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  1. It’s daily re-affirmation of my deeply held belief that I am intellectually and morally superior to everyone else.
  2. I must be watching too much “What If…?” but I have to think there is a parallel universe where he got drafted by the Packers and became an all time great. Poor dude.
  3. I just don’t talk much anymore. People are crazy.
  4. Luckily I have the luxury of sitting him for Kenny Goll…er…I mean Juju Smi….er…Odel….I mean AMON-RA ST BROWN.
  5. I thought this was supposed to be a strength of his coming out of school. What gives?
  6. As a guy starting Jones and Mixon, imagine my joy right now.
  7. If I was a more avid trader, yes. It’s time to stop considering him a top level fantasy TE.
  8. Well if you ever make it happen I’d be happy to tag along.
  9. I finally played Idlewild in Kentucky, and the first hole is an iconic par 4, 635 feet slightly downhill. I’m proud to say with two of my longest throws I was able to put it inside circle 1 for a birdie. Knowing Kevin Jones did it in 1 throw is pretty humbling. Eagles 700 foot monster isn’t helping. 🤣🤣
  10. Unfortunately with the somewhat recent birth of social media, every president from Obama until the end of time will be in contention for worst president ever.
  11. Are we dissing JuJu because of the usage, or the skill set? Granted the YPC was way down, but 97 receptions is nothing to sneeze at. If the O-line can’t produce a run game again, you might see similar stats this year.
  12. Larry Fitzgerald over Roy Williams….only to change my mind week 1 and trade Fitz for Roy.
  13. Yeah, but it’s really only effective when the sun is in your opponent’s eyes or really windy. Since this was indoors, I think he was just showing off. which makes me love it more
  14. Rams might surprise us.
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