limited edition." I think it's like Coke Classic, image Milwaukee in 1979 with big bushes and Bob Uecker and you're at least halfway there.
  7. Otis and #1 fan of Ghana Soccer kewl Did you know they made some Miller Lite reserve? 30 beers for $16, I drank $7.00 worth I think. are those the ones with the old school labels? Yeah. I'll pound some Busch Light on the cheap along with Miller Lite, so I thought this would be fine for a drunk night like tonight with some female company. It's a bit sweeter than the regular, seems like a pretty good buy for $16.
  8. Otis and #1 fan of Ghana Soccer kewl Did you know they made some Miller Lite reserve? 30 beers for $16, I drank $7.00 worth I think.
  9. Comparing Kirk Cousins to Tom Brady made this thread a lot better.
  10. I think he's going to be very, very good. All the attributes, will be interesting to see where he lands but I think he's starting next year in the NFL.
  11. Giants D is one of the best units in the NFC East though, I think you're selling them short here. Yep. Freeman's 20/53 was against the Giants. Looks they have a special skill for making below average qb's look terrible. Maybe the OP will start a new thread about Freeman?
  12. He's a man among men, and makes a mean yardbird also. :hifive:

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