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  1. 1 hour ago, Chris B. said:

    Have you guys seen the beach volleyball "sky ball" serve? It's completely ridiculous and I love it so much.

    Yeah, but it’s really only effective when the sun is in your opponent’s eyes or really windy.  Since this was indoors, I think he was just showing off.



    which makes me love it more

  2. On 7/10/2021 at 7:09 PM, Doug B said:

    Two questions from the gallery?

    1) Could Conrad see the target (hole?) from where he threw? Was it a completely blind shot? I mean, I'm sure he had a course layout and a general reckoning of where the frisbee needed to go, but still.

    2) That was definitely a dog leg, correct? Again, blind shot?

    3) How can the general public reckon the level of difficulty of Conrad's shot? Is that the kind of thing that a bunch of frisbee pros could line up all day attempting, and it would be considered a miracle if it went in once out of a couple thousand throws? Harder or easier than a full-court basketball shot?


    EDIT: Yes, I see that it's actually three questions :bag:

    1) he probably only had to walk about 30 feet to his left to see the basket.  The trees on his right blocked his natural path/throw to the basket.  It wasn’t necessarily a blind shot but it was obstructed, forcing him to throw left and make the disc go against its nature.

    2). Yes.  His second shot ideally would have been further left in the fairway giving him a straight line look at the basket.  Obviously it worked out OK for him.

    3) A full court buzzer beater is a good analogy.  I would liken it to holing out from 150 for an eagle to beat (edit: Tie) Tiger who is 2 feet from the pin for birdie.

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  3. Only disapprove because I associate the anthem, right or wrong I suppose, with the military and the kneeling was because of treatment by the police.  Seemed like walking out of history class because you were mad at your math teacher.   And even then disapprove means “find it odd” more so than “makes me mad”.

  4. Is anyone conflicted like me?  I feel like these guys should win much more prize money, but at the same time I’m afraid what it would do to the sport.  Could you imagine competitors celebrating so joyously like that if big money was on the line?  I love that about disc golf right now.

  5. 7 hours ago, timschochet said:

    I should correct this- it APPEARS bad but we don’t know if it was an accident. Doesn’t sound like it but we don’t know. 

    Multiple outlets reporting driver *and* victims are members of the local Gay Men’s Chorus.  This was an accident.  Not helpful for you leap to conclusions and assume the worst.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    Assistant coach forum but...

    You take deals like this every time because OBJ (don't fool yourself though, your WRs are only okay) is a guy that if he returns to form either helps you win, or is someone you may be able to trade away and get a future first for later in the season.

    Good assets are usable in ways other than as a weekly starter.

    You’re right.  My bad.  

  7. 36 minutes ago, jm192 said:

    I think he's going to be a massive value pick.  FBG has him at WR15.  And I'm not saying that's bad/wrong/egregious.  But he was going as WR6 this time last year.  His 12 game stats extrapolated out come out to 86 Receptions, 1120 yards and 9 TD.  In PPR formats, that would have been WR11.  Just behind Theilen and just ahead of Evans.  

    I think he's a guy VERY likely to finish as a WR1 that you'll get as a WR2.

    I guess I’m more worried about his week to week consistency than I am about his final totals.  He might end up a WR1, but will he be a guy you start without second guessing a little?

  8. Curious what others are doing leading up to dynasty drafts.  ESPN seems to think the Cards are going to draft a WR because the “desperately need a WR2 across from Hopkins” (paraphrased).  Are we giving up on Kirk as a roster-clogger?  Obviously I will wait and see what the Cards actually do but if they grab WR early it sounds like it might be time to bail.  

  9. 14 minutes ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    I've heard this in more than one spot. I don't really get it though. Aren't all pass catching RBs overlapped somewhat by receivers? Or am I missing the point?

    Curtis Samuel was used as a WR and RB at Ohio State.  It was very odd (to me anyway) when Carolina drafted him and CMC.  It was like they picked the same guy twice.

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  10. 21 hours ago, GroveDiesel said:

    Trying to get into this. I enjoy it but am terrible so far. I’m guessing the advice to start with a putter is probably something I should listen to as keeping my form so that I can replicate my throws and make the disc do what I want is a huge problem so far.

    What weights are you guys generally throwing? I have about 6 discs but I think I may have gotten some bad advice on weights. I was basically told “get heavy weights”. So most of my discs right now are in the 173-177 range. It seemed logical at the time because my 158g Leopard was getting carried all over by the wind. But I think it was an overcompensation and I may be overthrowing now. 

    Played a pretty open course yesterday with really long baskets and a decent amount of wind. Ended up playing more side to side than lengthwise. Seemed like either I tried to compensate for the wind and my disc ended uo straight instead, or I tried to throw straight and my disc simply never turned over and sailed way left. Eventually called it quits when it became clear I was going to lose a disc playing the way i was playing, lol.

    Nobody is a natural at this sport.  And unfortunately most of the how-to is online.  Although you will find the community pretty passionate about helping others.  9 times out of 10 if you see someone who knows what they’re doing they will give you tips if you ask.  Meanwhile, I really enjoyed these videos when I was first learning.  


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