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  1. Had Michigan-guys as my stalkers in the past and they've always hooked me up. @FairWarning keeps the streak alive with a sweet sweet package! A nice variety 6-pack.of beers and 3 awesome shirts! So cool to come home to this after vacation. Beers will be drank and the shirts go right into the rotation. Thank you so much. http://imgur.com/gallery/RT9X6yz
  2. Hope you enjoy, buddy. And . . . thought I had one more shirt in there - hope I didn't leave it out. 😁
  3. Package sent to our boy @kutta. He knows. @FairWarning I'm out all this next week - will have neighbor bring it in for me and open up on Labor Day. Thanks man!!
  4. Can attest to the bounty of a @keerock haul. He was my stalker a year or two ago.
  5. The erotic imagery warning was a cruel joke.
  6. This feel surreal. Never thought I would see something like this play out in our capitol. Feel like I'm watching parliament in Taiwan or the Ukraine or something. So saddening. What a dark day for our country.
  7. Seconded. So much better here than my news feed. Thank you!
  8. Yeah, mind=blown on all of that. Thanks for the tips. I'll experiment.
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