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  1. I will admit it’s possible I slept through the better parts, but falling asleep in the first place is not a good sign. (My wife tells me she envied me)
  2. I think he changed as his audience changed. It may be hard to admit, but we’ve grown meaner. All of us. We consume it. To stay relevant he had to get meaner too.
  3. Yeah. But I mean...it’s the Texans... (yeah you’re right I’m dumb) 🙂
  4. Man, I would think the Colts would be interested in Deshaun and vice versa.
  5. I recall that the cutoff for coed volleyball is U12 in the Ohio Valley Region. I don’t know if that has changed or not, the number of boys clubs is growing.
  6. Perhaps not you personally, but enough do to be concerned.
  7. Again, I was just using you as the example since Tim labeled you as such. I do not condone the “defeat” and “get rid of” mindset. I hope that’s clear.
  8. For now. But once you get rid of StealthyCat then GoBirds becomes the new extremist, and you’ll set your sights on him. I don’t trust it to stop. edit: no offense Stealthy...just using you as an example
  9. My soul is heavy today, because...well....I give up. I find myself more and more reluctant to connect with other people on anything other than a superficial level. The risk is too great now. Any thought that falls outside the ever-narrowing window of tolerable dissent is grounds for swift and severe retribution in the form of my livelihood, my health, and the well-being of my family. It’s not worth the risk anymore to share what my feelings are or why I feel them. My neighbors are just going to know me as the guy who smiles and waves, the guy who helps move heavy things, fixes broken things, and the guy who pets their dog. But they won’t know ME. They won’t know my heart..not really. I’ll be emotionally withdrawn. And that makes me sad. I don’t know when I’ll be able to lower my shields. Smile and wave boys....smile and wave.
  10. Is anyone else of the opinion that elite talent is coming into the league faster than it’s leaving it?
  11. An analogy, if it helps....very rarely when my wife and I have a bad fight is it 100% on one of us. Our best reconciliations occur when we both acknowledge and apologize for our specific parts in the fight. Even if it’s one of us apologizing for that actual offense and the other saying “well I’m sorry I reacted so harshly”. We are both repentant.
  12. I noticed this too during the Obama administration, and I just don’t get it. I don’t like him so he can’t do anything right. I love him so he’s never wrong. Mind boggling. The last 12 years have really been troubling to me. I don’t think we want a president, I think we want a king.
  13. It’s impossible to have meaningful conversations about eliminating racism if this is the trivial extremism people will sink to. Let’s just make all words in all contexts offensive, and then we can finally stop talking to each other.
  14. I admit I probably contributed to that trend. When I read the stat I started googling every civil war battle I could think of to see how many casualties. I did not Google civil war in the hopes of learning how to kill those I disagree with politically.
  15. Jax WR Collin Johnson worth a stash?
  16. Who are you starting him over or sitting him for tonight?
  17. Maybe not worse for us fantasy owners but worse for ARob. The Jets are further behind than the Bears in terms of building a consistent winner. Just my opinion of course. I keep thinking that Sammy Watkins is on a one year deal (I think..if not this is total tripe, then), and KC can’t be overly thrilled with what he’s done, can they? Surely ARob would be considered an upgrade. How much would they be willing to offer, and would ARob settle for less if it meant going to a powerhouse? Fun things to speculate, if nothing else. Granted Kelce is more WR than TE, so who knows.
  18. I don’t think anyone is suggesting it per se. I think most of us dynasty owners are just hoping he leaves Chicago for somewhere with above average QB play because we believe ARob would be a monster. Some of us are suggesting that with our luck he would leave Chicago....for the Jets. Which would be worse. And that’s seems to be how our luck, and Arob’s, goes.
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