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  1. Well if you ever make it happen I’d be happy to tag along.
  2. I finally played Idlewild in Kentucky, and the first hole is an iconic par 4, 635 feet slightly downhill. I’m proud to say with two of my longest throws I was able to put it inside circle 1 for a birdie. Knowing Kevin Jones did it in 1 throw is pretty humbling. Eagles 700 foot monster isn’t helping. 🤣🤣
  3. Unfortunately with the somewhat recent birth of social media, every president from Obama until the end of time will be in contention for worst president ever.
  4. Are we dissing JuJu because of the usage, or the skill set? Granted the YPC was way down, but 97 receptions is nothing to sneeze at. If the O-line can’t produce a run game again, you might see similar stats this year.
  5. Larry Fitzgerald over Roy Williams….only to change my mind week 1 and trade Fitz for Roy.
  6. Yeah, but it’s really only effective when the sun is in your opponent’s eyes or really windy. Since this was indoors, I think he was just showing off. which makes me love it more
  7. Rams might surprise us.
  8. By “Stacks to own” did you mean “stocks to own”?
  9. Yeah Ok, he’s pretty much on my roster for life now. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Heavier, and in the case of distance drivers much more aerodynamic. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/647181408929903197/
  11. 1) he probably only had to walk about 30 feet to his left to see the basket. The trees on his right blocked his natural path/throw to the basket. It wasn’t necessarily a blind shot but it was obstructed, forcing him to throw left and make the disc go against its nature. 2). Yes. His second shot ideally would have been further left in the fairway giving him a straight line look at the basket. Obviously it worked out OK for him. 3) A full court buzzer beater is a good analogy. I would liken it to holing out from 150 for an eagle to beat (edit: Tie) Tiger who is 2 feet from the pin for birdie.
  12. Only disapprove because I associate the anthem, right or wrong I suppose, with the military and the kneeling was because of treatment by the police. Seemed like walking out of history class because you were mad at your math teacher. And even then disapprove means “find it odd” more so than “makes me mad”.
  13. Is anyone conflicted like me? I feel like these guys should win much more prize money, but at the same time I’m afraid what it would do to the sport. Could you imagine competitors celebrating so joyously like that if big money was on the line? I love that about disc golf right now.
  14. I can’t get enough of seeing all the players reactions. What a great community.
  15. Multiple outlets reporting driver *and* victims are members of the local Gay Men’s Chorus. This was an accident. Not helpful for you leap to conclusions and assume the worst.
  16. I would want this to be the reward for winning my league!
  17. If I say “Unsure….are you woke?” we kinda have a Blazing Saddles thing going. Fun!!
  18. Was offered OBJ for my Jalen Raegor. OBJ is almost assuredly the better “win now” WR, but I already have Godwin, Golladay, ARob, Kupp, Juju. I don’t know that I would be using Raegor -or- OBJ all that much, so I should probably decline and see if Raegor develops. Thoughts?
  19. For running you would need a hell of a shoe budget, and have to carry around some pretty rugged protective gear. Flying you’d just need some goggles and a light-to-medium jacket most of the year.
  20. Get back to us on what it’s like to get shaved down there. I mean, I know it’s on your neck but I figure you’re going to insist on getting shaved regardless. Best of luck, sir.
  21. I guess I’m more worried about his week to week consistency than I am about his final totals. He might end up a WR1, but will he be a guy you start without second guessing a little?
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