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  1. I love Simmons, but I'm really getting tired of his stupid labels he puts on people without any actual evidence to support that stuff such as "Matt Stafford looked leadery vs Colts for the first time". Wtf does that even mean?
  2. I'm so good even if I tried to throw cases I would still win. Kidding, I suck, but I'm a newly admitted attorney. Also, I don't do civil defense so can't help you with any precedents, but if I could I would!
  3. God I miss posting at this place. Threads like this are a prime example of why fbg is such an awesome site filled with people who are trying to help one another while passing the day. HF, you sound like a great individual, I'm glad you are sharing your feelings with us instead of only internalizing them. From one attorney to another, I wish you the best of luck.
  4. hey guys, I miss posting here. Any of you guys played Far Cry Primal? Is it worth a purchase now or worth a purchase when price drops in a few months?
  5. I never watched an episode of the Bachelor, but I love these summer bachelor shows. Loved bachelor pad, but this show takes the cake. Maybe the Best reality tv I have ever seen. The endless parade of new cast members is genius. I love how the girls are smitten with clear a holes like Chris B and Jessie. My hottie rankings from the show... 1. Jackie 2. Christie 3. #### mcgee 4. Elise
  6. off saks is the way to go, especially when they have crazy saleshttp://www.saksoff5th.com/mens-apparel-suits
  7. 30 bucks a shirt is on again. http://dealsmaven.com/charles-tyrwhitt-shirts-for-just-29-50-including-non-iron/
  8. that scene with the reactions of Malvo at the table was incredible to watch. I replayed that "Bill Blass" part 5 times.
  9. haha funny you say that, I literally gave up after two minutes since I don't think they even explained the concept of the game and it looked totally boring walking around the map. Only PS4 Indie game i enjoyed was Dead Nation and for a few minutes Resogun
  10. That looks awesome.really?Yeah, that doesn't interest me at all. If that's next gen, I'll stick with my ps3/360 for awhile. This game was made by a tiny studio of just a few people, its an Indie game. Not sure why people are going nuts over this N64 looking game, but some people just love these stupid Indie games. I for one cant understand how anyone wants to play old looking games on a PS4.
  11. he was recording his interactions with Lester from way back in the first episodeThat was not Lester on that tape though... woops, thought it was Lester, guess he just records everything to amuse himself with it later
  12. he was recording his interactions with Lester from way back in the first episode
  13. This show pulled off the impossible; it is even better than the movie. So many layers to dissect, so many memorable characters and scenes, unreal how amazing this season has become.
  14. Yes. After all, he only printed a single one way ticket to Acapulco good catch!
  15. Amazing episode. They telegraphed the wife dying from a mile away. Why did Lester send wife into shop if he suspected a hit on him? Did he actually want her dead?
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