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  1. He's a man among men, and makes a mean yardbird also. :hifive:

  2. Probably time to put this one down for good

    1. meathorse



      .... right?

  3. I thought you were wonderful in Solent Green.

  4. One star seems like pushing it. 1/2 star? I like the Vikings also, so we have that in common. :hifive:

  5. I liked all of the Isley Brothers except for the black one.

  6. Didn't realize you were back.

  7. What do you think of the Isley Brothers?

  8. Really butchered the spelling here. Benirschke.

  9. Guy pulls mad wool and loves the nightlife

  10. Smell my finger/.

  11. Clearly this is just another AE alias

  12. Clearly this is just another AE alias.

  13. I did a voice over for Korean pr0n. Wanna know how to say stunt #### in Korean?

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