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  1. The erotic imagery warning was a cruel joke.
  2. This feel surreal. Never thought I would see something like this play out in our capitol. Feel like I'm watching parliament in Taiwan or the Ukraine or something. So saddening. What a dark day for our country.
  3. Seconded. So much better here than my news feed. Thank you!
  4. Yeah, mind=blown on all of that. Thanks for the tips. I'll experiment.
  5. I did mine for 4 hours at 129, per a recipe I found. It was 2.5 lbs, not sure if the size makes a big difference? I then let it cool before searing it in a very hot skillet, 2 minutes per side. Can't even conceptualize doing it for 18+ hours, but I'm a noob. I'm assuming that when it is done, you still sear it? What I'd like to experiment with is searing beef, post sous vide cooker, over coals with smoke to try and give it a smoky flavor. Anyone try that/ know if it works? And, any website recommendations for recipes? Crap - sorry for all the questions.
  6. Just picked up a sous vide cooker. Did a tri-tip this weekend that was fantastic. Just learning with this thing.
  7. Maybe I'm old. Maybe I'm just tired of all the retreads that Hollywood throws out there. Love the Lynch version of Dune. This doesn't look like it has anything to pique my interest at all. And the lead looks even more waifish/unbelievable than Mclachlan did 30+ years ago. Other than $$$, don't know why this had to be redone. Get off my lawn or something.
  8. Cool man - glad they got there intact. Didn't feel entirely comfortable sending the sweet stuff across state lines, so the shirt will have to suffice. Forgot that Avery has a wide distribution, so hopefully those are varieties you haven't had. If it's still hot as hell out there, get those Pales super cold and drink out of a frozen pint glass. Very easy drinking. Rickoli is a tiny brewery near my house. Have always liked that IPA. The Zuni sweatshirt was a surprise. Towards the end of my swag-collecting tour, I was not entirely in my sober mind. Didn't realize it was a he
  9. Package sent to a certain whiskey-chugging FBG on the Left Coast in some specially-selected packaging. Sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy!
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