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  1. Man, I missed this thread. GL dude. ETA, you too fred.
  2. I'm sure I get bluffed out a lot. So do a lot of good tight, winning players. You aren't an expert reader like Jen Harmon or Phil Ivey here. If someone is demonstrating strength like a set, then just lay down your TPTK. There will be better opportunities. Bad players look for excuses to make calls like "I didn't want him to turn over a bluff and then I'd look bad in front of the whole table." Don't be like that. Swallow any pride you may have while playing poker, play as tight as you can, and wait for good opportunities. As you become a better player and improve your player reading, then you can make calls when you feel like someone may be blufing(even with hands much worse than TPTK). However, you're most probably not there yet and you will win the most money simply by playing very standard and by the book poker. This isn't an ego contest....let people bully you. Who cares. You'll end up with the money if you play well in the long run. Thank you. You are right, I am far from there. I prefer limit because if I have a hand that is second best I can go into check-call mode and it doesnt cost me a lot to show down.NL is not my cup of tea, except for sit n go's. I can't fathom playing NL ring games at the levels you play at.
  3. Off topic, but how do you usually put someone on a set? I have a hard time laying down TPTK because then I feel like anybody who wants to will just bluff me out of a pot on future hands. Do you just take your lumps and try to minimize your losses, yet still force a showdown to prevent bullying?
  4. I really like this hand for some reason. I can't get over how awful Vuale2469111 played this. He should go back to 25 NL and start over. I really have a hard time putting someone on a set, and as a result have had my butt handed to me several times. But a double check raise??? Geeeeeeeez.
  5. you need some cards at Party, AF...stat!
  6. My nephew was 4 years old at the time when his mother ( my SIL) asked him: "Do you think mommy is pretty?" His reply: "No mommy, you arent pretty because you have such a big butt". He got an extra Christmas present from me that year for that one.
  7. Im a total noob, but even I have noticed what a difference confidence makes. I've been playing some NL ring games (MUCH smaller stakes, mind you) and my nerves are totally frazzled. After a few losing sessions, I have become a total chicken####. Any aggression, and I am gone. I'm sure I've laid down the best hand a number of times, but also I have paid a lot of people off hoping my hand would hold up. It's not a fun place to be.Very happy that you are feeling back to normal.
  8. "I can throw a Ritz cracker 150 yds." -- © 2005, Magnifithent Bathtard Producthuns.
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