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  1. Was offered OBJ for my Jalen Raegor. OBJ is almost assuredly the better “win now” WR, but I already have Godwin, Golladay, ARob, Kupp, Juju. I don’t know that I would be using Raegor -or- OBJ all that much, so I should probably decline and see if Raegor develops. Thoughts?
  2. For running you would need a hell of a shoe budget, and have to carry around some pretty rugged protective gear. Flying you’d just need some goggles and a light-to-medium jacket most of the year.
  3. Get back to us on what it’s like to get shaved down there. I mean, I know it’s on your neck but I figure you’re going to insist on getting shaved regardless. Best of luck, sir.
  4. I guess I’m more worried about his week to week consistency than I am about his final totals. He might end up a WR1, but will he be a guy you start without second guessing a little?
  5. Exactly. The second I drop him he’ll get traded to Green Bay. It’s sucks to be that powerful. Lol.
  6. Curious what others are doing leading up to dynasty drafts. ESPN seems to think the Cards are going to draft a WR because the “desperately need a WR2 across from Hopkins” (paraphrased). Are we giving up on Kirk as a roster-clogger? Obviously I will wait and see what the Cards actually do but if they grab WR early it sounds like it might be time to bail.
  7. Curtis Samuel was used as a WR and RB at Ohio State. It was very odd (to me anyway) when Carolina drafted him and CMC. It was like they picked the same guy twice.
  8. Nobody is a natural at this sport. And unfortunately most of the how-to is online. Although you will find the community pretty passionate about helping others. 9 times out of 10 if you see someone who knows what they’re doing they will give you tips if you ask. Meanwhile, I really enjoyed these videos when I was first learning. https://www.innovadiscs.com/home/disc-golf-faq/flight-ratings-system/
  9. I’m definitely in wait and see mode. But I would think if you’re an upstanding guy (meaning all you want is an actual massage) and you find a good massage therapist you keep them. I would find it odd if Desean says “I go to all kinds of masssage therapists and I’ve never done anything shady”. Why so many?
  10. Hoh


    I feel uniquely qualified to answer this. However, I refuse to.
  11. I will admit it’s possible I slept through the better parts, but falling asleep in the first place is not a good sign. (My wife tells me she envied me)
  12. I think he changed as his audience changed. It may be hard to admit, but we’ve grown meaner. All of us. We consume it. To stay relevant he had to get meaner too.
  13. I recall that the cutoff for coed volleyball is U12 in the Ohio Valley Region. I don’t know if that has changed or not, the number of boys clubs is growing.
  14. Perhaps not you personally, but enough do to be concerned.
  15. Again, I was just using you as the example since Tim labeled you as such. I do not condone the “defeat” and “get rid of” mindset. I hope that’s clear.
  16. For now. But once you get rid of StealthyCat then GoBirds becomes the new extremist, and you’ll set your sights on him. I don’t trust it to stop. edit: no offense Stealthy...just using you as an example
  17. My soul is heavy today, because...well....I give up. I find myself more and more reluctant to connect with other people on anything other than a superficial level. The risk is too great now. Any thought that falls outside the ever-narrowing window of tolerable dissent is grounds for swift and severe retribution in the form of my livelihood, my health, and the well-being of my family. It’s not worth the risk anymore to share what my feelings are or why I feel them. My neighbors are just going to know me as the guy who smiles and waves, the guy who helps move heavy things, fixes broken thi
  18. Is anyone else of the opinion that elite talent is coming into the league faster than it’s leaving it?
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