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  1. [michael] Arizona Ron [/michael]
  2. What did you have?My last CFA meal was a drive-thru breakfast chicken biscuit. Delicious, served quick, hot, and with smiles all around. Same thing I always get.2 spicy chicken sandwiches. No meals/fries etc. Just the sandwich. Good call. I respect the strategy of doubling up on the sandwich and skipping the sides. I go there several times a month and always get #1....always. Is the spicy sandwich worth the deviation from the routine?Yes
  3. Spicy chicken breakfast burrito is delicious. One of my favorite breakfasts.
  4. Cliff..I'd say so if for no other reason than to keep someone else from using him.
  5. I read Daredevil back in the day, and consider the Frank Miller tenure as some of the best writing ever. I could not be more pleased with this show. Donofrio is just killing it. Some of the fight scenes are just incredible. I also dig how Matts Catholicism is being drawn out. This is the best stuff Marvel has put out thus far, IMO of course, and that's really saying something.
  6. Indeed. As I noted in post 3241, the storyline was pretty interesting but the grammar was horrendous and far too many sentences needed an axe taken to them for improvement. It was almost like he self-published.Just went back and read 3241, and you are spot-on. It DOES almost seem like he self published. In fact *** SPOILER ALERT! Click this link to display the potential spoiler text in this box. ***");document.close(); How ironic that I choose now to look at this thread, and this is the very book I am listening to on CD right now. Now that you guys mention it some of the dialogue is not very real-world, but that doesnt seem to bother me with books on CD as it does with books I actually read. I have been researching EMP as a result of reading this and it seems we are very susceptible.
  7. PM me when you open. We'll be there, and we'll bring neighbors too. :stillers:
  8. As a father of 3 small kids, husband to a woman passionate about healthy eating, and a resident of Columbus I beg you not to do this. I might as well have a portion of my paycheck automatically re-directed to you. :-)Best of luck. If this happens, we'll be there.
  9. Pocket Fives Solid reporting there. So how many poker sites are still open/back open to US players?And congrats Assani...I cant even imagine playing at stakes like this.
  10. As much as I enjoy poker, if I had to count on it as the major means of supporting myself and my family I'd end up with severe ulcers.I wish you guys (Assani, fasteddie, Sug D) all the best, and you have my admiration. Go get 'em.
  11. "Conqueror" by Stephen Baxter. An alternate-history epic with a sci-fi twist. It's book 2 in a series, but the 2 books appear unrelated, so....
  12. 44-45...beeyotch

  13. Hoh

    A poor imitation of the original, but still a lovable kind of oaf.

  14. Just finished Echo Burning by Lee Child. Probably the 3rd of the Jack Reacher books I've read. I'm reading them out of order for some reason but it doesnt really matter. Child has a good style, every book has been enjoyable. My only complaint is that Reacher seems to be TOO inutitive at times, to the point of disbelief. But it's not keeping me from reading. Just started the 1st of Child's Reacher series, Killing Floor. Can't put it down.
  15. I thought his early work was pretty rough but I've come to enjoy much of his more recent stuff. Because the movie was on TV over the weekend, I decided to re-read Friday Night Lights. Bissinger does really good work. I have enjoyed all of the Bob Lee Swagger books and I can't believe that they cast Marky Mark in the role for Shooter.Have you read the Earl Swagger books (Bob Lee's dad) that Hunter wrote more recently? I think they're even better. There's nothing deep going on in Hunter's writing - just testosterone laden fun.One of 'em, I didn't know there was more than one out. But, yeah, it was pretty good. IIRC, young Earl had to infiltrate a heavily defended hideout in the Louisiana swamps and shoot up the bad guys. I think there are 3 Earl books (in order IIRC): "Hot Springs", "Pale Horse Coming" (the one you read), & "Havana". Hunter himself says he's rewritten "history" with his Earl books; "Black Light", which goes back & forth between Earl & Bob Lee, came before the Earl books but doesn't exactly jibe with them.Thanks, there's two more for my reading list.Just another for Stephen Hunter and the Earl Swagger books. For those who listen to books on CD, Pale Horse Coming is the best out there. A great book, and the reader Jay O Sullivan does an INCREDIBLE job. Literally has a different voice for every character.
  16. I've read something like 14 of the Dirk Pitt books and the first in the Kurt Austin series. While Cussler will never win any awards for writing or plausibility, there are few books that I look forward to more than the next Cussler novel.I've read a couple Kurt Austins and this is the 2nd Dirk Pitt story I've gotten into. Is there any major differences between the two characters?
  17. That was one of the first Cussler books I read and since then I've read almost everything he's done. They're formulaic, but they're entertaining. If you haven't read any of Cussler's "Oregon Files" check them out. They're a little out of the "Dirk Pitt / Kurt Austin" mold and I've really liked Golden Buddha and Dark WatchGolden Buddha was the first Cussler book I read (book on CD actually), and I really enjoyed it. So I've been backtracking thru his work ever since.
  18. Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler. I expect it will be like most of CC's stuff. Entertaining, worthwhile, but not earth-shatteringly good. He sure is a prolific author..no denying that.
  19. "The Closers" by Michael Connelly. I'm a big fan of all his Hieronymous Bosh novels.
  20. Man, I missed this thread. GL dude. ETA, you too fred.
  21. I'm sure I get bluffed out a lot. So do a lot of good tight, winning players. You aren't an expert reader like Jen Harmon or Phil Ivey here. If someone is demonstrating strength like a set, then just lay down your TPTK. There will be better opportunities. Bad players look for excuses to make calls like "I didn't want him to turn over a bluff and then I'd look bad in front of the whole table." Don't be like that. Swallow any pride you may have while playing poker, play as tight as you can, and wait for good opportunities. As you become a better player and improve your player reading, then you can make calls when you feel like someone may be blufing(even with hands much worse than TPTK). However, you're most probably not there yet and you will win the most money simply by playing very standard and by the book poker. This isn't an ego contest....let people bully you. Who cares. You'll end up with the money if you play well in the long run. Thank you. You are right, I am far from there. I prefer limit because if I have a hand that is second best I can go into check-call mode and it doesnt cost me a lot to show down.NL is not my cup of tea, except for sit n go's. I can't fathom playing NL ring games at the levels you play at.
  22. Off topic, but how do you usually put someone on a set? I have a hard time laying down TPTK because then I feel like anybody who wants to will just bluff me out of a pot on future hands. Do you just take your lumps and try to minimize your losses, yet still force a showdown to prevent bullying?
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